Wheat volatility leads to surge in global food prices, finds FAO

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By Jane Byrne , 01-Sep-2010

The FAO has revised downward its forecast for 2010 world wheat production levels and reports that wheat market dynamics drove international food prices up in August by 5 per cent – the biggest month-on-month increase since November 2009.

The latest revision in wheat production forecasts reflects a further cut in the estimates for this year’s harvest in the Russian Federation from 48 to 43 million tonnes (mt) in August, stated the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), in its latest update on the global cereals supply and demand situation.

The international organisation said that the surge in its Food Price Index (FFPI), which is measure of the monthly change in international prices of a basket of food commodities, was informed by the sudden sharp rise in international wheat prices following drought in the Russian Federation and the country’s subsequent restrictions on wheat sales.

“But other drivers included higher sugar and oilseed prices,” noted the FAO report.

Comparative analysis

But the international organisation cautions that the FAO Food Price Index (FFPI), though it peaked last month to an average of 176 points, is still 38 per cent down from the highs of June 2008. More

S.510: And congress moves against the people once again. Who will protect America from Congress and the USDA/FDA?


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The Money Trail


Go here to find out how much each of our elected officials has been collecting from the lists of supporters of this bill. Then read the lists of supporters: it’s a who’s who of biotech, and big AG.  If you can read these lists and still come away thinking this bill is about food safety, stop reading here; we can’t do anything else for you.


If ever there was a reason to vote the bums and the bumettes out, surely the coming vote on S.510, The Assault on Domestic Agriculture euphemistically called a “Food Modernization Act”, would be that reason.  A “yes” vote on this bill is a vote against the sovereignty of the United States and wholesale capitulation to unlawful trade and harmonization agreements including Codex Alimentarius. Nothing in this Act is intended to, or will, secure the food supply and make it safe.  The safety of food will only be accomplished by keeping corporate federal agencies out of your state!  

The Federal government is once again, knowingly entering into a area where they have no valid constitutional authority and can claim no enabling act or constitutional clause, as a source from which they could derive authority over agriculture.  The misinterpretation of the commerce clause, knowingly misrepresented, cannot facilitate the enactment of this Act into positive, enforceable, law. 

Congress, lacking any constitutional authority, is fully aware they can confer no mandate onto the states causing them to comply with any portion of this Act, has inserted provisions into the Act ordering private corporate contracting to take place between the federal corporations known as the USDA and FDA and other federal corporations, and the state corporations designated by each governor to act as agents on behalf of the state.  This is the only way any of these agencies can gain access to the states; your governor will open the door!  More

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