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Not one Senator stood on the floor and identified even one of the actual threats to our food supply coming from industrialized corporate agricultural operations and contaminated imports.  And not one stood up and spoke one word in defense of our family and independent farmers and ranchers who have historically produced the most abundant and safest food in the world.


This last election really showed em’, didn’t it?  They really got the message from the people that they had to change and start working for the country and not for corporations or personal profit.  We know this is true because a huge number of politicians from both sides mugged for the cameras and told us in solemn voices, with somber looks on their faces, that they knew the American people were damn sick and tired of business as usual issuing from the District of Criminals. 

And then; someone turned the cameras off and the dirty dealings in the District of Criminals resumed as if nothing happened. And in reality, nothing did.  They could not care less what we the people think, or want, or need, or are upset about. Whether Democrat or Republican, Independent or totally brainless, the beggars and thieves in The District turned on the American people with absolute disregard for the Constitution, the rights of the people or their safety and health.   

Today will be a great day for fascism. The very foundations of our economy are about to be ripped from under us as the District of Criminals moves yet again to undermine our independence and sovereignty, handing even more of our country over to economic and agricultural pirates operating under the name of “corporation” and the World Trade Organization.

With our economy crumbling around us, the Senate voted yet again to move forward with S.510, the fake food safety bill.  16 Republicans….you remember them from the election don’t you?  The guys who said they got the message and they were going to work to limit government and get the country back on its feet with smaller government and less spending …blah, blah, blah….anyway, the Republicans jumped right in there and voted for cloture to move S.510 forward.  

This vote should be viewed by the public for what it in actuality was…the hostile takeover of agriculture by our own government to benefit corporations. 

How to tell when a fake food safety bill is really a fake.

 Maybe its just me, but does anyone else find it odd that the FDA and USDA are charged under the bill, with creating after the fact, some kind of plan or program, some little something to see what works?  Does any one else think it strange, that with all the hysterics in the District of Criminals about food safety, the threats of food borne illness to the American public, along with Senator Durbin’s feigned impassioned rant about people suffering and dying…right now…because we didn’t have a bill like S.510 before, that no one in The District had the forethought to develop a working plan before they passed a bill?  Wouldn’t you have thought, after all the hysterical ranting and raving about food safety and the created crisis’s like the recall of the terrorist eggs, that maybe someone sitting in a back room somewhere with nothing to do….like say, maybe a Senator…would have had a light bulb moment and said, “Aha!”……if we shored up our independent agricultural sector, got rid of those disease ridden CAFO operations and actively inspected not only processing points, but also stopped allowing imports to come into the country without first inspecting them to make sure they are safe……we could end a lot of these food borne illnesses!” 

They are going to pass a bill calling it food safety that has nothing to do with food safety while failing to address any of the actual problems that cause food borne illness?  And it is so imperative they pass this bill, because the American public is in danger and suffers from not having a bill like S.510 fake food safety, but no one did any pre-bill planning?  No studies to see what they might actually need to do to make food safe?  In fact, so little was actually done, the bill calls for the “Secretary” or the Grand Poo-Bah or whatever lackey is going to do the deed, to take up to a year to develop “plans”.  To do investigations to see what they might need; maybe new surveillance equipment, maybe look at what might be needed to more efficiently data mine the public and hide the information they collect, what rules might need to be changed on the Federal Register to effectively make family and independent agriculture totally untenable. 

The truth is, they’ve got this thing already planned out, rights violations and all, right down to the data mining and the hiring of swat teams.  They just left the door open for tweaking the programs later on. The long range effects of this bill will be devastating. 

No one in The District was intelligent enough to look at the steady flow of contaminated products from China and other countries that go unpunished and which continue, and of course not a peep about the contamination that occurs at the point of processing.  Not one Senator stood on that floor and spoke about the problems originating from the co-mingling of uninspected food products from foreign countries, found later to be contaminated, with the domestic food supply. 

Not one Senator stood on the floor and objected to the Constitutional rights violations underlying this fraud of a bill.

Not one Senator stood on the floor and spoke up in defense of our farmers and ranchers.  

Not one Senator demanded the re-establishment of the Strategic Grain Reserve, or the commodities surplus reserve in order to shore up the country in an emergency. 

Not one Senator spoke up about how all the multinational corporations supported this bill despite having came with dirty hands; is it because they share in the economic advantage it provides?
Not one Senator spoke to the fact that the outcry from consumer groups insisting that all food producers must be regulated, for consumer  protection to be effective, is nothing more than a failed responsibility on the part of the consumer, based on ignorance and prejudice.  That achieving massive regulatory authority proposed in this bill would eliminate production (it’s true intent) at a time when it is needed more than ever.

Not one Senator spoke up even one time and suggested that the USDA, rather than hiring and training good squad swat teams to set loose on family and independent producers, might better utilize its resources and time by actually performing its duties and possibly divert these new goon squad personnel to our ports of entry to actually perform a service for the country… inspecting imports before they leave the dock.

Not one Senator suggested that with the FDA’s horrendous history of mismanaging pharmaceuticals, approving hundreds of them in a pay –to-play system that included little if any independent testing; FDA might not be a good choice for handing any portion control over our food supply.

Not one Senator admitted that the only authority FDA was ever given, was labeling, and they refuse to do that unless it is financially profitable for the agency.

Not one Senator suggested or alluded to the fact that World Trade Organization demands, unlawful harmonization agreements, and unlawful trade agreements, were not only killing our economy, but destroying the ability of our nation to feed itself.  Every version of and every amendment to this act of aggression against the country, call for an adherence to these agreements and to WTO orders, and constitute an open act of aggression against the country perpetrated by non-US organizations and corporations, facilitated by our congress.

Update! Reid just announced that the vote has been moved to Monday evening the 29th, at 6:30PM. Lots of back room deals being struck! According to Reid’s statement…the American public desperately wants this bill passed.  How obtuse is this man???????