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It is of note here, that not one state level legislator in any state, not one governor has stood up to defend their states from this unlawful forfeiture to a foreign government or entity such as the United Nations; of the property rights of the individuals in their state, or to move to nullify any such forfeiture to the United Nations or the Federal government.  Not one.


The issue of water, your rights to it as a human necessity for life, are on the verge of being crippled critically and of course our own government and congress are leading the charge; The CLEAR Act (HR 3534) and the SPILL Act (H.R, 5503) are the theft and seizure of all sources of water from the states and from individuals.  Property rights with associated water rights are about to become a thing of the past as our own elected officials, both Democrat and Republican, move ahead with the plans to claim water from any source whatsoever, as owned by the Federal government and controlled for “global revenue” purposes by the United Nations.    

I find it not coincidental that as these two bills come forward, the United Nations declared water a human right in July 10 of 2010.  This declaration and the notion of the United nations that they have the right to seize the assets of one country and hand them over to another…for profit of course…..comes just in time for the Gulf gusher and these bills;  This after multiple refusals to make a clear declaration of water as a “human right” over many years. 

Then just ten days later:

And just in time for the gusher in the Gulf, these rights robbing bills and the forfeiture of natural resources and water to the UN…..Obama signs EO 13547 Establishing the National Oceans Council on July 20, 2010.  See how that all works? 

The Consolidated Land, Energy and Aquatic resources Act forfeits the right to own and control the water resources in any form, including our coastal waters, Great Lakes and inland rivers and streams.  The rights to ownership and control will be handed to the United Nations (sect 106) as the minerals management agency is abolished and three new agencies created. Along with this theft will be the revenues from leasing and drilling  permits, royalties from drilling for gas and oil as all permits would now be issued solely by the federal government, depriving states of their natural resources and their rights to them and diverting the revenue from those resources to the United Nations for a “global purpose”.  The devastation of the economies in thirty states as a result of this theft seems not to be of concern. 

While these bills have been promoted with as much fluff and hype as could be generated for public consumption, and while they make them sound as if the only way they can protect us, the environment and our water is to pass these massive land, water and rights grabs, the truth is, this is simply the divvying up of resources and assets owned by the states and their people.  Just as with the Patriot Acts and other rights robbing legislation, a crisis is being used to advance an already planned agenda meant to deprive us not only of our individual rights, but also, to deprive us of our property.

The US will be divided up into nine regions to be controlled by the United Nations: this forfeiture of land and associated rights; a clear act of treason against the people of these United States; perpetrated by our own congress. 

The US Coast Guard, once a civil service organization, was converted into a military branch in 2007 and put under control of Homeland Security in advance of this planned theft of water rights, and will now act as “national police” able to perform their newly acquired duties not only on the water, but also on land.  They may now act as some perverse form of law enforcement and issues tickets and citations not only on the waters they patrol, but also on land.  At their sole discretion they may now haul you into a military tribunal or into an administrative court should you violate what is now an infraction of the newly devised corporate code & statute created for just this purpose.

It is of note here, that not one state level legislator in any state, not one governor has stood up to defend their states from this unlawful forfeiture to a foreign government or entity such as the United Nations; of the property rights of the individuals in their state, or to move to nullify any such forfeiture to the United Nations or the Federal government.  Not one

Both the CLEAR Act and The SPILL Act will formalize the “Law of the Sea Treaty” (LOST); a treaty which has been hanging in limbo for many years, probably as a result of government knowing that as a legitimate Constitutional style treaty, it would require a 2/3 vote of the states for ratification to become law; a vote most unlikely to ever see the treaty ratified.  So, we move to plan B, wait (or create) for a big huge disaster like say…the BP oil gusher in the Gulf, and claim that unless we pass these Acts the government can’t keep us safe from these things ever happening again.  And it is simply amazing the number of people out there who think passing a law, consigning our water rights and ownership to the UN will somehow prevent environmental disasters like the BP Gulf Oil Gusher from happening.  (This is the same irrational method used to pass the Patriot Acts and many other rights robbing Acts claiming passage of these bills would somehow prevent another attack)

A note from one of our readers regarding the CLEAR/SPILL Acts:

“This means Congress will no longer be needed to vote on any treaty;

  • the U.N. will take care of everything.
  • It also means that the American shipping and fishing industries will have to pay royalties to the United Nations in order to conduct business in their own country!
  • All air space above the oceans, what operates in, through, on or is derived from underneath the water, will be subject to taxes as a world resource to the United Nations (Agenda 21).
  • These areas will no longer be owned and managed solely by the United States, as they are newly defined as a global revenue, “social justice” source per the Law of the Sea Treaty.
  • The true intent of the CLEAR Act and its associated documents and amendments will,  
  • change the way America does business with regard to its’ land, oceans, coastal areas,
  • adjacent land masses and Great Lakes.
  • The bill possesses a cap and trade/climate change component, as well.
  • The CLEAR Act repeals the Energy Policy Act of 2005 by removing royalty incentives for natural gas production from deep wells in shallow Gulf waters
  • Removes royalty relief for deep-water production and directs the Secretary of the Interior to establish fees for leases with less than commercial quantities,
  • resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs (
  • This globalist bill is designed to give away America’s sovereignty to an international body,
  • and makes the tax payers and private businesses pay $900 million per year until 2040 in order to create three new bureaucracies:
  • The Bureau of Energy and Resource Management,
  • Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement and
  • the Office of Natural Resources Revenue,
  • plus all the inspectors and accountants that accompany them.

While our congress moves ahead with clearly treasonous legislation it has simultaneously and unlawfully empowered the Bureau of Land Management, a privately owned corporation operating under fraud as a “public service” agency, to seize an additional 13 million acres of land from the Western states.  This land theft also includes the theft of water from aquifers, lakes, streams and natural pond collections from not only the states themselves, but also from property owners.  Vested water rights associated with land and senior water rights are being struck down, just as grazing permits are being rescinded as the BLM issues huge numbers of mining permits requiring massive amounts of water to operate, and contracts out the available water to corporations who then pipe it into other areas for profit, and away from the areas already known to be in short supply of clean, potable water.  This is some of the “industrialization of public lands” Ken Salazar crowed about; a plan which has seen most available water contaminated in almost every Western state as the result of mining and gas and oil drilling.   

Now lest some of you think this is those “lefties” and that somehow those on the fictional “right” are against any of this…think again.  The framework for every bit of this was laid during the Bush Administrations just as the framework for the national healthcare debacle was planned far in advance and facilitated by executive orders, and little known or publicized changes to code and statute on the Federal Register by the agencies now ceded control of our healthcare.  Think back to the Patriot Act……landing on the floor of the House and Senate simultaneously just days after 9/11; already written, ready to go and the agencies and agents already in place, the code & statute already altered, redefined and changed and operative……. before the vote was ever taken. 

I can view the BP OIL Gusher as only the 9/11 event for water; precipitating and supposedly justifying the theft of our water and rights to it.


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