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Comment:  Apparently Harry Reid only talks to himself

In a quick announcement as the Senate convened, Harry Reid, Senate majority leader said that the vote on S.510 fake food safety bill would take place Monday evening, the 29th, at 6:30 PM, CST and that no voting would occur today.  According to Reid, all the dirty deals intended to criminalize and sell out American farmers and ranchers and our food supply, were still being worked on behind closed doors, although I believe he referred to them as amendments. 

Reid also made some idiotic statement about how the American people were desperate to get this bill passed and that it was the first modernization of the system in 100 years.  Neither statement has even a grain of truth in it.  But then, Reid has shown a consistent tendency to simply say whatever he feels is necessary to promote his cause, the facts be damned.  

Here’s some facts for ya Harry! 

The American public is desperate…..but not to let you hand agriculture over to multi-national corporations or to the whims of the World Trade Organization.  And, the last thing anyone in their right mind wants to see is an expansion of either the FDA or USDA.  Both agencies need to be shut down as both are a threat to the viability of the nation.  The American people are desperate to stop this bill dead in its tracks.  That is a FACT! 

At this moment, the switchboards in the Senate are jammed with calls from desperate Americans wanting this bill killed.  But you knew that.  You knew that because the fax machines backed up and the email servers are close to crashing as desperate Americans tried to reach their Senators to tell them to vote “NO!” on S.510. 

Reid’s statement that this is the first modernization of the food system in 100 years was also a blatant lie.  The last 100 years are littered with bill, after bill, after bill that twisted the law, and went on to create monstrous agencies such as USDA and FDA, which used the Federal Register to manipulate rules, violate rights and to assume power and authority they were never intended to have. And even with all this self granted and congressionally granted empowering, neither agency is competent or effective. Each and every one of these things breached Constitutional prohibitions and consistently violated individual and property rights. 

All of the unlawful and harmful entries into illegal trade agreements, which are NOT treaties, which affected our right to trade, to engage in business and regulated absolutely every corner of our economy including agriculture, revised the food regulation as part and parcel of the selling off of America. And you, and the rest of our congress and presidents from successive administrations, and multiple congresses, worked tirelessly to take every right from us that you could; to take every vestige of freedom and sovereignty from us.

The public is screaming “NO!” to S.510, Mr. Reid.  We know what this bill is about and it has nothing to do with the safety of our food system.  You can shut down the switchboards, shut off the fax machines, and refuse to accept email and throw those hand written letters in the trash and claim you never got any of them…..but we know you did.  

The calls are going out in several states now to begin recall campaigns against any Senator who votes to pass this bill.  Even if this cannot be accomplished, citizen grand jury’s should be convened to determine if charges of malfeasance of office, the abuse of power, and possible questions of treason would be better addressed in the courts.  There is no law that says a traitorous politican can’t be held accountable.