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Who, by virtue of all these listed activities and many more, was deemed a threat to the government?  Read the bills.  The only thing missing in them is your specific name.  All of this brought to you by the Republicans during the Bush Administrations. 


So now Bush and the neo-cons are blameless? And you want the Republicans back? 

For all of you out there beating the drum for Republican’s to take control of both houses of Congress, I have to ask:  Were you in a coma from 2000 to 2008? 

While I surely do not support the current administration and its globalist agenda, and, while I believe Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid represent a clear and present danger to the country at large, I find them no more repugnant than say, Karl Rove or Tom Delay; their personalities and intentions no less malignant than those of the neo-cons who set the overthrow of the sovereign United States into motion.  I find them equally as frightening in their contempt for us, as I did Dick Cheney and his crew of fascist driven cohorts.  And now you want to put the masterminds of this coup’ back in control?  What is it you think will change?  What is it that you think these psychopaths and sociopaths are going to do to better the current crisis in our government?  

How quickly and conveniently so many of you have forgotten that it was the Republicans, lead by the neo-con faction, who gave us the unconstitutional: 

  • Patriot Acts;
  • John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007; a bill which gave the president the unlawful authority to:
  • declare anyone of us a domestic terrorist for resisting the growing tyranny of our own government;
  • to strip us of our citizenship without due process,
  • to jail us indefinitely without charges,
  • without notifying anyone of our whereabouts and
  • denying us access to legal council. 
  • Who condoned and encouraged the illegal wiretapping and spying on American citizens for no apparent reason other than there was nothing we could do to stop it. 
  • Who entered into unlawful civil assistance agreements with foreign nations to allow the use of their troops against us on US soil,  just in case we get too upset over the loss of our freedom
  • Created the behemoth Homeland Security Department, a collecting of more than 21 intelligence agencies under one roof for no other purpose than protecting the Corporate Federal Government…FROM US!
  • The creation of Fusion centers in every state dedicated to intercepting emails, phones calls and collecting every piece of information they can on us
  • Creation of the FBI’s Infragard ; community leaders empowered to use deadly force to protect the infrastructure in case of an emergency (strange: since we own virtually none of our infrastructure having seen large portions of it sold off to foreign investors)
  • The absolute deregulation and oversight of banking, housing and Wall Street largely giving these greed driven fools a license to steal…..and they did.
  • The militarization of our local law enforcement agencies, now all under the control HSD, and many departments now an active threat to the public.
  • The refusal to secure the southern border
  • The creation of the Security & Prosperity Partnership, the framework for the North American Union, ending our sovereignty and national identity once and for all. 

WE are the focus of every bill that came down; not foreign terrorists.  It was our rights that were taken away.  It was the citizens of the United States who were punished for the attacks on 9/11.  There isn’t a foreign terrorist out there who gives a  rats rear end what laws we pass regarding terrorist activities; not that we have actually passed any laws that would pertain to them.  Every law passed, every right taken away, every right violated and every penalty assessed was levied against the citizens of the United States.  So who is it you think the Republicans with their neo-con leaders were focused on?  Foreign terrorists…..or you?

Who, by virtue of all these listed activities and many more, was deemed a threat to the government?  Read the bills.  The only thing missing in them is your specific name.  All of this brought to you by the Republicans during the Bush Administrations. 

The Democrats, doing their part to subvert our Constitution and our sovereignty, have expanded and enlarged an ever more tyrannical centralized corporate government.  The Republicans if voted back into control will just continue the process.

We have no real options.  The Democrats have been just as malevolent, just as malignant, just as destructive and contemptuous of us as the Republicans.  Changing who gets to be in front of the camera first will not change the direction our country is headed.  

We need a vote of “no confidence” on our ballots.  If our elections truly do mean anything, if our votes really count, we need the option of saying “no” to any and all. 

The situation has become one not of  “You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorist’s” (Bush 2001), it is instead:

“You are either with us or you work for the government”.



Fusion Centers 2003

Security & Prosperity Partnership (now supposedly:inactive) current

North American Union2002

The Patriot Act 2001

John Warner Defense Authorization Act 2007

Homeland Security Bill Signed 2003