(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

“It’s a New Year and the Gloves are OFF!”

Made Famous by “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave “Doink” Duquette

True to form and working along their “assbackward” philosophy “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave “Doink” Duquette’s trumped up Native American complaint on Madeleine Pickens Rose Parade float totally blew up in their faces with the net result of garnering the Wild Mustang float an easy 10 times the publicity that it would have received if they simply would have stayed beneath that slimy rock that they live under.

John Holland eloquently portrayed their ability to not only shoot themselves in the foot in his recent editorial but they actually manage to line themselves up against a wall and blow each other’s heads off with a firing squad, the stupidity displayed is stunning.

The lunacy of dragging this bogus tribal coalition, who Duquette can’t even name the tribes and then write a phony press release on how their nonexistent sensibilities were offended while RFD-TV had a GIANT native American float, right next door, that won a stunning prize and get this, there where native Americans on the float, around the float and supporting the float.  How stupid can you be?!?

I have to hand it to the two Turds, though, they were getting pretty good at having someone else write their press releases of lies, innuendo and junk science to a point that most average people actually thought that some of the rants could be plausible, until they did the math and saw the truth.  But this latest heap of reeking desperation shows that they are terrified of the total failure that their upcoming “Slaughterfest” will become.  Just imagine, three days of hanging out at a one sided horse slaughter convention hosted by a convicted cattle rustler and stalker with guest speakers like one who has actually plead to a conviction of chasing wild horses by helicopter and then selling them off to slaughter.  Throw Dave Cattoor’s boss in the mix, the current Director of the BLM Bob Abbey and with Walrus and Doink on board you have an entire roomful of losers simply talking at each other.  Doesn’t that just warm you all the way down to your itty bitty toes?

One thing the New Year’s “Mooning” by Slaughterhouse and Doink did do was draw attention away from a news article from Cheyenne Wyoming that basically called their elected state Rep. Sue Walrus a lying piece of crap, again.  Ole Sue has been touting how she was going to build here stinking, bloody slaughterhouse in Cheyenne Wyoming and even in the face of earlier rebukes she held to her feeble story and plans but this new article says, in her own twisted words, that it ain’t gonna happen, sweet heart.

Of course, Walrus blubbers something about “I didn’t really mean that” and changes her story, again, and her tune, again, and then dances off in another direction while high on Bute from her last Horsey Hamhock searching for a defense against her fraud and ethics charges.

So a big hats off to the blundering duo of deceit and lies; thanks for the memories as without your ill-conceived and asinine attack on the Mustang Float many people would have missed it’s grandeur altogether.

Hey, bet you guys just salivated over those 22 equestrian groups in the parade too…didn’t ya, huh?  Lip smacken good stuff for ya.

In reality, the only thing that you ended up eating on New Year’s came from the horses back end and today, just like every other day, you are simply full of it.

Don’t forget to wipe your chins, you losers.