Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


Ok!  We’ve gone from blue to red. What an event! Why! It is positively historic!  It’s a mandate! A landslide! A big steaming crock of BS the likes of which we will probably never see again….at least until 2012.   What is it all you sheeple out there think you changed?  Now we will effectively convert from a full headlong rush into socialism, to a full body tackle of corporate fascism. Yippee! Instead of dirty backroom deals perpetrated by the Democrats, we will now have even bigger dirtier deals perpetrated by the Republicans.  The K-Street parasites have a raft of new-found friends and bags of corporate money to pass around and the wholesale sell-off and sell-out of America and her people will go on as if nothing happened; and actually nothing did.  We just changed who gets to mug for the camera first; who gets to stare into the camera with all the fake honesty and sincerity they can muster and tell us another big fat lie.  I could just cry with joy…..wonder if Glenn Beck has any Vicks left over? 

This election has seen Sarah Palin morph from being former governor of Alaska, to “Christian Woman!”; able to leap across tall stacks of bibles as she pretends she knows what words with more than three letters mean!  Although she has no idea what is in the Constitution, she can say that great big word! TaDA!  She doesn’t know anything but she doesn’t have to.  She is really pretty and she is now “Christian woman!” and they pay her big bunches of money to show up at meetings and recite the big words someone told her to say.

John Boehner, now the top Corporate Guard in the “House that Corporations Built”, was absolutely beside himself at the prospect of all that corporate money coming his way, er…I mean, at being “Speaker of the Guard”.  While reciting the obligatory “we’re going to repeal Obamacare” line, Mr. B slipped up and said “We’re going to repeal or replace Obamacare”.  Uh!Oh! Scooby.  Now we re really going to get the rails put to us.  Replace it with what? 

Knowing the Republican faction’s love for ignoring the Constitution, individual rights and their corporate pandering which they lovingly refer to as “free trade”, I think we can all safely assume we are about to get the reaming of our lives.  It will all be for “national security and keeping us safe” cause, gosh darn it, those Republicans are really tough on that scary stuff. And, if keeping us safe means passing bills to extort the public on behalf of insurance and big pharma….Mr. B’s the guy to do it! 

Over on the left side of the fictional isle in the House that Corporations Built, Nancy Pelosi is probably stunned at being dethroned.  We can’t tell if she is or not because botox has made her appear stunned and frightened anyway for a few years now.  She’s still holding court even as she becomes outgoing royalty in the District of Criminals.  

Harry Reid managed to hang on to the Senate; basically just the guest house for visiting corporate royalty.  I still have visions of Hannibal Lechter every time I see him speak.  Sharon Angle, had she not been such a freaking nutcase, most likely could have beat him.  The fact that she came so close while acting so fruity should have been a heads up for Reid; the people of Nevada in large part would rather have a fruitcake than him.  That’s not a good sign, Harry. 

In the end, with the changing from blue states to red states (are we going to have to pay for new uniforms for the Guard?) the only things that will change are the plans on how we get to where they have all decided we are going to go. Which is most likely over a cliff into a deeper hell.  While Obamacare may have been the stuff of Big Brother nightmares, the Republican replacement will be more along the lines of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre as corporations rip through what is left of any economic viability we have on their way to scaring us to death. 

I don’t know why we bother to even vote.  We were unable to route out the most virulent career politicians on either side and now we got a whole new crop of trainees who will emerge from this experience skilled in the fine art of selling the favors of their office while waving the Bible and claiming God told them to do it. 

Personally, I think we should just go head and install slot machines and card tables in the House and call it the Grand Corporate Casino in the District of Criminals.  We could turn the Senate into a private club and hotel for visiting corporate royalty.  Wait….I think we already did that.  We’re halfway there! 

This election was not about Obama, and it was not a mandate for Republicans.  It was however, a clear statement on the gullibility and absolute ignorance of the general population, most of whom operate from a position of blissful ignorance as they allow themselves to be emotionally co-opted for political purpose. 

While you cranked yourself up over gay marriage, abortion, and other personal issues, the District of Criminals continued their plans to:

  • end family and independent agriculture in favor of multi-national bio-pirates.
  • The plans to force Codex Alimentarius on to the states is moving ahead.
  • To seize ownership of all water and water rights under the CLEAR Act
  • Cap & Trade is already in place and administered by the EPA
  • The internet is still on track to be severely limited
  • The unwarranted spying on and surveillance of, American citizens increases each day
  • The BLM continues its unlawful round-up and slaughter of our wild horse
  • Salazar moves ahead with his plans to industrialize our public lands in the western states, destroying the environment, contaminating the water and leaving devastation in its wake.
  • Not one state will entertain the notion of charging the Attorney General, Eric Holder, with failure to perform his duties as prescribed under Title 8, USC……the defense of the border especially in the event of an influx of illegal immigrants. 

This is the short list.  These were things you should have been paying attention to.  You voted out of hatred, ignorance, bias, in some cases from a racist standpoint.  You voted for a fictional “party” which doesn’t exist.  You voted to keep the same core group of thugs, thieves, liars, philanderers, corporate puppets, and career criminals in office.  You had the opportunity to change the status quo, and instead chose to re-install the worst of them.  Instead of learning the issues, what was facing the country if we didn’t stand up and fight back, you listened to charlatans of all stripes selling their wares, and you bought it.

Now.  Here we are.  The corporate raping and plundering of America is about to go into over-drive.  By 2012, there will be little left of America as the long term plans, spanning the last 50 years or more, come to full force.  Whether it was Democrats and Socialism, or Republicans and fascism, the end result is nothing short of the loss of our nation.