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The Money Trail

Go here to find out how much each of our elected officials has been collecting from the lists of supporters of this bill. Then read the lists of supporters: it’s a who’s who of biotech, and big AG.  If you can read these lists and still come away thinking this bill is about food safety, stop reading here; we can’t do anything else for you.


If ever there was a reason to vote the bums and the bumettes out, surely the coming vote on S.510, The Assault on Domestic Agriculture euphemistically called a “Food Modernization Act”, would be that reason.  A “yes” vote on this bill is a vote against the sovereignty of the United States and wholesale capitulation to unlawful trade and harmonization agreements including Codex Alimentarius. Nothing in this Act is intended to, or will, secure the food supply and make it safe.  The safety of food will only be accomplished by keeping corporate federal agencies out of your state!  

The Federal government is once again, knowingly entering into a area where they have no valid constitutional authority and can claim no enabling act or constitutional clause, as a source from which they could derive authority over agriculture.  The misinterpretation of the commerce clause, knowingly misrepresented, cannot facilitate the enactment of this Act into positive, enforceable, law. 

Congress, lacking any constitutional authority, is fully aware they can confer no mandate onto the states causing them to comply with any portion of this Act, has inserted provisions into the Act ordering private corporate contracting to take place between the federal corporations known as the USDA and FDA and other federal corporations, and the state corporations designated by each governor to act as agents on behalf of the state.  This is the only way any of these agencies can gain access to the states; your governor will open the door! 

Each of the agencies mentioned either here, or in the Act itself, whether state or federal, are privately owned corporations acting as a deceptive fraud on the public, i.e., “public service” agency.  

While the Act claims it will in no way affect vitamins and supplements, the original language was removed only to quell the public backlash against forced compliance to Codex Alimentarius.  What the Act does not say is that these provisions for CODEX have been moved to various FDA changes to the code of Federal Regulations, currently open for commenting on the Federal Register. 

The Act also uses the terms “misbranding and adulteration” as a vehicle for targeting for prosecution and revenue generation and which would by the terms of this Act, apply only to those not provided special treatment, like self inspection. Who does that leave?  Small businesses, family farms and ranches.   

Would these terms not more accurately be applied to cloned meats?  Genetically modified seeds, crops, and processed products passed off as “food”?  Or possibly any or all of the 2000 plus chemicals that processors are allowed to list as “spices” in their ingredient lists?   Are these things not “misbranded”?  Are they not “adulterated”?  What about genetically altered livestock, fish stocks and fowls containing the dna of non-related species?   Do they not make unsubstantiated claims as to their safety?  Have any of these agencies and their mountains of regulations ever addressed the over use of hormones, vaccines and antibiotics used on animals?  Does this not make the resulting product “adulterated”?  A threat to the national food supply? 

Because of the corporate contracting and pandering not only in our congress, but also within these privately owned corporations, our food supply is co-mingled with imports known to be consistently contaminated yet there is nothing in this Act that will alter, halt or impede the dumping of excessive imports into the system. Nor is there any penalty for any country having done so.   

Nothing in this Act halts, impedes or limits the use of genetically modified plants, seeds or other food-like products which independent testing has shown to be harmful to the health of human beings; damaging internal organs and at times altering DNA. Maybe the USDA and FDA think the residual consumption of herbicides, pesticides has had no affect on the overall health of the nation.

In fact, this Act will facilitate the monopolizing of the seed industry to benefit Monsanto, making seed saving or the planting of non-gmo seeds, a crime.   

Our domestic livestock is diseased either from horrendous unsanitary conditions they are forced to endure or from a combination of those conditions and the over use of pharma used to keep them alive in unnatural situations.

What are USDA’s intentions regarding livestock?  

They intend to end all disease prevention programs as they exist now.  This is to force the facilitation of premises ID and the National Animal Identification System so thoroughly rejected by everyone except for corporate industries which anticipated a reduction in competition and greater share of the markets as this competition disappeared. 

The ending of these programs is intended to intentionally, adversely impact the health of livestock.  This is simply a case of intentionally creating the dangerous environment necessary to frighten the public into compliance.  To me, it is an overt act of aggression against the people; and congress sits quietly and says nothing in our defense. 

There are few of us out here who do not recognize the inherent and obvious threat contained in this bill.  Any provisions in it pertaining to food inspection, food safety or securing the food supply are redundant as these provisions already exist in various regulations and “laws”.  These redundancies were inserted to not only divert attention away from the coming assault on domestic family and independent agriculture, but to obscure the real intent of this Act which is the forced collapse of anything other than industrialized corporate agricultural operations. 

With the FDA recently claiming a “presumed authority” (which it does not have) to dictate what we eat, and claiming we do not have the right to choose what foods we will consume, one has to wonder why there is any need for this bill at all?  But then many of us also wonder why we continue to endure the corruption of our government as it hands over control of the country to multi-national corporations who have no other intention than to plunder and lay waste to the US.

While the Act is far more malignant than what has been addressed here, it is my opinion that any senator who votes to pass this assault on domestic agriculture should be removed from office.