Dan Martin


This is the text of a letter to my Senators regarding S.510:

Senate S. 510 has nothing to do with keeping food safe:

· passage of this onerous legislation, which began at 50 pages and now exceeds 200 pages, will burden farmers and small food producers with FDA inspections and hefty fees and fines – even though food contamination scares have originated from large industrial processors,

· several requirements duplicate and override what is already done at the state level,

· Congress’s constitutional authority is limited to interstate commerce, yet no distinction is made between producers who distribute food in interstate commerce and those who do not,

· furthermore, I take offense at the practice of titling proposed legislation in a way that, at best, obscures its true intent and purposes and, at worst, misstates it altogether – a practice documented for us by George Orwell, honed by the Communists in the Soviet Union, and perfected in recent years by the U.S. Congress.

Lastly, there is no evidence Congress or the Administration actually believe unsafe food is a serious or urgent threat to public health. If it was, you could have made the case to the American people a year ago and passed a bill. Instead, you set aside the issue entirely to focus on long-term issues like climate change and healthcare, both of which will take several years to implement.

I insist that this legislation be scrapped. Any food safety bill you do pass should address what actually went wrong at large, corporate-owned processing plants. Do not punish small farmers and small businesses.