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                                           ” What remains as a “bill” is the actual assault on domestic agriculture hidden behind euphemistic terms such as “food safety”, “food security” and other deceptive language meant to deceive the reader into thinking the safety of food in this country was at risk from family and independent producers   ”                                                                    


The fight to maintain control of our food production and supply must begin in the states.  Your governor, according to this bill, will appoint the agency that will contract with USDA/FDA for access to your state.  It is your governor who will make this federal theft of domestic agriculture possible; and it is your governor who must be pressured to refuse to negotiate with corporate federal agencies.  The betrayal of America’s farmers and ranchers will begin with each state governor granting corporate federal agencies access to your state and will be enforced by state agencies under the color of law.  These agents will be your friends, neighbors and maybe even family members who will put on an agency badge and suddenly forget the Constitution and individual rights. 

For years multi-national corporations have raided and plundered third-world countries, stealing land, raping the environment and causing the starvation and abject misery of untold millions of people.   The efforts to steal farmland, to grow gmo crops for biofuels while human beings starved next to fields full of grain, is nothing new.  The world wide efforts to seize control of the world’s food supply, dictating what people would eat and if they would eat, is coming full circle. The US along with Canada is now about to fall victim to the absolute takeover of food production and supply in both counties, by corporations who have orchestrated the greatest theft ever perpetrated.   They could not have done it without the corruption of career politicians who sold their integrity, honor and office for corporate favors and campaign donations, increasing their own personal wealth along the way, and selling out the very people they swore to represent. 

We are about to see congress come back into session; never have we as a country been in such danger from our own government.  Democrat or Republican, we have no support within our own congress. 

Below is a break down of S.510.  As pages 1 thru 104 were struck, the provisions contained in those pages were written into broad and vague language, open to interpretation and abuse by corporate federal agencies.  This was intentional.  What was taken out in one place was inserted elsewhere under ambiguous language.  What remains as a “bill” is the actual assault on domestic agriculture hidden behind euphemistic terms such as “food safety”, “food security” and other deceptive language meant to deceive the reader into thinking the safety of food in this country was at risk from family and independent producers.

Here are just some of the highlights of S.510.  There have been several versions of this bill, so for expediency, we have simply listed the sections by number. 


Sec 418

  (m) Regulations

  (5) Authority to review milk standards “to ensure that such regulations are consistent, to the extent practicable, with domestic and internationally recognized standards in existence on such date.” 

**Note:  FDA will have authority to enforce nationwide regulations regarding raw milk as raw milk can be deemed a threat to human health. Although fresh raw milk has seldom ever posed a threat to the public, and even considering that pasteurization renders “milk” nothing more than white water, it provides no additional, provable increase in the safety of milk. 

**Note:  Neither FDA nor USDA declared rBGH, a sickening growth hormone administered to dairy cattle causing a 20% increase in milk production that consisted of an increase of PUS in the milk, as misbranded or adulterated.  The use of rBGH has been linked to obesity and early onset puberty.  Of course, since this hormone was a Monsanto creation, USDA and FDA looked the other way.

Sec 105 Standards for Produce safety

**Note: this section will be used to implement the CODEX standards agreed to in the June 2010 meeting of the Codex Committee which took place in Washington DC.  This was a meeting that undermined the sovereignty of the US by forfeiting our right to produce foods free of international corporate agreements and harmonization requirements. 

Sec 409 

(A)     Rulemaking not later than 1 year… publish a notice of proposed rulemaking to establish science-based minimum standards for safe production and harvesting…

**Note: As any rules established will be written and paid for by multi-national corporations, (these rules should apply only to those corporations.)

  (B) …include with respect to growing, harvesting, sorting, packing, and storage operations, science based minimum standards, relating to soil amendments, hygiene, packing, temperature controls, animals in the growing area, and water;   

 **Note:  Absolute control over all facets of production, harvesting and transport derived from consensus of inexperienced schmucks and desk jockey’s led by USDA, state Ag officials, and farm group leaders all greedy for more power. Included is your local, farm adversary, FARM BUREAU

**Note:  Science based standards as quoted here are simply the flawed and skewed “studies” created to reduce the standards for entry into every country by multi-national corporations and Codex Alimentarius.  The only place accelerated standards will apply is against family and independent producers in order to force them out of agriculture.

   (d) Enforcement-

  coordinate with States agencies

**Note:  As we have stated many times before, this section orders the contracting between corporate state agencies, and corporate federal agencies.  Neither USDA nor FDA has constitutional authority to interfere in in-state regulation of agriculture.  What will be struck is a corporate contract between agencies with the state agreeing to perform compliance and enforcement.  This is a clear act of aggression by corporations against the people.

  (e)  (1) In General,

               consultation with groups and individuals certain to agree with Line 8 “Good Agricultural Practices and guidance for safe production”

**Note: Good Agricultural Practices is Codex Alimentarius.  The Codex is the global system of food control practiced for corporate benefit.  Anything labeled “Good Practices” is CODEX.  Just as “sustainability, smart growth” are also United Nations/Codex.

Sec 420

  p43 (d) Exception for farms under this section except those that produce milk. 

**Note: It is not possible to gain an “exemption” as the FDA has already defined any kind of farm to be a “facility”.   

Sec 108

  (2) (iii) (I) & (II)

    rapidly removing, and effectively disposing of – (II)  infected plants and animals. 

**Note: This is UN Agenda 21 “stamping out” strategy.  Used consistently in third world countries to force the indigenous populations off their land by killing “stamping out” anything that lives that could possibly be used as food. The UN claims this is done to return the environment to disease free state that never existed to begin with. The disease is apparently, human beings.  

  (c) National Agriculture and Food Defense strategy-   

**Note: When did farming get nationalized? We need to develop in-state defense strategies to protect our local producers from the federal agencies now empowered to act as some bastardized form of “law enforcement” against the people.  Megan, the undersecretary to Vilsack, announced in the staged hearing with Herb Kohl (D) WI earlier this year that this was to be the “new age of enforcement”.  A clear indicator that the USDA, a privately owned corporation, was preparing to move aggressively against the people to force the business plans of USDA and the implementation of corporate contracts between USDA and multiple international corporations. 

Sec. 110

(i)  Unique Identification Numbers  “study regarding need for”

**Note: After massive rejection of the National Animal Identification system, and the attempts to force Premises ID, a conveyance of title to constitutionally protected rights and property, and, even after claiming earlier this year that NAIS was dead and defunded: this announcement came out from USDA

 USDA approves eTattoo from Eriginate as First Official UHF Identification Device

This section is actually the funding for continuing NAIS and the attempts at forced compliance. 

Sec 111

   (b) examination of the uniqueness of rural and frontier areas with regard to delivery of safe food.

**Note:  these areas being scouted are those which will be “retired” from agricultural production in order to further limit the food supply and production and to surrender these lands to the United Nations for “biodiversity non-human-habitat” zones.  The “frontier” zones are those now slated for land theft under the CLEAR Act; an additional 900.000 mil per year to perform land theft under the 1906 Antiquities Act, falsely claiming it as “national monuments”.

Sec 421 (a) (E)

  Federal , State, or local agencies under interagency agreement, contract, memoranda of understanding, or other obligation.  

**Note:  In order to gain access to your state, these private corporations, USDA and FDA, must contract with your state to gain access to your state.  Having no constitutional authority to interfere with agriculture on any level, contracts between corporate federal agencies and corporate state agencies must be struck.  It is your state level corporate officers who will contract against the people of your state, with the approval of your governor, the CEO of your state.

Sec 204  Secretary determines “high risk Foods”

  (2) (ii) p115-116 Line 22 the likelihood that a particular food has a high risk for micro-biological or chemical contamination or would support pathogenic microorganisms due to the nature of food or the processes used to produce such food,…    

**Note:  Isn’t it in the nature of nature to support microbial activity in the soil for the support of life?  What food isn’t at risk unless irradiated.  Does this preclude complete soil sterilization?  No mention of the overuse of devastating Monsanto Round-up or the increases in application as plants mutate in response to it.  No mention of the invasive nature of gmo superweeds spreading like wildfire.   

 (B) i & ii packaging  and labeling requirements for farms, full label name address etc.

 (H) Farm sales to consumers

**Note:  While this appears to leave farmers markets and locally grown foods untouched, this section will require on site inspections paid for by sellers in farmers markets. 

  (I) Sale of food )i) & (ii) the sale is made by the owner, operator, or agent in charge of the farm directly to a consumer or grocery store . 

**Note: No sales to restaurants, no resale of any food item without registering as a facility. This will end roadside peddlers that resell produce. Sales cannot be made by family or 3rd parties only by the owner, operator, or agent in charge.  No comingling CSA boxes from multiple producers without facility license.

 (f) (1) (C) adulterated food, (2) manner of request by Notice for information, (3) Farmer must deliver information, without due process/warrant.

**Note:  A violation of the 4th and 5th Amendments, based on the assumption of unconstitutional interference.  Your governor is charged with appointing the specific agency and person(s) to enter into the contract with corporate federal agencies, forfeiting your constitutional rights and protections, and, subjecting your privately owned property to federal trespass. 

Sec 207  (a) (1) striking “credible evidence or information indicating and insertion “reason to believe” (2) striking “presents threat of serious adverse health consequences or deaths to humans or animals” and inserting “is adulterated or misbranded”

**Note:  There is no intention to curb the misbranding and adulteration of seeds, crops and food resulting from contamination from the use of GMO, the overuse of pesticides and herbicides and the coming intention to insert nano chips directly into seeds and processed food products to track the consumption of food. No reference is made to the lack of independent studies on the “adulteration” of seeds, crops and processed foods resulting from the tampering through the use of GMO’s and the addition of toxic chemicals to former foods, to make them taste like food or to preserve the shelf life of food-like products.   

Sec 208 (c) (2) p150 model plans for… (2) the disposal of large quantities of animals plants, or food products that have been infected or contaminated by specific threat agents and foreign animal diseases. 

**Note: What specific threat agents?  Is this an indication of intent that based on reason to believe, rapid destruction will occur?  Without evidence?  To what degree?  Under what consitutional authority?

Sec 405 Grants p156 (c) Priority – In awarding grants under this section, the Secretary shall give priority to projects that target small and medium-sized farms, small processors, or small fresh fruit and vegetable merchant wholesalers. 

**Note: the operative word here is “Target”.  Small family and independent producers and sellers will be targeted in an effort to build the case for making continuance on any level in agriculture, either so over burdened with regulations they can never reach compliance, or so financially untenable, they will leave agriculture altogether.  This is clearly a cahs incentive to find the ways and means to end locally grown and sold foods.  Of course, an “egg-zagerated” food borne illness will have to occur first and coincidental to aggressive action shutting down these local producers.

Sec 1012 p220 (5) (b) No judicial review-

**Note:  A clear violation of due process and equal protection under the law.  No one, and no agency, politician or agent of any agency, can write, try to implement or through coercion and extortion, abrogate your rights.  Any law attempting to abrogate your rights is null and void on its face. Any agents, politicians or agencies attempting to force compliance can be sued civilly using a Constitutional tort. 

Sec 404 Compliance with International Agreements…

Here is the coup d’etat!  This is the backdoor to Codex Alimentarius, the capitulation to harmonization agreements for corporate benefit and the surrendering of your individual rights and US sovereignty regarding food, and food production. This small paragraph will force the subjugation of the US food producers and consumers to the control of the World Trade Organization.