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Was it the Roman or Greek senate that was debating when the barbarians began to filter in and sit down beside them while their debates were in progress? 

Think modern day barbarians behind the curtain who’ve already taken over  the senate, house, and Washington; who already sit in key government positions and walk the halls of congress; who select candidates for voters to argue over; who provide faux elections for national offices. 

Third party?  Perot was as close as we’ll get and the elite forced him to drop out when he bolted the starting gate in 1992 ahead in the three-way presidential race with thirty nine percent  (G. H.W. Bush had 31% and Clinton 25%.) Later, when they told Perot he could come back in the race, he still garnered almost twenty percent of the vote. (He’d been asked to run to bleed votes away from GHWB to insure Clinton’s election; who they’d determined would be America’s next president.)

Perot’s fast start scared the boys behind the curtain spitless in that he probably would have won the election had he been allowed to run an uninterrupted race; given voter disgust with Washington.  It’s worse today and Oz won’t allow another independent run at the presidency, in my opinion.

The boys behind the curtain also place illusions in our heads. Or did in the days before the Internet. Which is easy to do when you control all the information, money, and main stream propaganda outlets. 

They also control the second tier education intellectuals teaching young Americans in our universities.  These educators are  ‘granted’ their way to “see-the-light” via Oz’s foundation funds (Pew, Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, etc.), for example. Did I mention these foundations also fund alternate and radical radio?

But when the people behind the curtain begin to propagate the lie that we need to eliminate four-fifths of earth’s population (they’re on record), they change the definition of themselves. All these “extra” people, they say, are going to use up all of  our resources.  Not true.  We have the land and food to feed eleven billion people.  Getting the food to them is the problem. Populations around the globe already are declining. Take a look:

Why, then, the population panic?  Because they want control of all the earth’s resources for themselves—food, fiber, water, minerals, land, livestock, animals, plants, seeds, money, jobs, hope, and humans. They plan to “administer” all this through their appointed world government which they plan to set up with their own set of laws.

Not to worry.  They’ll do right by us commoners.

Pigs fly, too.

Think I’ll stick with the Constitution.

It is the mega-rich elites and multi-national banks and corporations and their paid WTO/WHO/FAO confederates who’ve brought us to this point; who believe the majority of humanity has no right to procreate; who’re on record and at work with their eugenics to save resources as we speak; who’re reducing populations with their aids viruses, wars, depleted uranium, millions of doses of dangerous vaccine under the guise of coming “pandemics” or “curing” diseases; who’ve deliberately slipped genetically modified (GM) products into 85% our food chain through things like corn and soy and canola that sterilize and cause lab animals tested serious medical maladies; who’ve forced their GM seeds and farming  and food schemes on the world; who’ve siphoned away, middle class money and deliberately bankrupted the government and planned the demise of almost three thousand people on television.

We’re dealing psychopathic individuals here with no heart, soul, or conscience; a modern form of barbarians, really.  Sort of like Mexico’s current dark ages with its massacres and beheadings and all.

You can’t debate or vote or suggest this kind of evil away; can’t be done. 

The Internet, though, might can. It’s on the verge of affecting a change among these wonderful folk behind the curtain because it has outed the deeds they’ve perpetrated on mankind.  Think closet with no doors that everyone peers into.  Think a million flashlights shining on a double handful bilge rats.  Prince Charles, England’s trumpet for global warming, has just come out against genetically modified food which the rest of the elites are championing. One has to wonder if he might have heard public footsteps

The elite would shut the Internet down tomorrow if they thought they could connect another to. false flag crisis to it; like they did on 9/11.

But the people and the Internet are watching them now, and the Wizards are worried about opinions the Net is forming in their minds.

They should be, in my opinion.