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“_the airplane that had carried Mrs. Clinton the week before was found to not have a flight recorder on-board, the cause of the crash was not investigated, the fair weather was reported by the media to be foul, the three electronic guidance systems were reported to have malfunctioned at the same time or been altered to guide the airplane into a mountain, and individuals who might have known too much ended up dead. Strange. Some say Ron had a bullet hole.”


The CIA has recently released the “family jewels” that detail a number of operations in which the Company offended societal norms or actually violated laws. Even then, it appears to be a highly censored gloss on known ancient surreptitious actions. Credit must be given to Steve Kangas for compiling a chronology of CIA foreign covert operations based upon William Blum’s book KILLING HOPE. The CIA has interfered with and overthrown many foreign governments using the School of the Americas to recruit agents in place. Kangas’ list is available on numerous websites by using CIA ATROCITIES in a search engine. His epic work documenting the death of 100’s of thousands resulting from CIA actions shall not be duplicated. One estimate is over six million were killed by 1987. 

 The release of the “family jewels” confirms Blum and Kangas’ documentation. It is impossible to read any candid article on the CIA that does not contain details of actions which are not acceptable with sociological standards. They routinely describe procedures to deceive Congress, to overthrow established governments, to engage in theft and murder without end, and to conceal their nefarious acts behind national security. The instances where affected parties encounter “accidental death” or “suicide” is statistically beyond comparison. 

 Numerous sources link the CIA with JFK’s assassination. One source is PLAUSIBLE DENIAL by Mark Lane wherein a federal jury in Miami concluded the CIA was involved. One witness testified he had seen a CIA memo relating to the action before the event. Additional testimony was given by a member of the CIA hit team. HIGH TREASON by John Groden includes a digital analysis of the police open mike recording given before the Warren Commission Rehearing to locate the sources of gun shots. They did not come from the book depository. ACT OF TREASON by Mark North details involvement of the FBI in the cover-up. E. Howard Hunt’s son recently made public statements that his dying father detailed CIA involvement in the killing. The son identifies his father as one of the tramps escorted from the railroad yard by men costumed as Dallas police officers. 

 CIA agent Margarita Lopez identified Hunt, under oath in federal court, as being at a Dallas motel delivering cash to CIA agent Frank Sturgis. The two had traveled from Miami with other Cuban CIA agents equipped with costumes and a trunk full of firearms the day before the assassination.

Ref. MARGARITA by M. Lopez.

There was an item on the internet by a reporter who claimed to be in the basement of the Dallas police building when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. He claimed there was no blood found on the floor. Strange.

 The Dallas chief of police was the brother of CIA Deputy Director General P. Cabell who was canned in the purge by JFK after the Bay of Pigs. Strange. It has also been stated that the assistant Dallas police chief, after having failed his responsibility for the safety of both JFK and LHO, was promoted to Chief of Police. Weird.

This is the same CIA that has been connected with the trafficking of drugs within the U.S. by:

  •  Gary Webb in DARK ALLIANCES;
  •  Terry Reed in COMPROMISED;
  • Rodney Stich in DRUGGING AMERICA;
  • Jonathan Kwitney in ENDLESS ENEMIES.
  • Also CONSPIRATORS: SECRETS OF AN IRAN-CONTRA INSIDER by Al Martin (including special mention of Robert Gates);
  • WHITEOUT by Alex Cockburn;
  • THE FINAL JUDGMENT by ex-CIA agent Michael Collins Piper.
  • The operation includes the use of military aircraft and facilities.
  • THE CRIMES OF PATRIOTS: A TRUE TALE OF DOPE, DIRTY MONEY & THE CIA by Jonathan Kwitney includes the CIA’s ownership of the Nugan Hand Bank and the strange death of the owner.
  • Perhaps an individual would want to hear Janet Reno acknowledge the practice.
  • while this link  gives a time line for CIA involvement in drug trafficking from 1947,
  • The CIA’s support for death squads throughout the world is documented in DEADLY DECEITS, THE MEMOIRS OF AN EX-CIA OPERATIVE, by Ralph McGehee. Ref. 
  •  The CIA’s School of the Americas has recently come under attack for teaching torture. The practice of kidnapping individuals in foreign nations and transporting them to third party nations for torture (rendition) is also a current issue before congress. The practice was authorized by President Clinton.
  • The use of torture and assassination has been documented by Douglas Valentine in THE PHOENIX PROGRAM as an ongoing practice during the CIA’s created war in Vietnam.
  • The Tonkin Bay incident is verified to have been a CIA hoax to escalate the conflict. The CIA has consistently informed congressional committees that their operation is not hampered by legal restrictions. Terry Reed and others detail thefts of yachts, airplanes, automobiles and anything they want and have insurance companies write it off. Ref. UNCHECKED AND UNBALANCED by Frederick Schwarz.

As mentioned, Blum’s documentation of CIA involvement in the overthrow of foreign governments, whether a dictator or an elected head, that are not compliant with demands from the U.S. is on the internet at numerous places. One lengthy tabulation available at  is a capsulation of KILLING HOPE by William Blum. 

  •  Ref: IN SEARCH OF ENEMIES: A CIA STORY by John Stockwell ;
  •  CIA economic exploitation and then wet operations (murder) by jackals to obtain CIA objectives is detailed in the recently published CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN by John Perkins.
  • The Iran-Contra scandal schemed to give the appearance of not violating the law, as confessed by Oliver North after Congress granted a “do not go to jail” pass, while the entire CIA operation of running arms and transporting drugs was clearly what Congress had forbidden.
  • Two CIA agents planted on the United Nations Special Commission on Iraq who continually conveyed false information were instrumental in swaying the Commission to support the invasion.
  •  IRAQ CONFIDENTIAL by Scott Ritter;
  • CRUEL AND UNUSUAL by Mark Miller.
  •  The suspected use of post-hypnotic command with the random sniper killings in D.C. to divert media attention from congressional approval for an Iraqi offensive is presented by Jim Rarey.
  • Passage of the Tonkin Bay resolution to escalate the war in Vietnam similarly used the campaign of Barry Goldwater to divert media attention.
  • Ex-CIA agents Ritter and McGehee both assert the objective of the CIA is to perpetuate war. A recent story relates the CIA running a black propaganda operation against Iran, Syria, and Lebanon to initiate military action. 
  •  Former CIA agent Philip Giraldi has recently declared the U.S. has infiltrated the Iranian country with agents provocateur to create a cause for war. 
  •  If the CIA is for intelligence gathering on foreign nations, why does the Company have a number of Mossad agents who have their salaries paid by the U.S. government? 
  •  Woodward has declared the CIA started action in Afghanistan in May 2000—long before 9/11. 
  •  Before the CIA was involved, opium production had been virtually destroyed. With the CIA’s involvement, production of opium has exploded to become their major export. A web search of the CIA’s involvement in the HUD and the savings and loan scandals will produce many hits such as:
  •  Taxpayers will be paying $32 Billion for 30 years.  
  •  It has already cost the taxpayers over $400 Billion. 
  •  Neil Bush’s involvement in the Silverado S&L, and a claimed total loss of $1.4 trillion, is claimed at:
  •  The CIA’s BBRD&W Hawaiian bank scandal staring CIA agent Ron Rewald was connected with many wet operations. Ref. DISAVOW; A CIA SAGA OF BETRAYAL by Rodney Stich. 

THE MAFIA, CIA & GEORGE BUSH by Pete Brewton is only one of many books that detail the CIA and Bush’s raiding of the financial institutes of more than a trillion dollars. The CIA’s use of banks on Cook Island, with Bush participation, to bilk customers for illegal fees .

Ref. THE PARADISE CONSPIRACY by Ian Wishart. This was part of the CIA- BCCI scandal involving a bank heist of $10 to $15 billion with the laundering of drug money, manipulating financial markets, arms trafficking, supporting international terrorism, and funding terrorist organizations.  One source accuses the CIA of absconding with $10 Billion from the Iraqi Central Bank before the invasion. Ref.

We could speculate on much more. The Bay of Pigs operation was a CIA action started under President Eisenhower. The public is adamantly informed JFK called off the air cover that doomed the invasion. Fletcher Prouty informs us JFK authorized the cover and it was countermanded by the CIA. Ref. JFK, THE CIA, VIETNAM, AND THE PLOT TO ASSASSINATE JFK by Prouty.

Did the CIA sabotage their own paramilitary action and placed the blame on JFK that resulted in JFK declaring he was going to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces ?  JFK also purged the leadership of the CIA.

One speculation is that the CIA wanted to force JFK to commit the US to a total war and save the invaders but JFK chose a humiliating defeat rather than an all-out war. The investigation of the fiasco ordered by JFK, as extensively documented by Michael D. Morrissey, concludes something happened that JFK did not know about.

There is also extensive writing of JFK and Robert using back-channels to communicate with Khrushchev. It is alleged the three were making good progress toward a permanent peace accord. When uncovered by the Pentagon and CIA, they were secretly blackballed as selling out to the communists and their fate was sealed. The U-2 was also a CIA operation. The public is informed President Eisenhower authorized two unprecedented trans-USSR flights just two weeks before the Paris Peace talks with Khrushchev.

Even Khrushchev could not believe that Ike authorized the flights after having grounded all flights for six months to prevent offending the Russian leader. Ike really believed he could negotiate a peace with Khrushchev but that was anathema for the U.S. military-industrial complex. The evidence Power’s aircraft was shot down is highly questionable. The U-2 had no fuel gauges and depended upon hydrogen to re-ignite the low volatile JP-7 fuel after soaring. The theory that the hydrogen fuel was not filled before takeoff concludes the flight may have been sabotaged by a replacement CIA ground crew.

Ref. DEFRAUDING AMERICA by Fletcher Prouty.

James Bamford relies upon the Freedom of Information Act to obtain information on the National Security Agency in his book BODY OF SECRETS to convey the traditional President Eisenhower’s responsibility for Gary Power’s flight but with an interesting twist added. He contends the U-2 flights had been grounded because the CIA was aware the USSR had developed missiles that could reach the high-flying U-2. If true, we would probably assume the information was withheld from Eisenhower. Subterfuge would lie with the CIA regardless of who ordered the flights. The CIA cannot stand peace.

 The OCTOBER SURPRISE (by ex-CIA agent Barbara Honegger) operation raises more interesting questions. How was an ex-Director of the CIA who had been canned by the President (but who later became president himself) and the head of the Republican National Party (who was subsequently appointed Director of the CIA and also came up with candidate Carter‘s play book) able to negotiate with Iranians and to guarantee billions of dollars in military aid to the Iranians if they would hold U.S. hostages until after the presidential elections in the U.S. in order to defeat President Jimmie Carter ?

One pound of plastic explosive was linked to the Pan Am flight 103 that was destroyed over Lockerbie killing 270 people. Libya paid $2.7 billion in compensation. 

Other articles describe how the electronic trigger was available only from the CIA. How is it that an obscure drug-sniffing, military service avoiding, violent rapist, governor of Arkansas that aided CIA agent Oliver North transport drugs and armament taken from the Arkansas National Guard to the Contras find himself as President ?  But to ask the question appears to answer it. The CIA is accused of using a concentrated strain of hyper-weaponized powdered anthrax available only from a U.S. government research lab in mailings to non-compliant congressmen to promote terrorism by doctor Leonard Horowitz .

Connection of the CIA with the origin of man-made HIV/AIDS is apparently gaining public acceptance.

Ref. EMERGING VIRUSES: AIDS AND EBOLA by Leonard Horowitz. Atmospheric contamination, whether accidental or intentional unknown sources, include detrimental unhealthy organic and biological substances is 

 When Air Force Two carried Ron Brown and a group of business men into a mountain in Europe after he informed President Clinton that he was not going to go down alone for indictments that several Congressional committees were preparing, the airplane that had carried Mrs. Clinton the week before was found to not have a flight recorder on-board, the cause of the crash was not investigated, the fair weather was reported by the media to be foul, the three electronic guidance systems were reported to have malfunctioned at the same time or been altered to guide the airplane into a mountain, and individuals who might have known too much ended up dead. Strange. Some say Ron had a bullet hole.

Whatever else we may conclude from the Watergate escapade, we must accept the fact that it was preformed by individuals who have been conclusively connected with the CIA. Watergate became a household name only after prolonged months of publication by Bob Woodward who is accused of being a CIA operative, relied upon the inside information from Al Haig, and worked for the mouthpiece of the CIA, the Washington Post. Phil Brennan writes Watergate was conclusively a CIA operation.

It is written by David Rivera:

“Nixon aide Bruce Herschenson said that the Watergate plot was deliberately sabotaged ‘by a non-elected coalition of power groups.’

Former CIA agent James W. McCord, Jr., the security chief for the Committee to Re-Elect the President, has been accused of being a double agent and used to bring Nixon down by sabotaging the break-in at the Watergate Hotel.” He includes extensive detailing of deliberate bungling by professionals. Len Colodny details individuals’ contributions in SILENT COUP and  but the major evidence of conspiracy is not the bungling by Liddy, Hunt, Dean, and CIA operatives “breaking wind” at Watergate but the continued press exposure for months after the event, by Woodward, and Cox‘s ability to subpoena critical deleted locations of the “unknown” tapes that were controlled by Haig.

Woodward pushed Butterfield in front of the investigators who then revealed existence of the secret tapes that brought down Nixon which was considered “part of a strategy.” Butterfield, a long time close friend of Haig, was suggested to be a CIA plant. Haig, accused of being Deep Throat, controlled the tapes, and the deliberate 18 minute erasure is contended to remove exculpatory evidence. Specific actions by Haig, Butterfield, and Woodward prevented Nixon from being aware the secret tapes were going to be revealed to the committee and thereby prevented suppression by executive privilege. id., 323-336. cf.

Did Nixon offended the wrong people? It is claimed Nixon tried to remove control of foreign policy from the CIA, and had also taken measures to initiate control over the entire CIA . Some sources claim Nixon repeated references to revealing the Bay of Pigs fiasco caused Helms to become infuriated. Others complain Nixon impounded funds for liberal causes and used the IRS to investigate liberal foundations. More complain the paranoid Nixon targeted a considerable number of Jews on his “hit list.”

Nixon fired Director Richard Helms in retaliation for not covering up Watergate (or for assisting Watergate ?). Did Haig fear the military’s espionage by Moorer-Radford-Haig on the White House would become public? Whatever the motive, the CIA/Haig clearly did a hatchet job on Nixon. We certainly do not want to overlook Nixon’s opposition to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) which incensed David Rockefeller as detailed by Daniel Estulin in THE TRUE STORY OF THE BILDERBERG GROUP.

Nixon’s New Economic Policy that established wage and price controls angered Rockefeller even more. id 146. The link between Rockefeller’s CFR and its operating arm of the CIA has not yet been confirmed. Nor do we want to overlook Schlesinger’s brutal purge of more than 1500 CIA agents and the forced purge by Helms of four top deputies was a great factor. Ref. LEGACY OF ASHES by Tim Weiner. Several sources on the internet claim the CIA is the agency responsible for the WTC destruction. One source identifies the current Director of the CIA and a past Director as the largest handlers of tens of millions of dollars of short sells of airline stock through their two Wall Street investment firms. 

 But how many other organizations have the where-with-all to pull-off such an operation and plant explosives, gag New York City police and firemen, order the Air Force to stand down, have the FBI confiscate surveillance videos, control demolition removal to avoid investigation, control damage reports by Congressional commissions, obtain compliance from commercial airlines, slant all media coverage, have federal judges gag whistle-blowers, etc?

Ref. David Ray Griffin, DEBUNKING 9/11 DEBUNKING.

Residue of nanothermite, a military explosive used to shear/melt steel structures, has been found to surround the WTC area. Senator Frank Church and Representative Otis Pike chaired 1975 congressional committees to investigate CIA illegal operations. Church informed the public of the CIA’s attempts to assassinate foreign leaders–to the CIA’s displeasure. Both seasoned incumbents are defeated in their reelection bids—against a 98% return rate. The CIA is suspected of assisting in their opponent’s campaigns. The death of Bobby Kennedy has been questioned by several investigators  ;  and the CIA has been linked to his death.

The destruction of the evidence by the LAPD was protected by Governor Ronald Reagan and is credited by some as the reason he became president. The death of Vince Foster, who was intimately linked with the Clinton ascension, fails to satisfy individuals who review the documentation of his death.

The question becomes “Who had the manpower and expertise to execute him and get away with it? And who would have cause to silence him?” But Vince is only one of innumerable strange deaths. James Earl Ray vigorously protested that he was the victim and patsy for the CIA’s assassination of Martin Luther King. While we are discussing assassinations and attempts, it would not be out of place to mention the attempt on President Ronald Reagan by John W. Hinckley only 70 days after inauguration. The Hinckley and the Bush families have “long social, political, and economic ties.” 

 A mind control episode is suggested. Revelations by John Judge in Part 2 of a November 2000 interview inform us that RR was instructed to not wear his protective vest on that day; the presidential limousine was parked an unusual 50 feet from normal requiring an extended walk vulnerable to assault; the usual ring of protective secret service men fell behind; the 38 pistol used was replaced with a 22 with a switch by secret service men being caught on film; and Judge contends Hinckley’s bullets did not hit Reagan.

This was the time when Haig, who had proposed National Security Decision Directive 1 (NSDD 1) during Reagan’s first week in office which would have made Haig in charge of the government in event of crisis, declared he, not VP Bush, was in charge of the government. A struggle for power ensued.  Ref. GEORGE BUSH, UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY by Webster Tarpley.

There are even claims that the CIA funded GOOGLE. Would the CIA want to know what you are investigating ? Operation CHAOS illegally eavesdropped on thousands of U.S. citizens for years. 

The CIA cutout company, Hadron Corp., has been connected with the theft of PROMIS software from the Inslaw company and sold as a backdoor access to computer software by Jim Rarey.

 WINDOWS 95 and later Microsoft products have been claimed to have a back door for the CIA (CryptoAPI _NSAKEY, but a web search reveals numerous counter-arguments. Microsoft had declined to respond for denial or confirmation. Operation ECHELON uses satellites to snoop on all telephone calls and emails.  CARNIVORE has recently been acknowledged to use ISP’s to intercept and review email. The NSA is currently facing legal action filed by Electronic Frontier Foundation for using a secret room furnished by ATT to monitor email and web use. 

 The communications industry is attempting to obtain legislation that will make them immune from liability for illegal data collection. Big Brother is watching. On August 1, the White House announced the domestic spy surveillance that has been acknowledged is but a small component of a much larger program without court oversight.

Have you considered how ironic it is that the government which stonewalls every effort for the public to be informed of their actions wants to know the most intimate detail of the citizen’s life, usually under oath, and even a misrepresentation to a bureaucrat is cause for incarceration ? The government has recently reclassified thousands of documents that were available to the public.

Even a claim of Fifth Amendment right to silence can result in incarceration while agents of government claim they are above the law or will be mildly censured, if not pardoned, for their iniquity. The servant of the people has become the master. The President has made numerous Signing Statements during approval of legislated laws that such laws do not apply to the Executive government. It renders ridiculous the hallowed axiom that “We have a government of Laws, not a government of Men.”  

But then again, the CIA may be only a small component of a much larger cabal. Ref. THE TRUE STORY OF THE BILDERBERG GROUP by Daniel Estulin (2007). And I have undoubtedly overlooked many of the blatant CIA nefarious operations. Maybe the CIA has too much money. Way too much money.

Article on John “Frenchy” Grombach And Pond intelligence agency that slipped communist identification on CIA and State Department agents to Joe McCarthy, alleging the CIA was riddled with and protected communists in the US government. That the State Department was riddled with communists who were involved in the creation of the United Nations has been previously documented. Antony Sutton has written in many volumes that the U.S. government has been responsible for the sustaining, developing, and supplying of arms to communist nations for decades.

Fletcher Prouty has written that military arms left over from WWII were immediately shipped to SE Asia and Korea. Wall Street was assisted by the U.S. government in the implementation of the Bolshevik Revolution.  The establishment of communist China and the deportation of Chiang to Taiwan was the deliberate action of the U.S. government.

  • HOW THE FAR EAST WAS LOST by Anthony Kubek;
  • WHILE YOU SLEPT by John Flynn.
  • $5 billion in money transfers in the months before 9/11 should have been reported on currency transfer forms. The money movement identifiable by records within the Federal Reserve system. Bill Bergman’s attempt to have the Chicago office of the Fed investigate the situation got him fired. Was this ignored and deliberately covered up? It indicates the Fed was knowledgeable of and complicate in the 9/11 attack. An analysis of one way the CIA creates tension within a nation.  Disinformation to instill terrorism. Operation Gladio in Europe is given  here.
  • Article by Pat Buchanan:  Also at American Conservative? It is the neo-cons that are wanting more war. They are jewish. The jews are crying “anti-semite”
  • Tim Weiner in LEGACY OF ASHES, THE HISTORY OF THE CIA places total blame on the CIA for misreading the intelligence on the Tonkin Bay incident.
  • The misrepresenting to LBJ for his speech in congress escalated the Vietnam war.
  • He also blames the CIA for misreading the intelligence on Iraq as the cause of Colin Powell’s speech to the UN that lead to the US invasion of Iraq.
  • Were the misrepresentations that lead to two wars incompetence or deliberate?
  • Scott Ritter documents the CIA deliberately and repeatedly misrepresented the situation in Iraq to promote an invasion. Ref. FLAT EARTH NEWS by Nick Davies?
  • CIA spreads propaganda? The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America (Hardcover) by Hugh Wilford REGICIDE by Gregory Douglas purports an eight month log of CIA/FBI/JCS conferences and planning for the event, with the pretext that JFK was committing treason by giving secret information to the USSR. The book is allegedly based upon CIA documents released by a dying CIA Director of Clandestine Operations.

A cautious reader should investigate whether the book is fiction or non-fiction. The alleged use of Europeans as high-priced hit men does not appear consistent with CIA practice or other writings.