General Moly’s Mt. Hope mine: let’s hope the “Eureka moment” doesn’t spell disaster


 Debbie Coffey   Copyright 2011  All rights reserved


“Mining at the Mt. Hope Project will involve various types of risks and hazards, including environmental hazards, industrial accidents, metallurgical and other processing problems, unusual or unexpected rock formations, structure cave-in or slides, flooding, fires and interruption due to inclement or hazardous weather conditions.” More

Guilty before trial: Wisconsin DATCP police state rolls on

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DATCP JUDGE/JURY/ExecutionerThat’s what Dr. McGraw has determined I am, despite DATCP’s statements and records showing they registered my location and lack any reason for the visits or denial of my open records request.  Nice to know he is judge and jury all in one, must save a lot of time and expense for the state. More

The Codex Scam. Or, How To Make Billions in the Name of “Food Safety.”


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“For example, selling a bottle of vitamin D supplements at a reasonable dose of, say, 4,000 IU per capsule, is now criminalized under codex unless it has been “licensed.”


Codex Alimentarius is a heinous concept Europe now faces and America and the rest of the world soon will after it was slipped into the recently-passed American “Food Safety” bill that (also) allowed the FDA to become the world’s food policeman.  More

Sharia banking? Just a constitutional minute!


Lolly Madison (c)copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

January 1,  2011


” Euromoney Islamic Finance Awards are given to financial institutions (including commodity and trading companies) for being the “Most Improved Islamic Finance House” of the year. These financial institutions facilitate optimal services going far beyond simple banking.”



It is still “the economy, stupid” as voiced by Bill Clinton in a one-phrase presidential platform focal stab.  James Carville, his illustrious campaign manager, helped Clinton win against George H. W. Bush in 1992 on three points that have continued to be the hub of the Democratic Party’s strategy including the Obama presidential bid: 1) Change vs. More of the Same, 2) The Economy, Stupid, and 3) Don’t Forget Health Care.  Barack Obama has taken points one and three to the extreme, but it is still number two we grapple with. More

Sharia Law? Just a constitutional minute!


 Lolly Madison (c)copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved



In consideration of the sanctity of the United States Constitution—the bible of our Republic—my research has gravitated to obtaining an in depth comprehension of the forces from without our national borders to those crouching within, of the seditious threats we are now faced with.  More

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