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“Had this bill been about food safety, it would have contained provisions to expand and support family farms and ranches; it would have encouraged the entry into, and support of next generation farmers and ranchers. Instead of shoving Agenda 21 mandates on us  that come with titles such as “Best Farming” Best Land Management” and other idiotic WTO platitudes that are anything but the best practices, this bill would have encouraged gathering of generational knowledge about the land, the animals, crops, harvesting, food storage and preparation”


Why is it, every time the jackasses in the District of Criminals have run some program into the ground, squandered massive amounts of dollars while letting corporations write bills that benefit them and rape and rob the states, they always come out and say; “the system is broken”.  “We’ve got to fix the system, it is broken”.  It’s an emergency!  We have to do something right now!  And that is all quickly followed by one phony “crisis” after another as they try to scare the public into believing the “crisis” just magically and mysteriously appeared.  That’s just how bad the system is broken!  Like the magic egg contamination that just somehow appeared the week before they pushed S.510 the fake food safety bill onto the floor of the Senate.  How damn handy was that?!  Never mind that FDA knew about that way back last March when it was initially detected in Oregon.  A contamination that was allowed to reach epic proportions so that it could be used to scare you into thinking the only thing that could have saved us from these terrorist eggs….was S.510.  

The battle over S.510, The Fake Food Safety bill is not over.  At stake are the severely reduced numbers of family and independent farmers and ranchers who have historically been the backbone of our economy and who produced the safest and most abundant food supply in the world.  If the intent of S.510 was to preserve and protect our agricultural sector, I would support it.  The fact is, it is intended to industrialize agriculture and centralize it in the hands of multi-national corporations.  While USDA and FDA and Homeland Security and a host of other privately owned government corporations, harp about the centralization of the food supply and how this must be avoided, the truth is, they are intending to do just that. 

If this fake food safety bill had actually been written to deal with food safety in the US, it would have been centered on several key issues, none of which are addressed in the bill, and would not be focused on how to criminalize the ownership and control of agricultural property and the products derived from it for family and independent producers here in the US. 

Now then, wouldn’t you have thought that if food safety and the security of the food supply was the true agenda in S.510, there  would have been a concerted effort to restore and replenish back up supplies for the people of the US if this bill truly was about food safety and security?  And who in their right mind, knowing that we have no reserves, throws the door open to exports and encourages the exporting of food products and supplies as preferential to securing the supply here at home? 

What was absent from the bill was any concern for the people of the US as what was conspicuously absent from the bill was any protection of family and independent producers.  In the year 2000, we had more than 8 million farms and ranches and now we have less than 2 million.  Instead of writing a bill that encouraged the re-establishment of our rural communities in support of our family farmers and ranchers, we have a bill that will drive more of them out of business.  The full intent and focus of S.510, the fake food safety bill is centered around trade and exports.  These two things are the crux of the bill. 

This is not and never was about food safety. 

Instead of a bill that encouraged next generation entry into agriculture, we have a bill that is constructed to prevent that very thing from happening; 

S.510 calls for a $500 per year “registration” fee, for those who engage in agriculture.   This registration and accompanying fee come as a result of converting what was your right (to freely engage in trade and conduct lawful business) into a “pay us for the “privilege” for doing what was previously your inalienable right.  

Once Premises ID is applied to property, it can never, ever be removed from the property.  Anyone can register any property at any time; it doesn’t even have to be their property.  With this in mind, we feel it would be in everyone’s best interest to call in and register the property of your legislators.  Also your governor and all state officials whose address you can locate.  Maybe once their property is permanently and eternally encumbered, they might possibly rethink this plan.

This fee is also a tax.  The intent of S.510 is to tax domestic producers, while allowing those countries who import into the US to continue to do so duty free.  China will be allowed to continue to dump shiploads of contaminated products  into US markets, to be co-mingled with the domestic supply, and they will not be penalized, punished or have their imports refused as a result.  

Had this bill been about food safety, it would have contained provisions to expand and support family farms and ranches; it would have encouraged the entry into, and support of next generation farmers and ranchers. Instead of shoving Agenda 21 mandates on us  that come with titles such as “Best Farming” Best Land Management” and other idiotic WTO platitudes that are anything but the best practices, this bill would have encouraged gathering of generational knowledge about the land, the animals, crops, harvesting, food storage and preparation; knowledge gained through centuries of hands on experience and practiced by families and individuals who know through experience how to manage their land and how to produce safe and nutritious food.

It is exactly this knowledge that S.510 along with Codex Alimentarius, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations wants to wipe out and replace with “Best Practices”.

Best practices is nothing more than a reduction of standards and regulations to facilitate and ease the ability of multi-national corporations to gain entry into agriculture and to profit from that entry…even if you starve to death as a result. 

If food safety was the focus of s.510 it would have been strengthening independent agriculture to secure the US food supply and would have severely limited imports. There is no justifiable or rational reason for the US to be importing anything other than what cannot be grown here, such as various tropical fruits.  The idea that we are allowing multiple countries, under the cover and protection of unlawful trade agreements, to dump massive amounts of substandard products into our food supply, uninspected and duty free, is outrageous. 

Food safety or Food theft?

There is nothing in S.510 which could conceivably secure or make safe, the US food supply.  Much of the current version of the bill is nothing more than a reiteration of HACCP, the self-inspection coup that allows corporate producers to inspect themselves and report their results.  It comes as no surprise that they come up virtually clean with every report.  Part of the bill deals with whether or how to implement Codex Alimentarius and ends with the admonition that nothing in the bill can conflict with or obstruct WTO demands or any of the illegal trade agreements entered into over the last twenty years or more. 

Absolutely nothing in S.510 criminalizes or penalizes countries such as China whose laundry list of contaminated food imports reads like the diary of a mad scientist.  In fact, even those countries who import into the US will be allowed to self inspect routinely, and a USDA health inspector would only be allowed access once a year. I don’t suppose USDA would be planning any of their swat team raids on Chinese food producers; they’re saving that for US family and independent producers. And they won’t need any real evidence of any wrongdoing, or problems…..they just need a “reasonable belief”.  Based on what?  The fact that you aren’t a multi-national corporation throwing wads of money at them?

The intent of S.510 is to create an untenable situation for non-corporate producers, saddling them with onerous regulations, requirements, rules, regulations and a complete loss of property rights.   This loss would be accomplished by forcing a mandatory Premises ID program; known to be the conveyance of title and control of personally held property, to the USDA as a trust.  Landowners would be converted to trustees and subject to mandatory guidelines forcing the use of pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides and other toxic chemicals on a scheduled basis; most times these mandatory guidelines for pharmaceuticals have no other purpose than profit. 

After spending weeks with a working group taking the bill apart line by line, backtracking all the changes to code & title, all the redefinitions of terms and words and then tracking down what groups, organizations, and corporations were backing the bill with major amounts of campaign donations to the bills sponsors, it didn’t take a long to deduce that this bill, was in fact, intended to end anything but industrialized corporate agriculture.  All of the contrived statements by politicians to the effect that our food system is “broken”, fail to address the actual reasons it might be in need of repair.  The bill is targeted on domestic family and independent producers as though they were the sole cause of food borne illness, when in fact, they know this is seldom if ever the case.

Then, while carefully avoiding any mention of the horrendous negligence of USDA in its failure to inspect food shipments coming into the country and its failure to even inspect with any regularity domestic corporate processors notorious for being the point from which food contamination most often occurs, proceed to promote the idea that USDA, FDA, HSD, HHS, and whoever else is getting a piece of the pie, should be free from those pesky restrictions such as inalienable rights, or Constitutional protections.

One of the original bills to come out attempting to seize food production and supply was of course HR 875, authored by Rosa DeLauro.  HR 875 called for the creation of a new behemoth agency that would be fully empowered with police state authority, would have prohibited judicial review of any actions taken against domestic farmers and ranchers.  

I find it less than coincidental that Senator Durbin, in his dramatic speech on the floor of the Senate, proposed to Senator Coborn, who objected to S.510, that maybe what was needed was just one big agency to cover everything. Wonder where he came up with that idea?  Just a notion; top of his head suggestion. 

That “one big agency” thing is what they intended to do all along.  This will be the equivalence of Homeland Security for food production.  If that doesn’t give you nightmares, I don’t know what else would.

Fully half of S.510 deals with enforcement; but not for corporations.  This is the laundry list of crimes, fines, penalties, and licensing fees and includes provision for imprisonment…no judicial review of course.  A royalty fee called for under registration will cost each producer a minimum of $500 per year.  This registration is actually your application to enter into the contract with the state as your right to use and enjoy your land in the pursuit of farming or ranching, is converted into a privilege that may be enjoyed only if and when you apply and pay the extortive licensing fee.  Enforcement has nothing to do with food safety, but everything to do with generating revenue for what is, in reality, a privately owned corporation operating under fraud and presenting itself as a public service agency.

Lest you believe the tenets of S.510 are written in stone, the Secretary or Administrator or whatever bogus office or titled person that have their fingers in this pot, are charged with writing the rules and regulations “after the fact”.  In fact, they have a year to decide who they will target, how they will target them.    

This bill is an act of treason against the people of the United States and those who put their names on it as sponsors or authors should be tried and prosecuted for this act of aggression against the states of the Union.

The food production and supply system is broken and the only thing that will fix it is getting the Federal government and all its police state agencies and their corporate buddies out of it.