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The pressure is really on to ram S.510 Fake Food Safety through the Senate.  Democrats know they will most likely lose at least the House in the midterm, but I believe even they suspect they will lose the Senate too. Their corporate donors and investors want this bill passed.  They want an end to all competition from family and independent producers and complete control of the US food production and supply and too many politicians on both sides of the fictional isle owe too many of these big sponsors. They are going to sell us out while railing about how we can’t fix the system unless we pass this bill handing agriculture over to corporations and agreements meant to destroy the last vestige of our economy.  Claiming that the bill is supported by industry (red flag!!), he also claims consumer groups support the bill.  And some do.  But Senator Durbin never mentioned the massive outrage and backlash by the public in general over this obvious corporate coup’ being perpetrated by the District of Criminals.  


As a C-Span junkie I can tell you I have seen copious amounts of  political manure spread just as thick as possible during hearings and what is supposed to pass for debates, but today in the Senate, I believe Senator Durbin topped the all time high “BS” mark for this particular pile of political manure. 

I could not believe this Senator actually stood on the floor of the Senate and bemoaned the suffering and deaths of American people; people who were sick and dying right at this moment! As a result of S.510 not being passed.  Unfortunate for the Senator was the fact that not one of those he alluded to would have been saved even had S 510 been passed years ago, as this bill does nothing to repair the damage done to the US food supply by the industrialization and centralization of food production and the continual contamination brought into the country hidden in uninspected imports. 

For some reason, the Senator believes that harassing family and independent producers by making it impossible for them to remain in business due to mountainous paperwork, redundant and unnecessary regulations, rules and faked “science” while under threats of imprisonment, warrantless search and seizure, a prohibition on judicial review, a complete abrogation of rights, will fix the food system.  He also very carefully avoided any mention of Codex Alimentarius written into the bill, or that little note at the very end saying that the bill could not obstruct any government agreement like CAFTA, NAFTA, GATT and most especially not the WTO. 

Add into this his belief that the converting of FDA and USDA into the national food police who don’t even have to have any evidence of wrong doing or of food contamination issues and who would not be bound by any provision of the Constitution or the rights of the people will somehow magically cure the problem of industrialized corporate farming and ranching that is causing illness, disease and massive health problems across the country. 

We have witnessed the egregious police state actions that occur whenever a privately held corporation, acting under the color of law, is suddenly given the power to write their own “rules and regulations”.  Wisconsin is just such a state and its farmers and dairy herdsmen fight a continual battle against DATCP of Wisconsin: an agency that is determined to end family and independent farming.  In lieu of that end, revenue raised under the demands of fines, fees, penalties and licensing helps the agency meet its ever expanding payroll. The agency knows it is acting under color of law, and so does the state government.  Lives have been ruined, businesses destroyed, and property seized; all without lawful authority and the courts routinely condone this behavior.  This is the future for all family and independent producers across the nation as these police state agencies are expanded and empowered beyond their original jurisdiction. 

While Senator Harkin claimed that agriculture and food production had not been addressed since 1938, by the government itself, he cleverly never mentioned the constant enlargement of FDA and USDA using the Federal Register to enlarge and expand their agencies far beyond their intended purpose.  He also never acknowledged as Durbin did not acknowledge, that the FDA and  USDA both operate at far below acceptable standards, both agencies incapable of even meeting their primary purposes; although what those may have been has been long lost in the continual barrage of rule and regulation changing.

Even while railing about the poor people who were afflicted with food borne illnesses, Durbin at no time mentioned any intent to stop, halt, prohibit, impede or otherwise alter the flow of uninspected food imported into the US; left uninspected by USDA.  USDA can’t be bothered:  they are far too busy training new hires for swat team maneuvers against family farms and ranches. 

The Senator also never mentions the fact that prior to the “global” food economy wherein we threw the door wide open to bio-piracy corporations and allowed industrialization and centralization of our food supply by corporations who kept many a D.C. politician in a style they quickly became accustomed to, we didn’t have these massive and ongoing food problems.  No, the Senator was more concerned with being able to buy strawberries in the winter in the District of Criminals.

Where exactly were you, Senator Durbin when thousands of people were injured or died from any one of the hundreds and hundreds of toxic and lethal medications and vaccines routinely dumped onto the public causing death and injury to hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of people?  Where was your damn concern then?  Where is it now with regards to these people and their families?

S. 510 Fake Food Safety bill which in effect hands over our food production and supply to foreign and domestic industrialized corporations and continues the importation of uninspected food products with long and known histories of importing products that have habitually been dumped into the US food chain and are only exposed when illness or death results. 

The rise in food borne illnesses is in direct correlation to the dumping of contaminated imports that are then co-mingled with domestic supplies.  It is also the result of HACCP, that little piece of industrialized corporate gifting that allows mega producers to “self-inspect”.  This is the other major source of food contamination.  But you intend to leave this system in place; after all, they pay a lot of your bills so to speak don’t they? 

In listing the recent incidences of food borne illness, of course the peanut debacle was brought up, but everyone very carefully never mentioned that the head of Georgia Peanut Company who knowingly shipped the contaminated product also sat on the USDA Quality Control Board for peanuts.  Now how damn handy was that?  And he was never prosecuted for the deaths associated with that, was he?  

The jalepeno pepper scare?  Did any of you mention those came out of Mexico…uninspected by USDA?  No…didn’t think so. 

How about when China repeatedly sent melamine contaminated milk products into the US? Senator Durbin did you note that the FDA set a maximum contamination level for melamine to accommodate this continued contamination?  Were you aware that melamine is toxic at any level?  

And you, Senator Durbin, knowing that the FDA has historically and for profit, poisoned the public with lethal medications and vaccines and believes death is an acceptable side affect of these same toxic products; this same agency who thinks anyone can ingest any level of melamine and not suffer harm or damage… want to give them control over all our food? 

The FDA and USDA both need to be closed down; both agencies are a threat to the overall safety and survival of the country.   

Your interest is corporate; ours is survival.