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October 20, 2010 R.T.

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch

Judge to Render Ruling Tomorrow, Oct 21, 2010

Today, lead counsel Bruce Wagman, of the Schiff Hardin law firm, reported that the TRO hearing for the Habitat for Horses, ASPCA, Cloud Foundation, Toni and Dr. Don Moore suit against the BLM for rounding up wild horses in the Colorado North Piceance area has netted several positive results for both the horses and the American public.

“Of primary importance is the issue of venue has been ruled upon”, stated Wagman, “In the eyes of the court the ASPCA does have standing with these horses and the case will remain in New York”.  Last week the BLM attempted to persuade the court to move the case to a more BLM “friendly” western state or to Washington D.C. This request has now been withdrawn by the federal government.

Wagman went on to report that the court also found that plaintiff Dr. Don Moore has suffered irreparable harm by removing said horses who he has personally known for decades.  The BLM stated that Dr. Moore could just go elsewhere to see wild horses and the court agreed that such an option was not suitable or appropriate.

Still remaining to be decided is the main point of law, argued by the plaintiffs, that the BLM has not proven that the horses are indeed “excess”.  The law suit states that the BLM is in violation of the Data Quality Act and does not use contemporary and updated information in deciding how many horses should be removed from public lands and which herds should actually be “zeroed” out.

The judge intends to make his ruling, tomorrow, October 21st 2010.  If in favor of the horses the captured equines will be returned to the range and the helicopter stampede will be concluded.  If not, the BLM will continue to conduct their ill conceived stampede and additional wild horses will be added to the 40,000+ confined animals that the BLM holds in concentration camps across the U.S..