BY:  ©Laurel T. Hughes, PhD  

September 28, 2010 


In consideration of the sanctity of the United States Constitution—the bible of our Republic—my research has gravitated to obtaining an in depth comprehension of the forces from without our national borders to those crouching within, of the seditious threats we are now faced with.

Sedition and treason are often confused terms. Let The “Lectric Law Library[1] define these for us: 

Sedition is  “Conduct which is directed against a government and which tends toward insurrection but does not amount to treason. Treasonous conduct consists of levying war against the United States or of adhering to its enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

The raising commotions or disturbances in the state; it is a revolt against legitimate authority.

“The distinction between sedition and treason consists in this, that though its ultimate object is a violation of the public peace, or at least such a course of measures as evidently engenders it, yet it does not aim at direct and open violence against the laws, or the subversion of the Constitution. The obnoxious and obsolete act of July 14, 1798, was called the sedition law, because its professed object was to prevent disturbances. In the Scotch law, sedition is either verbal or real. Verbal is inferred from the uttering of words tending to create discord between the king and his people; real sedition is generally committed by convocating together any considerable number of people, without lawful authority, under the pretence of redressing some public grievance, to the disturbing of the public peace.”

The research report accomplished over many months by The Center for Security Policy[2] called “The Threat to America An Exercise in Competitive Analysis,”[3] outlines in clear language, the pursuit of Islamic sharia’s ideological threat: “the totalitarian socio-political doctrine that Islam calls sharia”.  This threat is a global totalitarian system on the rise again from the seventh centur, fueled by petro-dollars, and presented cloaked in the garb of religion when, in fact, has as its only objective the elimination of all other governing systems such as our own protected by the United States Constitution and its Law.

The Team B II consensus provides us with a picture that, contrary to currently politically correct leftist views, false multicultural doctrines, and the “misguided notions of tolerance and sheer willful blindness” practiced in the highest offices of our Republic from the Pentagon (which has labored to redefine this threat out of existence) – to the executive orders and pro-Islamic favoritism of the White House, Cabinet, Congress and Senate—to  the U.S. Supreme Court which, as early as the 1960s, took the teeth out of our ability to include  constitutional protection[4] for subversive speech by renaming it as “advocacy” rather  than “incitement to imminent lawlessness”. That same august body reinterpreted the speech of non-Americans as allowable, no matter the (seditious) content.

America has had a rich history of protection against foreign enemies from Revolutionary War days to as late as President Franklin D. Roosevelt who signed into law The Smith Act of 1940, and another in 1952 enacted by President Harry S. Truman which authorized the exclusion and deportation of aliens, on such ideological grounds as support for overthrowing the United States government. Of course, our threat during the Great War was Nazism and under Eisenhower and Truman, Cold War Communism, but each was (and is) considered seditious to our way of life since their objective has been complete overthrow.

Let us move to our present evolving situation. Are the laws we hold now sufficiently protective of shielding us from another totalitarian ideology that is cloaked in dubious religious garb? Do we see wolves in sheep’s clothing, or do we see “moderate wolves” that will never, ever, possibly turn into what they inherently are (when hungry enough), the ravenous wolves we see in its jihadist military identity far-flung across the world? 

Our national situation has become so extremely perilous because of the continuum of stealth jihad[5] (the “civilization-settlement process” phase “dawa” of installing sharia law, banking, and ideology within America), that American States are distancing themselves from their national affiliation in certain areas without perhaps knowing the underlying cause.

I would posit that our form of government based on The Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution,  the Bill of Rights, its republican-form of governing, and our Judeo-Christian-Natural seat of law and jurisprudence are not the enemies. But they are oppositions to the tenets of Islam whether we recognize only  the so-called “moderate side” racing to its culmination in full-blown war against us. 

We citizens are the only ones who can and must lift the tent flap to see the filthy camel within. It has to begin by an enlightened and analytical exercise just to recognize and replace those who consciously and deliberately raise the flap of our protections, be they from the State Department to a wimpy Homeland Security that is certainly frozen by fabricated political correctness as witnessed in the U.S. Army Fort Hood massacre. 

As Benjamin Netanyahu opined, you never see a Communist strap on a bomb for his ideology. They, like all political systems, value survival before ideology and will wait it out (e.g., Cuba).

This is not true in Islam which straps bombs onto their women and children for their Sharia ideology (not religion) and inculcate their culture by highly financed new departments of “eastern cultural studies” in universities, to establishing Islamic community centers and mosques (sometimes with U.S. taxpayer monies) that have been proven training grounds to incite sedition and fund-raising centers for their more advanced jihadist “charitable organizations”. 

Here is a list[6] of fundamental premises of American society and values that Sharia-adherents on all levels reject and do not wish to live “in peace” alongside, but overthrow and eliminate. Which one is your favorite and how much are you willing to protect it?

  1. “The bedrock proposition that the governed have a right to make law for themselves;
  2. The republican democracy governed by the Constitution;
  3. Freedom of conscience; individual liberty (including in matters of personal privacy and sexual preference);
  4. Freedom of expression (including the liberty to analyze and criticize Sharia);
  5. Economic liberty (including private property);
  6. Equal treatment under the law (including that of men and women, and of Muslims and non-Muslims);
  7. Freedom from cruel and unusual punishments; an unequivocal condemnation of terrorism (i.e., one that is based on a common sense meaning of the term and does not rationalize barbarity as legitimate “resistance”); and
  8. An abiding commitment to deflate and resolve political controversies by the ordinary mechanisms of federalism and democracy, not wanton violence.” 

The bottom line objective of every Muslim, no matter at what level of activism they are in (stealth jihad to violent jihad), contains the dual objectives of:  a) the global imposition of Sharia, and b) the reestablishment of the high office of an Islamic caliphate (one-world ruler) to govern according to Sharia doctrine. 

The United States of America is a nation that rules itself, by ourselves. That is a chief reason we will never need or should tolerate the United Nations. As our Founders shouted during English rule and colonialism, “We have no king but King Jesus.”  And that began the republic form of government under one God, not human dictatorship or royal rule. 

The men of Marlborough, Massachusetts unanimously proclaimed in January 1773 that “Death is more eligible than slavery. A free-born people are not required by the religion of Jesus Christ to submit to tyranny…(we) implore the Ruler above the skies, that He would make bare His arm in defense of His Church and people, and let Israel go.”[7]

Charles Jennings[8] puts it this way: “The glorious annals of sacred history of the Christian Church record the heroic deeds of many of our forefathers in their struggle against the ungodly dictates of religious and political tyrants. Their unrelenting devotion and allegiance to Jesus Christ as not only prophet and priest, but as the only rightful king resulted in their confrontation with the ungodly political, social and religious authorities. There are numerous historical accounts which offer irrefutable proof that human governments have demanded the total allegiance of their ‘subjects,’ at the expense of individual God-given rights of personal liberties, political philosophy and religious beliefs.”

The good news is that we have the means and ability to stop Islamic sedition within our nation and individual states (which seems the most logical place to begin).  But, do we have the will? My view of this political-socio-religious-militant system (Islamism) is as unwelcome in the United States of America as Nazism, Communism, Socialism, Marxism, dictatorship, totalitarianism, and anything else that would set itself up as supreme authority over us. 

A total boycott of all that is related to Islamism might be a first, in-the-streets practicality to take. There was such a furor over the fact that at the Minneapolis airport, Somali-Islamist taxi drivers refused to take passengers that offended their Islamic sensitivities (and there are so many). This makes it easier for us to identify with whom not to conduct any business at all in all areas including banking, health care, education with the attempted revision of our history in textbooks, in worship, or marriage. 

On a bigger scale, cutting off the petro-dollars that finance sharia being waged against the world could begin with exclusive oil drilling in our own nation. We have enormous oil deposits already discovered. It is estimated that if the price of OPEC oil falls below $58 per barrel, it will be no longer economically feasible for them to drill because the costs of drilling surpass the benefits of selling it.  Now, how hard can that be to figure out without a shedding a drop of blood? 

My next report will be on sharia banking in America. Some more of that “moderate Muslim” takeover and it is so subtle. They are just more demanding and “sensitive” than our U.S. Treasury Department. Wow, who would guess?

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[4] The Immigration Act of 1966, the 1978 McGovern Amendment, the 1989 Moynihan-Frank Amendment, and the 1990 Immigration Act.

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