The Forestry Service works hand in hand with the Bureau of Land Management.  All over the western states both agencies are working to industrialize actual monument areas and areas seized by theft for industrailized purposes; in this case the Sequoia Forest. 

As we have been warning ranchers for quite some time now, grazing permits will end in many areas as the industrialization for corporate profit is pushed to the front.  Many ranchers in this California area have just been denied grazing permits, many of which had been in effect many years.

As we have said before…first the wild horses would be eradicated……and you would be next.


Important Public Hearing Tomorrow (Tuesday 9/21) in Clovis to Protect the Giant Sequoia!

Please come and support the “Citizens’ Park Alternative” for Giant Sequoia National Monument

Dear Sierra Club Members and Friends in the Fresno area, We are sending this out as a last reminder for the critical public hearing tomorrow (Tuesday 9/21) in Clovis for managing the Giant Sequoia National Monument. The Forest Service will be taking public comment for the newly released Giant Sequoia National Monument’s management Draft EIS.

This is the second attempt by the Forest Service to create a plan to protect the Giant Sequoia. Their original plan was thrown out by the courts for placing logging interests over preservation. Unfortunately, the Forest Service is once again catering to the logging industry and has failed to provide adequate protection for the treasured Giant Sequoia ecosystem. Some favored agency proposals now call for more tree removal than before the monument was designated.

Citizen activists for the Giant Sequoia have now decided to come forward with a true alternative for managing the monument that will forever protect the Giant Sequoia ecosystem.

**Please come in support and tell the Forest Service to adopt the “Citizens’ Park Alternative” for managing Giant Sequoia National Monument**

It is critical that we attend and show the Forest Service that citizens have a better plan for protecting the Giant Sequoia ecosystem.

The Giant Sequoia National Monument Public Hearing will be held this:
Tuesday, September 21st at 6:00pm-9:00pm The Hilton Garden Inn, 520 West Shaw Ave Clovis, CA

Here are the summarized main points of the Citizens’ Park Alternative:

1) Restore the vision of President Clinton’s Proclamation and protect the giant sequoia ecosystem from continued proposals for logging and other dangers, as proposed in the Forest Service’s preferred alternative

2) The Monument’s Giant Sequoias Groves and intertwined forest ecosystem should be managed in the same fine manner as Sequoia National Park

— This means that fire should be used as the preferred method of ecosystem restoration and fuel reduction treatments

–The plan must prioritize the protection and restoration of healthy habitats for sensitive wildlife species, including fisher, martens, owls, and goshawks

3) Alternative C is not really a park style management alternative and goes too far by eliminating all dispersed recreation

— Historical recreation is OK, so long as it is consistent with protecting the Monument’s natural resources, including the use of trails and dispersed camping

–Park style management should focus on ecosystem restoration, not recreation management

4) Any mechanical thinning for fuel reduction should be focused in areas directly adjacent to structures

5) Tree removal from the Monument is prohibited by the Clinton Proclamation, unless absolutely necessary, and must be scientifically justified for ecosystem restoration and maintenance or public safety

–This means that any larger trees that are cut should be left in the monument because they generally are not the type of material that causes unwanted fire behavior and are needed for ecosystem restoration

–Any removal of trees, tree limbs, and slash should be focused on small diameter material, which is the type of material that could cause unwanted fire behavior

–Salvage logging should be expressly prohibited because it is only done for commercial purposes and prohibited by the Clinton Proclamation

–The Forest Service should cancel the three remaining commercial timber sales in the Monument still under contract that were held illegal by the Federal Court:  Frog, Saddle, and White Mountain

6) All Roadless Areas should be managed to maintain their Wilderness potential, and the Forest Service must keep its promise from the last plan revision to recommend the Moses Roadless Area as Wilderness

Please make the effort to attend this important event and invite your friends and neighbors.

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