Letting Homes Burn In Tennessee – An Ongoing Problem.

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Apparently “letting homes burn”is “old news” in Obion as the Fire Department stood by in ’08 and let another families life be destroyed.  Thankfully neighbors on either side sprayed the mafia-style “fee protected” homes with garden hoses while they waited 40 minutes for the Department to show up: More

America’s Enemies: The Department of Justice?


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Some of the people and organizations working to destroy our liberty and national sovereignty.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Department of Justice

The report of the Department of Justice mentioned by Sally O’Boyle in her letter (see previous post on SPLC) has certainly earned the Department a place among America’s Enemies. There is so much drivel in this publication that to try to analyze and comment on the whole thing would take a small book. I’ve just taken some excerpts to illustrate my contentions regarding the DoJ and its report. For the most part, I’ve just dealt with the domestic end of it, leaving out the Middle East groups cited. Most of my comments are totally serious, but a few I may have made with tongue partially inserted in cheek because the whole report is so absurd. More

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