Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


It appears to get worse by the day; corrupt politics, corrupt politicians and an ever expanding and more threatening federal government.  

I cannot think of even one person I have talked to or corresponded with, who has expressed even a modicum of fear over terrorism threats from some unknown mad man bent on killing us all off because they “hate us for our freedoms”.  The fear is prevalent in their conversations, generated by the continual onslaught of legislation and Executive Orders issued from a growing and malevolent government; it is this government who hates us for our freedoms. In fact, it isn’t even that they hate us for our freedoms; they just hate us!  While the Obama Administration was surely not the instigator of these assaults on the nation, he is happily following in the footsteps of his predecessor, George Bush the Lesser and his merry band of neo-cons, and has continued the destruction of the sovereign United States. 

The neo-cons are alive and well and prospering greatly, we just call them “socialists and communists”, now.  You are supposed to believe that some big ideological change took place when Obama was elected.   

Whatever you choose to call these sociopaths, the end result is the same; the subjugation and enslavement of the people; the ending of individual wealth and property, and the intent to make just plain breathing only allowable as a privilege granted by government decree.  

Whether, socialist, communist, neo-con, fascists or globalists,…..whatever you call them, only the means to the end changes; there is not one iota of difference in the intended end result.  Through the endless passage of un-constitutional legislation we are losing our land, water, food, the right to engage freely in business, and even the right to the air we breathe.  Some corporation now owns all these things and more people are becoming aware of this. 

Having said this, I can virtually assure you that I have no doubt another “black flag” attack will occur here in the US to frighten us back into willingly complying with the final solution; the total rejection of the US Constitution and any unalienable rights we may have had, or thought we had. It wouldn’t be the first time our own government attacked us and blamed someone else.  And no, I do not believe some crazy person in cave in Afghanistan with a laptop computer masterminded the 9/11 tragedy.  Neither does the FBI apparently as they have never charged that man with the events of 9/11 which probably works out really well since he most likely expired long ago.    

Not only do we launch black flag attacks on our country, we launch attacks against many others claiming they attacked us first. (Sound familiar?) Then proceed to blast them into eternity while casually divvying up their country’s assets among our fine and noble friends who usually have the word “corporation” attached to their names.  And still we vote for these same people who set all of this into motion; the same people who stood up publicly and lied us into wars, sold us out and sold us off and who encouraged us to condone torture to “keep us safe”.  Now comes, the real problem:  Who is going to protect us from having these same things we condoned, done to us?

Like many others, I have a sense of pervasive fear.   I watch in disbelief as our law enforcement agencies are militarized against us. I watch as courts rule against our rights to privacy, to land, to real property ownership, to individual rights and protections.  I watch as one piece of legislation after another rolls out of the District of Criminals, blessed by supposedly “opposing” party’s, signed by various presidents, yet still taking away our freedom, destroying our economy, robbing us of our wealth generated by our labor and selling off the country to foreign interests and private corporate investors one unlawful international agreement at a time. 

I continue to watch as career politicians openly and without shame lie to us; virtually every word out of their mouth an untruth.  And, I watch as the fictional religious wars are yet again kicked into overdrive to co-opt those who can’t seem to experience faith without finding a corresponding enemy to hate; trading their faith for some kind of man-made religion to make them feel better about why they have such an irrational fear and hatred of people they don’t know. 

I wish we weren’t facing another election.  It is an exercise in futility.  Too many of us will step into that booth and vote the same corrupted politician back into office.  Too many of us still believe we will be saved if we just get this party or that party back in control, when in fact, there is no difference.  And some of us believe that if we elect a candidate who claims not to be one of the “status quo”, that will change things.  It won’t. These people will quickly fall into line.  Refusing to get into line could cause their plane to fall out of the air unexpectedly, or they could drown in a swimming pool in their backyard that isn’t there, or they could commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head three or four times, or, they could launch themselves off the top of a building for no apparent reason…..  It’s all happened to others who dared to buck the system. 

So many of us believed and hoped for a change in the direction and intent of our government when Obama was elected. 

Instead, (short list)

  • the Patriot Acts were extended,
  • surveillance of American Citizens was increased,
  • the torture of kidnapped individuals continues,
  • the black ops prisons still exist,
  • Gitmo still houses those who have never been charged with a crime, and whom they cannot even produce any evidence they ever did
  • much of our local law enforcement has become a threat to the communities they are supposed to serve and protect,
  • every law comes with a prohibition on our right to due process
  • our own military trains to attack us if we become to vocal,
  • our politicians openly conspire with multi-national corporations against us,
  • our courts are nothing but puppets for the government and have little resemblance to anything remotely resembling justice,
  • The intelligence community is focused on the American public, so much so they wouldn’t know if an attack was imminent from foreign terrorists or not; they are too busy spying on us! 

And now they want us to elect them again?  They want us to vote?  What is there to vote on? What is the purpose?  They don’t pay any attention to us anyway.  They don’t care what we think about anything or even what we know about their rotten and dirty dealings.   

I still maintain we need a vote of no confidence.  Stop any one from taking office who cannot garner at least 50% of the vote.  While this might result in empty House and Senate seats, it might also stop the rampant corruption in our government.  The fewer of them there are in office, the fewer of them we have to worry about.  And for those who are now crying about “then we would have no representation!”, I can only tell you; you have none now 

Refusing to let any congress be called into session could save us billions and could possibly make this bunch of career criminals rethink their positions.  Personally, I am for calling home all politicians and refusing to let them re-seat themselves in Washington until they clean up the corruption they have participated in. In the interim, until we can regain control of our own government, I believe we should shut the lights off, close the doors and bar this collection of thugs, liars and thieves from entering the halls of government.   Just my thoughts.