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“We are being set up, as a nation. A food crisis is about to hit this country as our strategic grain reserve sits empty, as no commodities surpluses have been stockpiled and as absolutely every agricultural product is targeted for exporting to the highest bidder.  It has taken many years, through various administrations and successive congresses to manipulate us into this position.  It doesn’t take much to see that we will be most likely starved into accepting the World Government. “


Trade “agreements” are not binding US treaties as described by the Constitution, yet here we are on the verge of watching another of these job killing, economy busting deals being struck, this time with South Korea.  

Included in this “agreement” are of course the usual assaults:

  • Lax labor standards
  • Striking down environmental protections
  • The rights of corporations and investors held above those of the individual
  • And, duty free imports so that South Korean could dump as much of its crap on us as possible, and of course the ever popular,
  • Trade deficits that will break the bank as the ‘estimates” put out by the US International Trade Association, are revealed in the future to be nothing less than fluff & puff to make this agreement sound like a good deal. 

The Heritage Foundation, that bastion of bible-thumping, self-righteous do-gooders, jammed pack full of neo-cons, is promoting this agreement as something that should be done…and quickly too! 

KORUS Benefits the United States

According to Heritage:

The trade agreement would reduce trade barriers by eliminating tariffs,


  • Tariffs are the taxes levied on products and services accessing US markets.  With a national debt rising to un-repayable amounts, why would we even consider this?
  • Trade barriers include labor standards which would be non-existent in this agreement..slave labor and comparable wages will be just fine.
  • Environmental laws which would be struck down so that multi-national corporations could operate at the lowest possible standard, and be relieved of any liability for the devastation they create. 

establish rules for foreign investment—


  • It is highly doubtful that any such rules would uphold US law and sovereignty and here again these rules will be written to protect multi-national corporations and to allow control and access by non-US entitities such as the World Trade Organization.
  • A huge ruckus was raised about the manufacturing of automobiles, and who would get the profit, to be addressed in this agreement 

including intellectual property rights—


  • This is where ACTA, the bill intended to section off and make unavailable huge swaths of the free internet, would come into play.  The free flow of information has made it virtually impossible for government or any of their high dollar donors and financiers to hide from the public, their dirty deals.
  • ACTA is the work of several governments from around the world. The crux of this treaty is the “disabling access” provision, that would require ISP providers to deny access to various sites that contain information the big guys at the top don’t want out there.

“Both the Obama administration and the Bush administration had rejected requests from civil libertarians and technologists for copies of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA. Last year, the White House went so far as to invoke an executive order saying disclosure would do “damage to the national security.”


  • Would also be utilized by bio-piracy multinational corporations who have used the TRIPPS agreement to patent “life”. South Korea would now be forced into gmo contaminated seeds, for example, as bio-pirates would demand access under the agreement to begin the ecological devastation practiced here in the US and other country’s now forced to suffer from this infestation. 

and improve market access. As a result, implementing the FTA would increase U.S. exports, create new American jobs and economic growth, level the playing field for U.S. businesses, and strengthen Washington’s partnership with South Korea.


  • Leveling the playing field means striking down environmental protection laws, as these would be deemed a “barrier to trade”
  • Striking down any law that prohibited the rape and pillage of the now exposed country along with its economy, as global corporations move in and begin taking over.
  • Here is where S.510 the fake food safety bill, will become invaluable.  The bill is focused on trade and built around these “market” access ideals; only this bill trades off our food supply.
  • No trade agreement has produced jobs. 
  • Trade agreements have historically devastated our economy
  • US businesses…meaning corporations.
  • Washington needs to look to strengthening their partnership with the citizens of the US instead of pandering to non-US entities. 

No wonder that during the period of U.S. public comment on the KORUS, 91 percent of the comments favored KORUS ratification.[1]


  • I checked resource (1) as listed on the Heritage article and find that there is no reference to any such public commenting. This resource turned out to be Drovers Cattle Network
  • 91% favoring is rather misleading.  How many people even knew about the public commenting, and, how many actually commented?
  • Of those who did comment….how many were corporate responses? 
  • S.510 the fake food safety bill has a lot of backers too…and they all have “corporation” tagged to their names.

“The free trade agreement with South Korea would provide landmark opportunities for U.S. soy, meat, and poultry exports,” said ASA President Rob Joslin, a soybean producer from Sidney, Ohio.” 


  • Here is S.510 the fake food safety bill, centered on export and trade, rearing its ugly head yet again.


The U.S. International Trade Commission estimated that U.S. exports would increase $10–11 billion annually, while imports would increase $6 billion as a result of the agreement. And those estimates do not include the benefits arising from the reduction of tariffs in the services industries.


  • I don’t get it.  Or maybe I do. It seems we are going to export an estimated 10 billion of agricultural products and then,
  • Import an estimated 6 billion of the same products, or products that would compete with what we produce ourselves, back into the US, just produced somewhere else? Does this make sense to anyone?
  • Has one trade agreement EVER produced an economic or financial trade gain? The answer is NO.  Not once! 
  • As for the reduction in tariffs on the service industry…What tariffs on “services industries” would this be? 
  • This looks more to me like some of that pre-emptive planning; striking an agreement in advance of any suggestion that services performed by entities outside the US should be taxed in order to access and profit from our markets. Can’t have that!   

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimated that approving the KORUS FTA would lead to an increase of 250,000 jobs, while a failure to enact the agreement would lead to a loss of $35 billion in exports and 345,000 jobs.


  • The entry of the US Chamber of commerce into this issue should have set the alarms off.
  • Not one of these promoters of another selling off of American commodities, livestock or other agricultural products, can show where these phantom jobs would be created.
  • The 35 billion in exports (say goodbye to our food supply) is what they are after and they have absolutely nothing to back up their contention that not passing this unlawful and unconstitutional agreement would cost 345,000 jobs. Where? How?

The Korean market is now the fifth largest for U.S. agricultural exports, valued at $3.9 billion in 2009. The American Farm Bureau Federation estimated that the FTA would create $1.8 billion in additional U.S. agricultural sales—a 46 percent increase.[2]


  • Its all about the money!  All a 46% increase in agricultural exports means to me is that we are being set up for a food shortage here in the US.
  • Why would anyone or any organization be promoting an expansion of agricultural products exports when it is apparent a global food shortage….a pre-planned event meant to frighten you into submission… on the horizon?

As of November 10, 2010, the South Korean Agreement had not been agreed to. 

“But both sides said they needed more time at the table to hash out the key sticking points: automobile and beef imports.”

So we are down to “cows & cars”.  That’s all that is holding up this economic assault on both nations…..who gets the most money?

The American Farm Bureau believes it would be far better to export our grains, livestock and poultry as a looming food crisis around the world builds and is beginning to make itself known here in US?   

I find it astonishing, that as food prices rise to critical levels as the food shortage grows globally, that the response of our government would be S.510 the fake food safety bill; a bill that focuses on exports and trade and a bill that is intended to eradicate family and independent producers just when we need them most, is even being considered.

To add yet another devastating trade “agreement” on the heaping pile of economy killing agreements already entered into, that have cost the country millions of jobs, crippled us economically, reduced our standard of living, left millions wondering where their next meal is coming from…..and all the government can think of doing is to pass S.510 and force all of our agricultural products into export and a “free trade” free-for all?  Then follow that up with another economy killing agreement that will see even more of our agricultural products shipped out of the country.

We are being set up, as a nation. A food crisis is about to hit this country as our strategic grain reserve sits empty, as no commodities surpluses have been stockpiled and as absolutely every agricultural product is targeted for exporting to the highest bidder.  It has taken many years, through various administrations and successive congresses to manipulate us into this position.  It doesn’t take much to see that we will be most likely starved into accepting the World Government. 

Hungry people will do anything, will accept anything, no matter how egregious, just for a bite of food. 


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