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What Sesame Street Could Teach a Judge In ATF Murder Trial.



Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

In 2008 ATF Special Agent William Clark shot and killed a man.

The DOJ says he’s a hero, a Representative wrote him up a fancy resolution of hero-ness-ness and there was a rally last week with ATF biggies showing their support.

The U.S. Virgin Islands judicial system charged him with second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and using a dangerous weapon.

The question was posed, and apparently resolved, on the Constitutionality of the Trial

The Prosecution shows that the female (threatened or not) involved in the situation was safely in a running car with Clark:

“Yes, he was drunk. The evidence will show there were many options available to deal with the situation. To shoot Marcus or to even show the gun was uncalled for,” Walker said. “The defendant is in his car with the ability to drive off or back away, but he intentionally uses unreasonable force. I submit to you that when you get this case, you’ll find the defendant guilty of murder. No one is above the law in the Virgin Islands, no matter who you are,” Walker said.

An eyewitness, in fact a Security Guard at the complex, testified on Wednesday that:


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