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Comment: As most of you know, S.510 the fake food safety bill which had nothing to do with food safety, passed the Senate this morning.  This bill, which will go down in history as one of the greatest weaponless assaults on the States by the central government, is intended to knock the knees out from under what little is left of our economy.


Section 404 of the bill, forces the subjugation of the citizens of the States to unlawful trade agreements, international organization demands, and will reduce operating standards across the board for bio-piracy corporations in order to maximize their profits and to end as much competition in those markets as possible.  These unlawful agreements and the mandates from such odious organizations as the World trade Organization, Codex Alimentarius committees, and other foreign principals have unlawfully usurped US laws and sovereignty, forfeiting our right to self determination and governance.

The bill, which expands a notoriously dysfunctional and incompetent agency, the FDA, is also intended to abrogate the rights of the citizens.  The multiple constitutional violations in the bill went by unnoticed by members of the Senate; probably because the majority of them never even read the bill and had no idea what was in it.  These violations of rights also seemed to by pass the mental faculties of several high profile front groups and individuals.

Numerous and so-called “consumer organizations” along with so-called “food experts”, some of them nationally known, sent emails out claiming that a few thousand of their members had email or called in, in support of this attack on independent agriculture.  Claiming misinformation and myth was abounding surrounding the bill, it was apparent they had either been bought off or were at some point allowed to be in the presence of some of the District of Criminals’ royalty; this audience obviously put them in a state of compliant awe.  No one who actually read the bill could come away thinking or believing this bill had anything to do with making food safe; there was nothing in the bill that could accomplish this.  

And not one person mentioned the fact that across the board, over one million people called, emailed, faxed and phoned their Senators demanding that they vote “No!”.

One “food expert” highlighting the peanut butter contamination, the spinach scare, and the pepper contamination, never mentioned one word about these products either being allowed to enter the country uninspected and dumped into the supply; didn’t mention that the peanut butter contamination was the work of a man who sat on the USDA quality control board for peanuts and operated with agency protection, and never mentioned that the spinach contamination was the result of unsanitary conditions at the point of processing by a huge corporate self-inspecting processor, or that the pepper scare was the result of shipments of uninspected peppers originating in Mexico. And none dared to mention that  S.510 will not change, control, alter or impede these same practices from occurring again. 

Yet another “food expert” claimed that it was the Tea Party who opposed the bill. I don’t belong to the Tea Party or either of the factions of the one party system in the District of Criminals and neither did hundreds of thousands of others who read this bill and saw it as a hostile takeover of agriculture that it is.  When a supposed “expert” attempts to throw some meaningless statement into their arguments, it is done because they have no real argument to make.  Instead, they try to focus your attention on someone you should view as an enemy, keeping you diverted.  It is also an attempt to paint the opposition as a collection of people who are trying to put you in danger, or, are preventing you from gaining something you’ve become convinced, you just have to have.  Now that the “expert” has targeted a false enemy for you, the manipulation is far easier. 

In a detailed article on American Thinker, the most obvious problems with S.510 were highlighted.  Obviously none of our experts or groups bothered to read this expose’ either, which would have eliminated the need for them to do any research: a task they seem reluctant to perform.

The worst is yet to come 

From the American Thinker article by Michael Geer dated November 29, 2010, this paragraph should be enough to send chills up the spines of anyone who has watched this assault against independent agriculture play out:


 “As explained by Senator Harkin, he and Senators Reid and Durbin had worked out an agreement in advance of Senate passage with House Democratic leadership to accept the Senate-passed bill, hold it at the House desk, and then vote on passage of the Senate bill. This procedural maneuvering eliminates the usual joint Senate-House conference committee to work out differences with the Waxman- and House-passed Food Safety Bill, H.R.2749. If the House approves, the final version of the Senate Food Safety Bill would then be sent to President Obama for signing into new law.”

In other words, this was a done deal before the vote ever took place.  What this says is that no reconciliation between the House bill HR.2749 and the Senate bill s.510 will take place as both the House and Senate have already reached a conclusion on what the final bill will contain….and that may, or may not bear any resemblance to the bill we think was passed. 

Procedural maneuvering defined:  WE GOT SCREWED!

This has been a long and strenuous battle but as always, we found out who was with us and who was for sale.  Those who sold out made themselves evident in the emails circulating today.  Maybe this should be a lesson to all of us to be more careful about who we support; about who we look to for guidance.    Taking advice from those who claim to be advocates and who are at the same time, taking grant money’s and other financing from the same entities who will benefit from these assaults should make us all be more cognizant of the fact that no one can serve two masters.  The master holding the money strings will win out every time.  A clear analogy of this is our Congress which takes millions in funding from the very entities who seek to destroy us.

Who won today?  The money masters did.