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“For example, selling a bottle of vitamin D supplements at a reasonable dose of, say, 4,000 IU per capsule, is now criminalized under codex unless it has been “licensed.”


Codex Alimentarius is a heinous concept Europe now faces and America and the rest of the world soon will after it was slipped into the recently-passed American “Food Safety” bill that (also) allowed the FDA to become the world’s food policeman. 

Codex gives the FDA the power to “harmonize” the U.S. food and dietary supplement  industries with BigAgra’s and BigPharma’s global codex requirements, written by and  for themselves and their corporate-concepted and -owned WTO/FAO “rules and regulations.”

For a nation to trade under the WTO treaty (that virtually all nations signed without input from citizens), that nation will have to outlaw healthy, across-the-counter doses of natural vitamins, minerals, and supplements, and insure their food (staples such as rice, corn, soy beans, wheat) are all genetically modified as specified by WTO’s trade rules on behalf of  BigAgra’s multi-national seed corporations

Under full codex “harmonization,” consumers are left with nutritionless, processed, genetically-modified, medically dangerous food and no access to inexpensive, across-the-counter, dietary supplements to counter the lack of nutrition found in natural foods. 

For example, selling a bottle of vitamin D supplements at a reasonable dose of, say, 4,000 IU per capsule, is now criminalized under codex unless it has been “licensed.”

The going price to license a single supplement like Vitamin D under codex will be around $100,000; guaranteed to put small, organic growers and manufacturers of organic supplements and foods out of business.

Which was the whole purpose of the “Food Safety legislation.”  The organic industry competes directly with BigAgra and BigPharma for this billion-dollar-a-year (+) market, and is whipping them at the check-out counters as people find out what’s in their processed foods and vote with their pocket books for organic and natural food.

To counter this, BigAgra and BigPharma wrote and tag-teamed a paid congress for the “Food Safety” legislation shepherded by Reid who attached the legislation to a funding bill in a lame duck congress.

Now, natural herbs, nutritional supplements, and vitamins can/will be seized and destroyed under codex alimentarius by FDA agents using local law enforcement for muscle.

Already happening.

The “Food Safety” bill does nothing to make food safer, but does help ensure nutritionally-deficient, disease-prone populations; a long-time goal of the FDA on behalf of BigAgra/BigPharma because the more diseased the population, the more money BigPharma makes by selling them “licensed” or “prescription” dietary supplements (on which they can now claim a monopoly, thanks to congress and the FDA), and billions of pills to “counter”  illnesses caused from continuous consumption of BigAgra’s genetically modified seeds and/or processed foods.

It pays to be a friend in high places.

Is this a world of opportunity or what?

For everything you always wanted to know but didn’t know who to ask about codex alimentarius, the USDA’s self-appointment as policeman of the world’s food, how WikiLeaks confirmed the government’s endorsements of all this, and the deliberate destruction of organic and natural food, supplements, vitamins, and family farms,  click on this link.