CODEX ALIMENTARIUS: The Elephant in the room they don’t want you to see! Codex isn’t coming…its already here!

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By Barbara H. Peterson

Codex Isn’t Coming, It’s Here!

Why is there so much denial by consumer advocate groups such as the National Health Federation(1) (NHF) about Barry Soetoro implementing the U.S. Codex council via Executive Order(2)? What is it that they don’t want you to see? Just do the research, and you will discover that we have been up to our eyeballs in Codex since 1962 and don’t even know it.

Codex is a subsidiary body of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO). Codex develops international food safety and quality standards, such as standards concerning the safety of food additives. Standards set by Codex traditionally served as a minimum floor for less developed countries. The U.S. has participated in Codex since its formation in 1962 and has shared its technical expertise in efforts to aid less developed countries.


We are being lulled into complacency with declarations that Codex isn’t here yet, not to worry, while the elephant in the room is getting bigger all the time. Here is a quote from an article posted on the NHF site:

While the Executive Order is real, it is not imposing Codex rules on the United States. As NHF lobbyist Lee Bechtel correctly points out, “There is no direct policy link between this Council and Codex, or with the way in which the FDA regulates food and food supplements More

Elite Wreckage Spotted Along the Information Super Highway

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By W. R, McAfee, Sr.

Copyright © by W. R. McAfee, Sr.  All rights reserved.

“Well, a National Coalition of Women’s (NCOW) press release on September 17 says the CDC failed to inform the vax manufacturers of the larger number of  miscarriages and stillborns that were occurring among pregnant women who took the vaccine. Initially thought to be 1,588, the number eventually reached 3,587, according to the release.”


As long as people have access to the free exchange of (Internet) information, the boys behind the curtain will have to keep scrambling.  Their dark side is now common knowledge, thanks to the ‘Net; which simultaneously has exposed the dearth of good men willing to indict these criminals.

The Constitution and the rule of law has been renewed in the minds of Americans who’ve taken the time to inform themselves and grapple with the enormity of the monsters behind the havoc wrought upon humanity for profit.

The bird is on the wing now, though, thanks to the web.

That’s why Oz keeps trying to establish its own laws (codex alimentarius), courts (international), appointed government (in The Hague), and a central world bank and currency (Basel, Switzerland) 

Don’t blame them.  I wouldn’t want to be sitting in front of an honest judge or jury either in the U.S., having done what they’ve done.  9/11 would be a good starter.  The evidence is irrefutable. Send the first to prison or the gurney and the canary chorus would sound like a Tabernacle Choir.

The law used not to worry Oz. They kicked an Oklahoma grand juror off the panel who questioned the government’s version of how the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was brought down. And they obfuscated the Ryder truck bombing of the. . .South Tower was it?  Even when an informant called to let his government handlers know it was going to happen.

No, nary a peep from their propaganda outlets.

No wonder they thought people would fall in line with their 9/11 false flagger; not realizing the cumulative impact the Net was having on people’s minds between “events.”

The Internet is like a good boxer’s jab.  At first it seems unimportant to the scheme of things, but round after round it begins to take its toll on unwary opponents until finally, in the latter rounds, the recipient’s  legs start to wobble. More

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