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Most of us have heard the military’s term “full spectrum dominance.” We have heard it defined, basically, as “a military concept whereby a joint military structure achieves control over all elements of the battlespace using land, air, maritime and space based assets.” However, those in the military are rarely poetic and are not given to using metaphors, as a rule. They are very blunt, very direct. Given that, could it be the use of the word spectrum is more literal?

Dept. of Defense 
The electromagnetic spectrum “is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation,” according to Wikipedia. I submit that it is this quite literal spectrum the Department of Defense is referring to.

The reason I believe this to be the case is because the global dominance of land, air, sea and space isn’t enough for full control of the world, which is, of course, the real objective referred to by the term “full spectrum dominance.” But, that control, in order to be absolute, must also – must especially – include the full control of the electromagnetic spectrum and all that is affected by it.

If this is correct, then it follows that our brains, which are electro-chemical, are included in that “full spectrum dominance,” for, without total control of our minds, as well as the environment in which we live, there would always be the possibility of the overthrow of the coming world government, if not its prevention, in the first place.

To that end, the military-intelligence establish has been working, for decades, on electromagnetic mind control of the entire population. This has been and is being delivered via television, radio, and quite probably HAARP and the GWEN network, using cell phone towers, as well as by possible other means.
Of course, control of the population, at large, is the main objective, but there is a subset to that objective, and that is control of our own military, as well. This is where the use of electromagnetic mind control helmets, proposed jointly by the CIA and the DOD, comes into play. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has called for the installation of “transcranial ultrasonic mind control devices” in soldiers’ helmets.

Though these devices have been billed by the media as being a means to allow “soldiers to manipulate brain functions to boost alertness, relieve stress, or even reduce the effects of traumatic brain injury,” the prospect is great that it could also be used in conjunction with yet another DOD mind control tool, Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS), or “silent sound,” for short. Since Silent Sound is, essentially, ultrasonic (above the range of human hearing), it could fit right in with a transcranial ultrasonic mind control device. The digitally stored “emotion clusters” used in SSSS would be fed directly into the brain along with the ultrasound.

Since any human emotions can be implanted directly into the brain, where they will become the emotional state of the person receiving them, any emotion or range of emotions can be implanted into soldiers’ minds and they will experience these emotional states without knowing they are being manipulated. Thus, a state of calm or a feeling of invincibility can be implanted in the minds of soldiers committing the most heinous atrocities, thus defusing any normal reactions to such horrific events. It would, in a very real sense, create the same mental state that exists in a psychotic serial killer, who feels no remorse or compassion for his victims. Such a mental state would be useful in conducting a genocidal war against innocents for imperial conquest, and it would be just as useful for turning our military against American citizens, in the event of martial law.