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This is a futuristic, fictional piece that seeks to bring forward a reality that could occur under  the provisions of S 510, and the potential downside of the rules yet to be written.  The citing’s either exist or have existed in previous forms of the bill.  Only you have the power to change it, time to go down the rabbit hole Alice. 


 Farming under S 510 

S 510 passed the lame duck session of Congress, and moved toward the promulgating of rules regarding various provisions.  The FDA, HHS, and HLS all drunk with new power moved quickly to garner their corporate comrades to the positions of power, to deliver a predetermined outcome.  Despite Coburn’s failed efforts having, through wilful intent or depraved indifference, failed to notice the massive assault on the due process rights, and freedom from illegal search and seizure.

  The Tester amendment was approved but only served to reinforce the territorial nature of the states and facilitate the erosion of sovereignty, as a move toward compliance with International standards..  Like the provisions passed in the 2008 Congress, H.R.2419 which amended the “Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act”. In the amendment “locally” and “regionally” are grouped together and are defined as:

‘‘(I) the locality or region in which the final product is marketed, so that the total distance that the product is transported is less than 400 miles from the origin of the product; or ‘‘(II) the State in which the product is produced.

  Done to usurp true local production with foreign, repackaged goods, as Local Harvest, admitted by USDA, produced under exclusive contracts to multinational corporations it became the Achilles heel for producers.

  Later that summer an outbreak occurred from product repackaged and sold as local at a small store.  FDA leaped into action and moved on the producers in the entire state who’s Governor had granted authority under the presumption that a recall would be conducted.  He would learn later the grant of authority was permanent and could not be repealed.  Raids were initiated, with information provided by various organizations and agencies, the state agencies had the roadmap needed to go from farm to farm and market to market.  Anyone who resisted was arrested by the Sherriff; those claiming the exclusion in the Tester amendment, were told their claims where unsubstantiated and would have to be resolved under the agencies protocol.  Those not jailed were subject to gag orders for ninety days, except for their attorney, and could not self represent under the provisions of the enabling act. 

  Things took a turn for the worst, the Secretary deemed reason to believe the disease could transfer to growing crops and livestock, massive statewide destruction ensued with no compensation.  A state of emergency was declared and homes were searched and pursuant to the Patriot Act and executive orders, anything over a ten day supply of food was seized.  With food stores gone, and production halted people were forced to leave their homes for relief in the larger cities abandoning land that had been worked for generations. 

  But a more ominous fate awaited them, the suburbanites in a fit of food prejudice insisted the refugees be removed, and so they were, to FEMA camps to join those who resisted. Then the ultimate parody occurred, the provision had been reinstated from the original draft of HR 2749 allowing government agencies to provide contaminated food to the public without disclosure, and the original product, seized in the raids that contained the pathogen, was fed to the internees.

  A Congressional Inquest was launched and two years later determined that the product had been contaminated by a toxin at a foreign country, and was further contaminated by saliva and urine applied by guest workers working in the repackaging plants.

  A gruesome tale, but every bit plausible under the auspices of the pending legislation, as corporations of all types seeking to devour the world in their greed, wait for the gift from congress contained in S.510, the fake food safety bill.