Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Somewhere in North Africa and later on Normandy Beach, my Grandfather’s blood, nerve cells and tears stained the desert sands. Captured as a POW, he spent time considering “What am I doing?” just as we now contemplate the same thing. He joined before the war to have the opportunity to serve his Nation.

My father served aboard the USS Kittyhawk supporting an unpopular war. His blood and fear will forever flavor the deck of that behemoth not by his choice, but by having a number that corresponded with forced service.

Both now rest beyond the touch of our societies ills, but their service has given Americans, Germans, French, Dutch, Swiss, Romanian, Koreans, et al the opportunity to choose the Establishment or the Underdogs. Whether those individuals chose to retain that fortuity became their responsibility.

It may seem that Voting is a dishonorable and disingenuous process at this point in time. The candidates we have to choose from may seem insipid, or in some cases, ignorant – but that is the very reason I vote. It is not a “cast away” vote, not a “lesser evil” vote, and not a vote so that I may complain later.

It is my right bought and paid for by not only my ancestors, but every American who before me said “No.”

No. I will not comply with the Taxes on Tea.

No. I will not comply with the quartering of your troops.

No. I will not stand by and let only men vote.

No. I will not abandon my seat on this bus due to your ignorance.

No. I will not comply with The National Animal Identification System.

No. I will not comply with Real ID.

No. I will not comply.

Votes do make the difference. In 2008, 43% of the populace did not vote.

Let us be blunt. The Republicans who did not vote didn’t believe the American Nation would elect a hardly qualified quasi minority to President. So why should they “turn out”. The Democrats actually increased their “turn out” by 2.4% believing that it was time for “change they could believe in.”

And so we reside almost 2 years from the date feeling even more disenfranchised than ever – no matter what political party one belongs to. Unless of course one is of the “Elite” class.

My vote counts. It may not count to the established system that seems entrenched beyond recovery, but it counts to me.