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a) Whoever, otherwise than as provided by law for the proper discharge of official duties, directly or indirectly—

(1) demands, seeks, receives, accepts, or agrees to receive or accept any compensation for any representational services, as agent or attorney or otherwise, rendered or to be rendered either personally or by another—


The Senate has convened and will vote again for cloture on S.510; at this moment Senator Tom Harkin is speaking about why the bill is so important.  Echoing the drama of Senator Durbin, Harkin alludes to the “sick and dying” people in this country as a result of food borne illness.  All the drama aside: neither Harkin, Durbin nor any other Senator will identify the true sources of food contamination arising from industrialized farming and ranching, self-inspecting processing plants, and contaminated food imports coming into the country uninspected. 

Regardless of all the flowery language, all the hyped up drama issuing from these Senators who have remained totally silent as the FDA, the agency they intend to unlawfully empower, has been the facilitator for hundreds of lethal and deadly pharmaceuticals allowed into the markets that cause physical damage and even death in thousands of cases.  With this in mind I doubt anyone could conclude that this bill is in reality about food safety, but is instead about the transfer of power to a corporate agency belonging to the Federal corporation; the intent of course is to also transfer blame for what will ensue once this overthrow of agriculture is completed.

Neither Senator nor any of the bills sponsors make any mention of the subjugation to unlawful trade and harmonization agreements or the underlying assaults on Constitutional rights.  Not one speaker can claim anything other than systems already in place as pertaining to food safety that are reiterated in the bill.   The focus of the bill is:

1. to eradicate through burdensome regulations, constitutional violations, property theft and interference with lawful trade, family and independent producers.

2. To corner the agricultural markets, reducing competition, and

3. to force all food products produced in the US into exports markets.

4. to criminalize land and livestock ownership through the use of predatory licensing and regulation.

This bill signifies one of the greatest assaults on the American public by its own government, presented as a deceptive fraud. 

While wondering why our own government has worked for so many years to dismantle independent agriculture, I could not help but revert back to that list of bribery payments, called “campaign contributions” to our Senators (members of the House also receive millions in “contributions”).  The list of corporations who stand to benefit financially from passage of S.510, and those Senators who took millions in aggregate “campaign contributions”, is staggering. And these millions are just for this one bill; multiply this by the hundreds of bills that are written by corporate lobbyists and foreign principals. 

While these elected officials will refuse to correspond with individuals not from their districts (congressional courtesy, they say), and most time will only respond with a canned letter that addresses anything and everything except the topic you might have been inquiring about, they seem not to have any problem with corresponding with and representing corporations and non-US organizations. They have even less trouble with taking gigantic payments from corporations most of which are not only not in their district, but many times, not even in their state and sometimes not even in the country! In my opinion, “contribution” is simply a euphemism for “BRIBERY”. 

So let us look at the issue of “BRIBERY”:


§ 203. Compensation to Members of Congress, officers, and others in matters affecting the Government

(a) Whoever, otherwise than as provided by law for the proper discharge of official duties, directly or indirectly—

(1) demands, seeks, receives, accepts, or agrees to receive or accept any compensation for any representational services, as agent or attorney or otherwise, rendered or to be rendered either personally or by another— READ MORE

 It seems rather obvious to me that what our congress has engaged in on all levels is the selling of political favors and the power of their offices.  Hiding that behind the term “campaign contributions” makes it no less a bribe.  Why would corporations be dumping what amounts to millions and millions of dollars into the campaign funds of elected officials unless they were anticipating a return of some kind and were fully expecting the official to give their blessing to legislation written by the corporations themselves in an effort to maximize markets and profits.    

Much of what is produced on the floor of both Houses is written by world organizations, corporate representatives and attorneys, lobbyists of all kinds, none of which represent the interests of the nation or its people. It is a rare thing that any legislation has actually been written by any of those officials preparing to vote on it.  As these elected officials have made clear that they are more than willing to negotiate, even against the best interests of the country, and prefer instead to represent the global interests of their donors, they have in fact, declared themselves to be agents of foreign principals.  With this in mind, I do believe it would be fair to have each of these Senators and Representatives register themselves as what they actually are: AGENTS OF FOREIGN PRINCIPALS 

§ 219. Officers and employees acting as agents of foreign principals 

 (a) Whoever, being a public official, is or acts as an agent of a foreign principal required to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 or a lobbyist required to register under the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 in connection with the representation of a foreign entity, as defined in section 3(6) of that Act shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than two years, or both.

(b) Nothing in this section shall apply to the employment of any agent of a foreign principal as a special Government employee in any case in which the head of the employing agency certifies that such employment is required in the national interest. A copy of any certification under this paragraph shall be forwarded by the head of such agency to the Attorney General who shall cause the same to be filed with the registration statement and other documents filed by such agent, and made available for public inspection in accordance with section 6 of the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as amended.

(c) For the purpose of this section “public official” means Member of Congress, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner, either before or after he has qualified, or an officer or employee or person acting for or on behalf of the United States, or any department, agency, or branch of Government thereof, including the District of Columbia, in any official function, under or by authority of any such department, agency, or branch of Government. 

Would not this section apply to members of both the House and Senate and various other agency and department heads, corporate lobbyists and other agents, who have advanced World Trade Organization, multi-national corporate raiders, and the various and multiple trade and harmonization agreements, all of which are intended to usurp the United States sovereignty and laws?  

Have any of our elected representatives registered as agents of foreign principals?  If not: why not?  Are they not advocating for these principals in direct violation to their oaths of office and by extension abdicating the responsibilities and duties of their official office in favor of foreign governments, multi-national corporate donors, and world organizations, unlawful agreements and thereby undermining the independence and sovereignty of the US? 

Maybe its time we looked at remedies in the US Code for elected officials who advance their own wealth and fortunes by selling the power of their offices to entities which have no allegiance, loyalty or concern for the future of America.


Sect 216:   Penalties & Injunctions