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Will someone please shut off the lights and close the  door on Wisconsin?  If their legislators aren’t trying to figure out ways to harass and torment the agricultural sector, Herb Kohl keeps them busy trying to find ways to sell the whole state off to corporations.  Now comes this:

 Rep. Tammy Baldwin, believes that children should declare their sexual orientation if they access public education, or any of the vaccination programs or other activites provided by “public education”.  All of those programs on vaccines alone are enough to pull your kids out of public schools.  It is no one’s business what the sexual orientation of another person is, was or might be.  It is surely none of the school’s business.  School is for education, not for singling out those who might be different.  Maybe if we concentrated on actually educating the children rather than poking our government noses into something we have no business in, we might get kids graduating who could actually make change for a dollar and read beyond a 5th grade level! 

Yes! Ms. Baldwin, by all means.  Let us stigmatize any child who presents in a public education setting, where bullying is the accepted norm; where any child who isn’t wearing designer clothes, isn’t on the sports teams, isn’t in the social cliques…..let us make them declare their sexual orentation if they even have any idea of what that might be or mean.  And of course this declaration would be on their permanent record, to follow them wherever they go through life!  This bill would assure that any child who made any declaration other than “I’m straight as an arrow!” would never be mainstreamed!  What the hell are you thinking?

Yes Ms. Baldwin, this is simply data collection, more commonly referred to as  data-mining.  This information would be stored and accessed in the future by potential employers, insurers, the military, and any other organization, business or government entity, and the medical and pharmaceutical industry for purposes none of us would want to be subjected to; all for a fee of course. 

Just so we are clear:  Your state is involved actively in an all out assault on your farmers and ranchers in an effort to drive family and independent farmers and ranchers out of business with a focus on making dairy farming non-existent unless performed by some huge industrialized corporate operation……and while this goes on, and while your courts abrogate the rights of individual property owners; and DATCP acts under the color of law against private property holders and conducts unlawful trespass, seizes private property without warrant or due process and creates one situation after another that could be answerable under a constitutional tort, or tortious interference for economic benefit…….

…and you sit in Washington DC with so much time on your hands with nothing worthwhile to do but to come up some ludicrous and asinine piece of legislation as HR 6109? 

Just for the record Ms. Baldwin:  Its none of your damn business what my sexual orientation is, what my gender identification is or anything else of that nature, and I can guarantee you that neither my children nor my grand children will will give you this information either. 

You need to get a job, you have far too much idle time on your hands.


Here is an official copy of HR 6109

Last week, the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee passed a bill that would require health officials to question all individuals, including children, as to their sexual orientation and their “gender identity.”  Anyone using a program or service from a community health center connected to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will be asked to declare whether or not they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), the first openly-declared lesbian elected to Congress, introduced H. R. 6109 and insists “this bill is about collecting data, no more, no less.”  Baldwin adds that the current “lack of cultural competency” among federal officials means that “we are left with gaping holes in our knowledge on LGBT policy” resulting in “significant health disparities.”

This new bill would impact all HHS health service programs, including those that focus on children via government-funded school health clinics.  If your children show up to get a vaccination or an eye-exam, for example, they will be asked about their “sexual orientation” or their “gender identity”—and their answer will be recorded.  We agree with Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) who sits on the committee:  “For the life of me I do not see any reason at all to do this bill… While I assume most adults understand know what that is, it is inconceivable that a child in a program would even know what some of the terms mean.”