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At the end of the month or year, many of us must look at our individual budgets and sigh. Again due to rising food, fuel, tax increases, or just the general cost of surviving we must “create” more money. We comb through the tangible assets we have and determine which are essential for our continued effort to stay afloat as it were. Maybe Grandma’s silver Tea Pot goes up on EBay, those books one would never part with go on Amazon, and Craigslist becomes our second job.

We cut expenses.

Instead of driving through the inevitable “easy” meal of fast food – we learn that Mac N Cheese from a box isn’t so difficult.

Department Stores become a thing of the past as we comb through second-hand shops to find a “retro” outfit or learn to hem and modify what we have.

Maybe we consider putting in a Garden instead of stopping by the produce department for our thrice weekly sales.

Eventually we either make it or we don’t – much as the “Greatest Generation” did 6 decades ago.

Unless of course one is part of the Federal Government.

The dirty little secret titled “The Debt Ceiling” is again fast approaching. We have a minimum daily operating cost of 4 Billion Dollars and only $290 Billion left until we smack the limit. That’s 71 days give or take a few Billion. According to some sources if the Debt Ceiling is not raised we’ll face catastrophe as a Nation!  Dude – I don’t care if the “Author” is the son of a banker – he is missing the point.

We already are in a state of Catastrophe!

According to “Sources” :

“The White House has been quietly pushing members sitting on the fence to support raising the debt ceiling, noting the dire consequences in failing to do so. A number of economists have noted that a failure to raise the debt ceiling would push the nation into default, a move that would likely send world markets spiraling downward.”

And yet more insiders, including the new Speaker of the House and Spendaholic Geithner – say:

“A debt default would throw markets into turmoil and dramatically increase government borrowing costs for years to come, further increasing the U.S. debt burden and sapping resources from the economy.”

What we need folks is an Intervention. Where those directly affected by another persons actions get together and stop enabling the individual to continue the destructive behavior. One of my favorite sites has some signs of spending addiction:

You might have to admit that you are at least somewhat addicted to spending money, and you need to change your ways for your own good, and the good of those associated with you. See how many of these whys are familiar to you and your spending decisions.

Be honest with yourself. You’ll go nowhere fast if you just keep kidding yourself about your motivations to spend.

Perhaps there are some eye-openers here.

What is lacking is reality folks. The United States of America could garner more respect from not only other Countries in true need, but their own Citizenry, if the amount of one “State Dinner” didn’t exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars. Who the hell needs “locally sustained” something or other wrapped lamb thingy whaters dipped in whatcha ma callits au jeux?

What are China and the other purchasers of “our debt” going to do – send over a billion screaming bankers to get it? Walk into the White House and take  the recently installed (and historically incorrect) furnishings? Let me guess – our credit rating will be down graded and we’ll never be able to borrow again!

So what?

If any individual, newly elected or otherwise, allows themselves to be bullied (or “negotiated”) into raising the debt ceiling – they are just economic fools.

If you agree, now is the time to contact the Congressman or Senator who has been elected to represent you. Screw the namby pamby “But I didn’t vote for them” because you sure as heck are going to pay the price in implemented “fees/taxes/National Debt” . They are there now and they cast the votes.

There does not have to be any complicated discussion or rationalization. This is not a rational situation. Tell them in no uncertain terms that the Debt Ceiling cannot be raised – we simply cannot afford it. Be polite, be firm and be succinct.

What other country imports as much as this country? Where will the largely unnecessary widgets produced overseas be shipped to?

Oh I can hear the screams of Corporate America “But our industry will be crushed!”. So what! Those very same corporations that chose to situate themselves overseas to avoid labor costs and tax responsibilities where they reside will soon see that the rural farmer in China doesn’t need another pair of insert-overpaid-sports-hero shoes and will pay the price for making a poor decision.

Because that my friends is what life is about. Make a poor decision and suffer the consequences.