A Return to Feudalism?


Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The Recession has been over for 14 months, Housing Starts are up 10.5% in August, and all around everything is just “less bad”. Of course the President has relayed this information to us on the same day that he attempted to pay $1 for 4 apples in a Philadelphia Farmers Market.

If ever there was a more fitting example of the return to the Landowner/Serf relationship as in the above NPR article, I’d like to see it. More

California: Forestry Service again favoring logging of Giant Sequoia


The Forestry Service works hand in hand with the Bureau of Land Management.  All over the western states both agencies are working to industrialize actual monument areas and areas seized by theft for industrailized purposes; in this case the Sequoia Forest.  More

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