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A reply to a consumer organization’s email soliciting ‘friends’ to contact their representatives in Washington and ask them to support  S. 510, the Food “Safety” bill


You are either totally ignorant about the contents of S. 510, the food “safety” bill, or you are a shill.

 Effective April 1, 2011, the selling of vitamins and nutritional supplements without a prescription will officially become illegal in Europe. The framework for this travesty is called the Codex Alimentarius, Napoleonic-era gibberish and brainchild of the World “Health” Organization, that was instituted to make the natural and organic health supplements go away—a  three billion dollar a year competitive market that cuts into the profits of BigPharma’s prescription pill and vaccine factories. 

Codex is being brought to humanity by these same wonderful folk—the World Health Organization and ‘associates’—who attempted to orchestrate a swine flu “pandemic” for the globe after hyping it four years—how does anyone know a “pandemic” is coming four years out?—so vax manufacturers could pre-sell governments their “vaccines” so they could “. . .be ready when it started.”

Which it didn’t. Sort of, they tried to throw a pandemic but no one came to the shot party.  At least not nearly  enough to use all the vaccine the governments had paid for.  Then they tried giving it away.  Still not enough takers.

One shipment of the vaccine that was sent to a European lab was “inadvertently” contaminated with the virus that could have started the pandemic in Europe had not the lab checked it before distributing the vaccine.

Imagine that.

America’s Food “Safety” bill, S. 510, also makes illegal backyard vegetable and fruit gardens, as well as products grown by large, wholesale, organic producers for organic outlets such as Whole Foods. The organic food market is the fastest growing market in the food industry today.  It also cuts directly into the World Health/World Trade Organization’s scheme to control the world’s food through genetically modified seed and patents.

Are the players beginning to sound familiar?  They’re the same players that manufactured genetically modified cotton seed. Want to know how the people who’ve grown cotton and food organically for thousands of years fared with this genetically modified cotton?  Take a look:

 Farmers in India pay the ultimate price for their debt

 The good news is the Internet keeps the vaccine and artificial seed and food boys behind Washington’s curtain worried spitless; which is why they’re trying to ram the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) through congress. 

ACTA is an Internet “treaty” negotiated in secrecy among select nations to criminalize certain Internet activity [read: ACTA would allow these wonderful people to shut down Internet sites that are not in “compliance” with the new Internet “law. . .” Read: . . Plus the ones that are thorns in their side because under ACTA, everyone will be guilty of something.]

S. 510. makes growing organic food illegal. The bill was written for the U.S. congress by the World Health/World Trade Organization—established specifically to enrich BigAgra, BigPharma, and multi-national corporations like Monsanto. These organizations included Codex Alimentarius wording in gmo, their global world trade “treaty” which they required nations to sign if they wanted to be a part of their oligarchic World Trade Organization. They did this so they could control—by forcing the world to use only their patented, genetically modified (aka GM, GMO, or GE) seed—and profit enormously off the globe’s “food” and agriculture. Take a look at where the genetically modified boys are with their strategy..

Organic food grown from natural seeds need not apply.

GMO seeds and subsequent food tested independently on lab animals have been found to cause sterilization (hold this thought) as well as major organ and gene damage in mammals. Monsanto, the largest GM seed producer in the world, has block independent labs in the U.S. from testing (and publishing their findings in industry journals) test results on their seeds unless approved by Monsanto, citing patents. They’ve been feeding it to America and the world since the nineties; citing patents.  Critics correctly point out that GM foods haven’t been proven safe for humans.  

Independent European labs, however, have tested and published papers about the effects of GM food on mammals. It’s not pretty. One of the things they’ve found is that GMO food affects their reproduction as well as their organs.
Now think sterilization. The people pushing this stuff are the same people who tried to shove a “global warming” tax down humanity’s throat, saying human exhales and cow belches were contributing to “climate change” in our “. . . over-populated world.” They also rush tons of GM corn and grain to famine areas (to the poorest populations of the world; useless eaters as Kissinger once referred to them) in “humanitarian gestures,” yet are shocked when countries like Africa refuse to accept the GM “food” and Haiti farmers symbolically burned GM seeds that Monsanto sent to “help” them following the earthquake.

Did I mention Europe has banned GM seeds in the past and requires labeling of all GM food? Which America does not, though the organic food industry has organized and begun labeling foods as GMO Free in defiance of Washington and the FDA’s attempts to stonewall them. Meanwhile, WTO confederates in the Hague continue to try and force the EU to accept GM food.  (Gosh, wonder why?) That South America and Asian nations are working on bans and/or labeling? Or that a key person at the FDA used to be Monsanto’s lawyer and lobbyist? Or that the WHO and “charitable billionaire foundations”  benevolently pass out free vaccines to the “. . .useless eaters?”

Is this a world of opportunity or what?

S. 510, the so-called Food “Safety” bill, is America’s Codex Alimentarius.

It is being purposely pushed onto Americans and the rest of the world.
It is a travesty.

Copyright ©2010 by W. R. McAfee, Sr.