Republic Defiance Radio: Who put Bill Gates in charge?

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9/11: The truth will never be revealed in our lifetimes


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NOTE:  If you believe in a Myth, then you worship fairies and gnomes . .there is no justice for stupid people.  One can believe or one can know . .there is a very big difference between the two states of mind.  *To “know”* means that critical thinking skills and scientific inquiry are backed by solid evidence . More

Who Put Bill Gates In Charge of the World? Updated Version


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Written by Wally Paul   

The global elite have launched a world-wide operation against an unaware population to reduce and control fertility. Vaccines and even staple food crops  have been modified to achieve these goals. More

Outrageous: Minnesota Hunters Released on Sandhill Cranes


For Immediate Release 17 September 2010

Contact: Parker Lewis (925) 451-3866 (parker@friendsofanimals.org)

Outrageous: Minnesota Hunters Released on Sandhill Cranes

Minneapolis, MN – Who’d want to be an animal around us? Horses chased down with helicopters. Geese gassed in New York. And now it’s a sandhill crane hunting season in Minnesota.

Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is turning hunters loose on sandhill cranes for the first time in 94 years, due to the birds exceeding an arbitrary population “goal.” The hunting season, which began September 4th and is scheduled to end on October 10th takes aim at tall, graceful beings with sandy feathers and bright red heads. These birds are known to mate for life, and teach their young to dance to acquire the precision and agility required for their mid-continental flights. But that’s not how Bill Penning of the Department of Natural Resources describes them. Penning says, “I’ve never eaten them, but everyone says they’re delicious.”

Friends of Animals is strongly opposed to the sandhill crane hunting season. The Minnesota DNR bypassed the usual public comment period and released this announcement stealthily, only weeks before the hunting season is scheduled to begin. Hunters will pursue sandhill cranes as they do geese, deploying decoys. Nontoxic shot, we’re assured, will be required. Friends of Animals president Priscilla Feral said, “Minnesotans haven’t hunted sandhill cranes birds since 1916. Why now? Advocates, communicate your views now, before this latest display of human arrogance turns into the newest cycle of torment.”
Please get in touch with the pivotal contacts listed below and let them hear your voice. The sudden, unexpected decision to allow the hunting of sandhill cranes is not based in scientific fact, and as a public department charged with managing public resources, land, and animals, it is completely out of line to make such a momentous change without the public’s consent.
Mark Holsten, Commissioner
Phone: 651-259-5555
Email: mark.holsten@state.mn.us

Bill Penning, Farmland Wildlife Program Leader at Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Phone: 651-259-5230 / 651-296-0704
Email: bill.penning@dnr.state.mn.us

Office of the Governor – Ask that this hunt be stopped.
Phone: 651-296-3391
Email: tim.pawlenty@state.mn.us

Friends of Animals, founded in 1957 and headquartered in Darien, Connecticut, is a nonprofit
organization working to stop cruelty, abuse and institutionalized exploitation of
nonhuman animals anywhere in the world.

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