By Paul Griepentrog (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


S 510 moved through its Senate processes raising hoopla amongst the masses, misdirected from arguing the facts pursuant to substantive and procedural law by countless organizations and their respected attorneys. Whining and pouting were the order of the day, when I tendered the following; it was first edited by the unknowing and eventually deleted from the alert.

S 510 violates the substantive and procedural rights of natural persons by allowing illegal search and seizure without due process of law, requiring self incriminating recordkeeping in direct contrast to the provision of “being secure in your person and papers”.  It allows arrest without warrant for mere resistance of compliance officials.”

The claim was made that no one would understand it, a clear indication that none had read the bill, an act unperformed by many as it has finally come to light that in HR 2749 the fee schedule had been removed and reinstated in § 107 of S 510.

Now as folks will tell you, including my wife, I didn’t offer any regard for the final bill, much to their surprise, having written extensively on it and all its predecessors in the past, I was fully aware of the Unconstitutional nature of this action. After all pursuant to § 7 of the Constitution, bills of taxation must issue from the house and what we have here is a willful act of TREASON on the part of the Senate and all the supporters of this legislation. Now you won’t get anyone to act regarding this treachery, it should stand as a lesson to all regarding the validity and knowledge of the persons failing to observe the primary issue: NEVER ARGUE THE ACT, ALWAYS ARGUE THE LAW!

From my own part I had hoped it would pass and be implemented, knowing where the silver bullet lay that would render it void. You may ask why I didn’t raise this issue before; the answer lies in the law:

Vigilantibus et non dormientibus jura subveniunt. The laws aid the vigilant, not those who sleep. [Cases: Equity 64. C.J.S. Equity § 115.]

And so you have it; the blind organizations misleading the people, their learned counsels misleading them and the Senate itself, all blind to the laws binding upon us all. I can’t resist one parting shot;


Uno absurdo dato, infinita sequuntur. When one absurdity has been allowed, an infinity follows.

By the way, the quotes are legal maxims drawn from the foundation of law as cited in Black’s Law dictionary.

© 2010 Paul Griepentrog