09-06-2010 5:41 pm – John Wallace

Forget that GLOBAL WARMING ISN’T EVEN REAL and that the purveyors of this junk science were involved in a United Nations inspired scheme to defraud the industrialized world out of trillions of dollars via “Green” taxes and fees, the Obama administration has decided that you are going to pay anyway._________________________________
Liberty News: Forget about organizing to fight a proposed “Cap and Trade” bill that will continue to destroy America’s manufacturing base.

Forget that Global Warming was such a fraud that its Green Movement proponents had to change the name to Climate Change.

Forget about the fact that the Green Movement can better be described as the Watermellon Movement because although the Green Movement appears to be Green on the outside, it is also Red (communist) on the inside.

Forget about the truth. It doesn’t matter anymore because the Obama administration has secretely implemented draconian Cap and Trade rules anyway, totally disregarding the will of the American people and without giving them a chance to vote “NO” on the issue.

The Federal government has transferred a staggering $65 billion dollars from the private sector (via new taxes) to fund the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI.) RGGI is government created entity, much like the corrupt Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac entities that destroyed the American real estate market, that is now choking companies in the northeast with huge tax increases in the name of saving the environment.

RGGI is the nation’s first mandatory greenhouse gas cap and trade regulating entity. This waste of tax dollars is responsible for “making an impact on climate change” in 10 Northeast states.

The American Taxpayers in the New England area are now funding this secret climate initiative against their will. Soon, the RGGI will be expanded to every state in the union and the American people will be required to pay the bill with astronomical higher energy prices.

Forget that GLOBAL WARMING ISN’T EVEN REAL and that the purveyors of this junk science were involved in a United Nations inspired scheme to defraud the industrialized world out of trillions of dollars via “Green” taxes and fees, the Obama administration has decided that you are going to pay anyway. After all, “green taxes and fees” are really about power, control and the redistribution of your wealth to the federal government, not about protecting the environment.

Each state is capped on their carbon emissions and taxed if they use them up. RGGI has already added a 0.9% increase in energy prices in New England. It is another perfect socialist plan to get your money.

The only impact the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) has made so far is they have raised energy prices and created a slush fund for each member state. Exactly what this money is supposed to be used for is still unclear, but I’m sure the crooked politicians in each state will find a way to squander the money.


The corrupt sense of entitlement by our federal government and the secret entities they create is mind boggling. While everyday Americans struggle to pay the bills and live through the stress of the Recession, RGGI appears to be rolling in money, thanks to the American taxpayers.

RGGI Chief, Jonathan Schrag and his wife Kristen purchased a $2.2 million dollar loft in Manhattan. Schrag’s posh condo is 2,000 square feet and has three bedrooms and two bat in June of this year, with a nice view of the Manhattan skyline. Schrag’s luxurious residence is only a five block walk to the RGGI headquarters. I guess he didn’t want to risk creating a carbon foot print by driving to work.


Schrag is paid to keep secrets. He has refused to disclose how much money he makes and the salaries of his employees. Schrag told New Jersey Watch Dog to get lost when they asked him to disclose RGGI’s records.

In the most recent public disclosure requests from the IRS Schrag declined to reveal how much everyone is paid in the organization. Most companies have to reveal to the IRS the salaries of their employees. RGGI is given special treatment because our government is backing their scheme to defraud us.

The corrupt politicians in Washington are completely responsible for this gigantic waste of tax dollars. Everyday Americans work hard to earn money and provide for their families while Washington bureaufatcats get paid to accomplish nothing! The crooks behind RGGI must be exposed and held accountable!


Guess who has been involved in the bidding on $662 million in carbon dioxide permits since 2008 and making money by doing it. Well, the bidders are the usual cast of characters involved in just about every other scheme to defraud the American people out of their hard earned money. The bidders at RGGI auctions include Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase and other Wall Street heavyweights. They intend to make big money by speculating on the price of permits, called allowances because Electric power plants are now required to obtain an allowance for each ton of CO-2 they emit.

But exactly who is buying what at these auctions? How much of the carbon market have they cornered? What effect will the wheeling and dealing have on the electricity bills paid by consumers?

Well, that’s none of our business, we are told by the bureaucrats in charge. They have repeatedly denied Open Public Records Act requests for auction details, contending the bidders’ “expectation of privacy” and “trade secrets” outweigh the public right to know.

Sounds a little like the Federal Reserve’s explanation of their need for secrecy in the discribution of the federal stimulus money, doesn’t it? Well why not? The same financial people are also involved in this fraudelent scheme to take our money as well.

RGGI executive director Jonathan Schrag claims that the RGGI is not a “public body” subject to any state open records laws – even though it’s a non-profit cooperative created and governed by the states of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Delaware and Maryland.

Though Congress failed to pass legislation for a nationwide system, RGGI will ensure that cap-and-trade remains alive in the U.S. The scheme has friends in high places, both on Wall Street and within the Obama Administration. EPA Commissioner Lisa P. Jackson was first vice-chair of RGGI in 2008 while head of the New Jersey Department of Environment Protection.

RGGI is the prototype for two other mandatory regional systems scheduled to start in 2012. The Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord will bring cap-and-trade to Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Kansas. The Western Climate Initiative adds California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Mexico, Utah and Montana – plus British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Manitoba is a member of both cooperatives.

Together, the three regional systems will encompass 23 states with roughly half of population in the U.S. – plus four Canadian provinces with more than three-quarters of that nation’s populace.

This phony Cap-and-Trade system is nothing more than a criminal scheme to defraud the American (and Canadian) taxpayers because it favors secrecy over public disclosure, deception over the truth, Wall Street Banksters over over taxpayers and consumers and if allowed to continue, it will grow more powerful and become the de facto law of the land, even without an act of Congress or without the people having a say in their own future.

This is what socialism and fascism are all about.

If you believe in Liberty and Freedom, remember this on Election Day!