Marti Oakley w/ Paul Griepentrog  (c)copyright 2010

A glimpse into the near future!_______________________________________________________

Welcome to nationalized, government owned and operated farming and ranching!

This is the new government run farming and ranching. Everything will have to be done to meet criteria yet to be determined. The new dictatorial agency headed by the “secretary”, will now be able to designate high risk foods,(based solely on a reasonable belief, even if unfounded) and the subsequent products of these yet to be written (or admitted) criteria,  as grounds to require registration of your farm or ranch as a facility. 

Exemptions are permitted but we intend to make it impossible to achieve exemptions under existing growing conditions; you must comply with our business plan to continue in agriculture of any kind.

This system, a complete take over the food production and supply to benefit multi-national corporations and to facilitate the implementation and adherence to unlawful trade and harmonization agreements including a back door to Codex Alimentarius, will allow us to come in and rapidly destroy anything that doesn’t suit us, and if there is a mistake, or we get caught intentionally and with malice targeting you, you’ll be years getting indemnification.  We may also avail ourselves of any property belonging to you, which we do not have to return or pay you for, and we may terrorize and harass your family in the process. 

In the future, you may look forward to foods available only from our corporate producers.  While these products are not really food as you have known it, and considerable risk to life and health may result from consuming it, we none-the-less encourage you to become accustomed to these chemically laden, genetically altered frankenfoods.  Just for good measure, we will be increasing the amount of irradiation, known to be so harmful to your health, but increasing the shelf life of food-like products.

We used “science based” methods

Got a sick cow?  We won’t waste time and money to determine what it might be sick from, or if any of the remaining herd is sick…we’ll just kill them all on the spot!  

Science has shown us that killing off any source of production or income for the independent producer will increase the profits of multi-national corporations and by extension, will increase our revenues. 

Our science based model has proven that eradication for any reason, or no reason, is the surest and most effective way to end competition in the markets and to implement Agenda 21 protocols obliterating food sources in areas marked for “biodiversity, human habitat free” zones.  

Our science based models prove that over time, we can completely eliminate anything but industrialized corporate farming and ranching using discriminatory methods of enforcement, arbitrary regulations and codes for compliance that cannot be met by small producers. If we find that any of you small producers can meet our requirements, we will change the rules within 24 hours, with no notice to you.

We will also require you to keep copious amounts of records for extended periods of time, to be kept on file and accessible electronically, on demand.  These records will be used to form a criminal complaint against you, which, although clearly a violation of your 4th and 5th Amendment protections, will not apply to our corporate sponsors, nor to foreign importers on whom we rely for their continual and generous supply of “funding”.  

For these special interests we have retained the self-inspection program referred to as HACCP, and we will simply take their word that they complied with all of our spurious and ever changing regulations, rules, codes and titles.  

To expedite these acts of aggression against the lawful citizens of the United States engaged independently in agriculture, we have again prohibited your right to judicial review of our actions. As the courts no longer adhere to the constitution, and give no consideration to your rights, consider this an act of efficiency saving you time and money by prohibiting you from accessing the courts. You won’t be able to find a court willing to uphold your rights anyway or an attorney willing to adequately represent you. 

And please remember!  You now work for the government!  You own nothing and have no control over what was your real property. Your right to engage in trade, your right to lawfully engage in business to produce an income has been recinded.  Welcome to the new nationalized agricultural system!


A special thanks to our sponsors!

The multi-national corporations, trade organizations and harmonization committees, comprised of vested stakeholders who have a massive profit interest in seizing and controlling agriculture of all kinds in the United States, have generously funded the campaigns of elected officials and provided other perks to assure this coup against independent domestic agriculture is successful.