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Last week, the World Bank finally published its much anticipated report on the global farmland grab. After years of work, several months of political negotiation and who knows how much money spent, the study was casually released on the Bank’s website — in English only.

GRAIN’s take on the report is that it is both a disappointment and a failure. Very little new and solid data about how these land grab deals are playing out on the ground is presented. The findings that the Bank does articulate — that the land grab trend is huge and growing, that communities are not benefiting and that the conditions under which most of these deals are being pursued are extremely poor — corroborate what many have been saying for two years already. The Bank’s own direct involvement in the global land grab is hardly mentioned.

Most of the report is smoke and mirrors talk about potentials and opportunities, leading us to the conclusion that there is a huge disconnect between what the World Bank says, what is happening on the ground and what is truly needed. Right now, numerous governments and civil society organisations are calling to put a brake of one form or another on these land grab deals, which the study essentially ignores.

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