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The Recession has been over for 14 months, Housing Starts are up 10.5% in August, and all around everything is just “less bad”. Of course the President has relayed this information to us on the same day that he attempted to pay $1 for 4 apples in a Philadelphia Farmers Market.

If ever there was a more fitting example of the return to the Landowner/Serf relationship as in the above NPR article, I’d like to see it.

Obama bought four apples, but only gave the vendor $1 which probably didn’t matter to the vendor. Four apples is a pretty cheap price to pay for a souvenir of a presidential visit like a dollar bill that had lived for a while in the presidential pocket.

But you can barely get an apple for a buck these days, depending on the variety and size, let alone four.

Fortunately, Reggie Love, Obama’s aide and “body man” whose role is to step in at such times, asked the vendor if more was needed, then handed over more change the vendor could believe in.

One can be sure that the vendor was thinking “Oh to be able to own the gold from my lords pocket is privilege enough for my lowly apples!” And as the lord’s Knight approached the grateful serf to bestow upon him the remainder of the value of his goods, Mr. Vendor wept with joy at the largesse of his owner lord.
As Joel T. Rosenthal writes in The World Book Encyclopedia:

“Although they (serfs) lost their independence, having the protection of a powerful lord was more important to them.”

No matter how many times Mr. Obama stresses he does not want to “go back” to “business as usual”, looks like old tymes shall return again.