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Vote Republican!  No!  Vote Democrat! …How  many times do we have to get taken to the cleaners before we realize its all a joke?


Well!  Here we go again!  The Republican faction of the one party system that has a death grip on the District of Criminals, is poised to take control again. It’s gonna be a bloodbath as the Republicans sweep back into power to save the day!  

What does that mean to you and me?

If you believe the phony hype……. We’re gonna take back our government!  Pull Obamacare out by the roots!  Why! We’re going to reduce the size of government and stop all this spending!  We’re gonna have government for the people!  Not corporations! 

And not one bit of this is about to happen.  

We can expect more bible waving, invoking the name of God, quoting scripture to make the evil deeds about to befall us sound like they were sanctioned by God, and faux patriotism all wrapped up in a neat little package called “fascism”!

So desperate is the Republican faction to stand guard for their corporate benefactors that another effort to resurrect Newt (I can’t help it, I’m a philanderer) Gingrich was attempted.  Newty, has apparently lost most of his appeal with the voters. Even after his third marriage (or was it fourth? I can’t keep track) and his subsequent book about how he “rediscovered God” (I had no idea he was missing) the resurrection of Newt was met with less enthusiasm than was hoped for.  Trot out the bimbo’s and the buffoons.


Fascism, socialism…whatever, you won’t hear a word about the real issues from any one of them. Two different sales pitches for the same product; loss of liberty, corporate control of our government and an expansion of the global plantation.  Yippee! I’m excited! I can’t wait!

It is unfortunate that this election, regardless of how it turns out, will produce nothing but more of the same as the one party system in the District of Criminals rolls on.  Any newcomers in the House or Senate will be quickly indoctrinated into the system and either they will play the game as instructed, or their plane will fall out of the sky, or some other unbelievable event will occur in their lives that will prohibit them from any further congressional activity. 

I did not believe it was possible that after the hyper-paranoid voting that has taken place since 2000, covering two presidencies, the changing of the Corporate Guard in the House and Senate, that anyone in their right mind, any one who had paid any attention at all to politics in the last ten years would be getting excited about the coming mid-term election. I find it absolutely stunning that great numbers of potential voters either believe they will successfully change the Guard and thereby effect an actual change, or that by re-installing the same corporate hiney huggers on either side of the fictional “isle”, will somehow bring a bright and glorious new future to the country.  But here we are.  


The Tea Party movement which initially started out as an across the board political movement of disgusted and angry dissenters of all kinds, was first ridiculed by those on the fake left, and condemned by the fake right.  That didn’t work well at all and the movement grew in spite of the tactless pornographic description applied to it, intended to marginalize the movement, by the fakers on the left.  When the top jokers’ on the right realized they had no control over the movement, which was growing larger each day, they of course attached themselves to it, in the hopes of reviving the Republican faction of the one-party system.  (Remember, Newty couldn’t do it) Bring on the bimbo’s and buffoons!

With the election just three days away, any hopes I may have had for any real change have been lost.  The Tea Party, the movement which could have realized a functional change in government has been co-opted by buffoons such as Glenn Beck and his jars of Vick’s, fuzzy math and twisted up version of historical events. 

Sarah Palin, a woman who couldn’t be more vacuous if “Hoover” was stamped on her forehead continues her public appearances attempting to paint herself as “down home, grass roots..just a hockey mom!;  with a phony accent and a woman who has not a clue what the words coming out of her mouth mean. But she looks good! And she claims to be a churchianity nut, and that drew the fringe elements in and helped convert the Tea Party movement into a mockery.  In the interim, the Republican party, proper, did everything but dance naked on TV to tie themselves to the Tea Party in an effort to capture that voting block.


On  the left side of the fictional divide, is Nancy Pelosi, a woman whose overly articulated diction is only slightly less irritating than her disregard for the Constitution. It is apparent that Ms. Pelosi suffers from the same disease that afflicts the wives of many Evangelical preachers; garish make-up and positively frightening wardrobe selections add to this caricature of what is supposed to be a woman.  All that is missing is a prayer hanky to dab at her eyes as she waxes emotional over some issue near and dear to her heart……like how to wrench money out of people who can’t find a job, or, where is her lipstick?

Harry Reid of the Senate, reminds me of Hannibal Lector.  Well spoken, calm, mild mannered and totally lethal.  The ability to present offensive legislation meant to destroy any semblance of a people’s government with the precision of an industrial grade scalpel, somehow leaves me feeling a little sickened. 

From  MSM (for morons) we got a barrage of right vs left commentary, delivered with as much sincerity and honesty as could be mustered in the corporate media.  The CIA’s Operation Mockingbird was in hyper-drive as they cleaned and gleaned the “news”, making sure nothing of any substance was delivered via the airwaves.  What might have been news was watered down and failed to deliver anything of substance to the viewers. 

MSM (for morons) on the left gave us Ed Shcultz, a commentator I truly had high hopes for, but who, eventually got around to just parroting party talking points.  Rachel Maddow, who I stopped tuning in to when she began mocking people who didn’t want industrial waste added to their drinking water even if it did come labeled “fluoride”. Apparently Ms. Maddow is not aware that this is not the fluoride used in your dentist’s office and this waste added to water is a very different and toxic thing. The latter can cause cancer and brain damage.  I know there must be others, but I don’t watch any of them. 

I will admit that if I’m really in the dumps and want a laugh, I do tune in to Glenn Beck but I can’t make it more than a few minutes and I have to shut it off.  I suffer from an impulse to send him huge jars of Vicks.  

But here we are poised on the verge of yet another election that has been termed “ the most important election in your lifetime”…they all are…and we get to choose between socialism which produces a class of elites and reduces the rest of us to cannon fodder, or, fascism, which produces the same thing and gives the same result. 

Fakers to the left of me, jokers on the right…… I am, stuck in the middle with nothing to choose.


CIA Disinformation in Action Operation Mockingbird and the Washington Post

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