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This just in.

Across the Nation simple folk have wondered how Congress has completely misinterpreted questions from the average citizen.

Now, Timmy Technology has come forward to explain the disconnect.

“It’s simple really” he is quoted as saying from his parent’s basement in Toledo. “Teleprompters worldwide are using the same programming language : BS.  Somehow during BS development, the syntax (form) and semantics (meaning) components became garbled. This has led to the direct miscommunication of our Governments to the citizenry through unintentional anagrams.”

We can see how this affects communication in the following examples:

Average Joe says “Is our Nation in doom?”

Average Political Teleprompter reader sees “What is the mood of the Nation?”

Average Joe says “Will ObamaCare create Economic Stimulus?”

Average Political Teleprompter? “Yes. It will cover Clinic Museums too.”

Joe: “Why is the stock market going up a good thing? That’s just based on false money.”

Teleprompter:  “My Loan Fees plan would be fair.”

In reverse one can see “what they are really saying”:

Transparency = Scanner Party (aka TSA)

Emergency = Regency Me (aka Pelosi)

“Balanced Budget” = Agenda “Club Debt”

What can we expect from either political party. After all that equals “Paralytic Pilot(s)” driving us to our mood doom.