Let’s play charades and name the terrorist: Detonator. . . Underwear. . .You’re right!

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“. . .well kiss my grits!  There’s Michael Chertoff, that handsome hairless fella who caused Americans to recoil when he showed up in charge of—DHS? FEMA was it?  whatever—after they ran Brownie off; who was late for the New Orleans hurricane aftermath. ” More

Such a well behaved herd of sheep you are! TSA thanks you for allowing them to violate your rights and to assault you


Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved



Who knowingly takes employment that would encompass the groping of the private and genital areas of not only adults, but also children?  And then smiles and tells you it was to “keep you safe”.  How sick is that?  More

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