This op-ed is the view of one man from West Virginia.  Whether you agree or not….keep it civil.  marti

Op-Ed by:  Nelson Feldmeyer

“When the usual flu season rolls around every effort is made to force me into taking a “vaccine”.  These little near death experiences in a needle, contain mercury, polysorbate 80, thimerasol, and a host of live and dead viruses and bacterium.

I smoke.  I am not ashamed or embarrassed of that and do not intend to quit. I have been smoking for 53 years.  Am I worried about the supposed bad effects of smoking, or your incessant complaining about second hand smoke.  Nope!  Can’t say that I am.  Do I believe all the hype and paranoia about smoking that preceded the ever so convenient excessive taxes on cigarettes?  Nope.  Can’t say I do.  Do I believe cigarettes were a convenient diversion from all kinds of perpetual environmental assaults? Yes.  And, that as long as we don’t examine those environmental issues too closely, the targeting of smokers will serve as a convenient excuse for why so many people are getting sick?  Yes..Yes I do.  

The same people who bitch about smokers, are the same people who will sit for hours in traffic, sucking up the exhaust fumes of theirs and others vehicles; fumes that are thousands of times more toxic and carcinogenic than this ciggy I’m puffing on.   And they will sit in that traffic with their young children strapped in the back and think nothing of it.  After all, getting parked at Wal-mart is waaay more important than the amount of toxic fumes surrounding their child.  The common retort to this argument is; “Yes, but car exhaust will dissipate.”  You got your “d” words mixed up.  The correct word is; disperse.  Your exhaust and that of the cars around you disperses and floats in massive clouds around your area and then drifts off to poison the air in other areas. Ever hear of smog? 

While my smoking has never endangered the lives of anyone else on the road even if I have been smoking like there’s no tomorrow, this isn’t true for those who drink alcohol. Drinkers can ride the road, kill people, damage property and endanger lives and while they may end up serving time or paying fines…there is no move to make alcohol a tax cash cow.   Drinkers can become violent and abusive and many of them will hurl right in public; I have never done any of these things even once as a result of smoking or even being out of cigarettes.

One woman recently reported to me that her neighbors two floors up from her, smoked. She claimed that the smoke traveled down the stairwells slipped under the fire doors, made a right hand turn, then a left and came 25 feet down her hallway and seeped in under her door and was causing her to have major breathing problems.  The fact that her apartment was facing a six-lane expressway and she liked to have her deck doors open could not possibly have been the problem.  This story to me is just an indicator of how well the targeting of smokers has worked. 

I eat a very natural diet for the most part.  I watch my fat intake, my sugar intake and limit my calories.  Yet I have sat in restaurants watching other diners, sitting in a non-smoking section,  stuff their faces full of fat loaded sandwiches, deep-fried foods, sugar loaded deserts, and washing it all down with huge glasses of “diet-soda” just after taking their blood pressure pills and checking their blood sugar to see what their diabetes is doing.

Me, the smoker, has no high blood pressure and no diabetes.  While they huff and puff trying to wrench themselves out of their seats, I can get up with ease.  Still, if I had lit up a smoke while they were sitting there wiping the grease off their chins, I would have heard the feigned choking, coughing, sneezing and sniffling that always comes from these idiots.  Then they would with major effort, leave and head for Wal-mart or where ever, sucking up huge amounts of exhaust along the way with no affect whatsoever.      

Here’s my point:  You have no problem with expecting me and everyone else to help with your medical bills, after all, you just won’t watch your diet, you inhale copious amounts of exhaust and you’ll take any poison handed to you as long as it is handed to you by a doctor.  But you don’t smoke so these things are acceptable.

Because I smoke, I somehow am now the scapegoat for all your bad habits and provide you with the perfect excuse for relieving yourself of any responsibility.                                                                              

The way I see it is this:  My water is contaminated with fluoride.  My food is contaminated with gmo’s, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals of all kinds. It is irradiated, sprayed with live viruses and filled with the residuals from antibiotics, hormones, vaccines and what ever else was pumped into plant or animal to make it grow faster, bigger and toxic.  Am I worried about smoking?  Umm…no. 

A visit with my doctor comes with offers of prescriptions for medications, that should I take them, could cause everything from blood clots and heart attacks, to strokes and even death.  The medications will cause multiple other problems in addition to the original problem which could have been something as simple as a cold.  I am encouraged to take these poisons anyway; they will help me.  To do what?  (Where are my smokes?)

When the usual flu season rolls around every effort is made to force me into taking a “vaccine”.  These little near death experiences in a needle, contain mercury, polysorbate 80, thimerasol, and a host of live and dead viruses and bacterium. Supposedly, if they infect me with a weakened strain of something, I will have a defense in case the full strain hits me.  Only this doesn’t quite work out when you look at the statistics on who got sick and who didn’t.  Now, I am forced to walk around among people who were foolish enough to get one of these deadly shots; people who are now shedding the virus I was trying so hard to avoid. (I need a smoke.)

(lighting up…aaahhh) So here it is in a nutshell: We all have our little habits.  Your happens to be stuffing yourself full of 30 to 40 times the amount of fat, sugar and calories your body needs in a day and wondering why your body is in revolt (or revolting) and I am careful about what I eat and don’t have those problems, but I smoke.  The only other difference between us is …I smoke and you bitch about it while you drive around in your great big pollution machine eating a double cheeseburger with a pound of bacon on it and a large order of fries.  

Let’s do a test:  I’ll shut myself in my garage with a carton of cigarettes and you shut yourself  in yours and crank up your vehicle.  I’ll start smoking while you run your vehicle and order in fast food.  Tomorrow, when the doors are opened…which one of us will get up and walk away?  Get it?