Marti Oakley (c) copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

“As it turns out, it isn’t God who is keeping a list of our sins:  It’s a Homeland Security satellite logging any and all information it can find and transmitting it to HSD, NSA, FBI, CIA, and your local fusion center along with twenty other spy agencies all of whom stalk the net in order to find out who is naughty and who is nice.” ____________________

I hear it every day from nearly everyone I speak to or correspond with; the overwhelming sense that we, as a nation, are under attack.  The attack is not coming from unidentifiable enemies, nor is it coming from half crazed Mid-easterner’s who “hate us for our freedoms”.  The attack is coming from our own government; it is our own government who hates us not only for our freedoms, but also for our refusal to go quietly into the intended one world government where we have neither rights, nor the right to continue to exist.

This did not start under the Obama Administration, as most of the framework for all that has passed in the last eighteen months was laid during the previous Bush regimes.  Obama and the Democrats are just putting the finishing touches on what Bush and the Republicans put into motion.  First we got Obamacare; healthcare so good that Democrats and Republicans both voted to exempt themselves, their staffs, and many of their uber wealthy donors, from having to participate in.  The Electronic Medical Records mandate was established in 2003 by Bush and is to be fully opertional by 2014.  Does that date sound familiar?  It is the same year that Obamacare is to come into full force.  Isn’t that just the most coincidental thing ever?   This order made sure that your “electronic medical home” was in place and functioning when they got around to passing national healthcare.  

And you thought there were two different political party’s!

Each and every day we are faced with one assault after another, each of them bearing a bill number and always sold to the public with the caveats of “keeping us safe”, or “national security” or, “fighting terrorists”.  It is always some jingo or worn out slogan that is used to take away our rights, to reduce our value as human beings. 

The plan is this:  To take the land, water, food and natural resources away from the states and by extension, the people.  Oh! And they want to end our communicating with one another too; turns out all that free flowing information isn’t working out so good for the feds.  

The CLEAR Act H.R. 3534, will seize all water rights and all mining and drilling permits along the coasts, inland waterways, and the Oceans along with the theft of 10 million more acres of land in several Western states.   The revenue which could have been realized by the states will now revert to the federal government.  The Bureau of Land Management, most likely the most hated government corporation as of this date, will now begin seizing land under the 1906 Antiquities act, claiming it as “national monuments” while surreptitiously selling mining and water rights along with oil and gas drilling permits off to multi-national corporations. 

S.510..The Food Modernization Act of 2010  ……more aptly named the “How we destroyed American Agriculture Act” will implement Codex Alimentarius even as the backlash from the public has been overwhelmingly against this system of global food control.  The FDA and USDA , both privately held companies operating as a fraud on the public by calling themselves “public service” agencies, will see the unconstitutional enlargement of their companies as they are unlawfully empowered to interfere in agriculture, commerce and private free trade.  Under the guise of “making our food supply safe” these two agencies more than any others, are responsible for the continuing contamination of our food supply from foreign importers who have repeatedly dumped contaminated food products into our system without penalty.  

Even as the USDA and FDA decry the “centralization of food” and claim centralization makes the US subject to terrorist attacks that would be easily accomplished with a centralized food system, grants and subsidies to massive corporations for the construction of CAFO farms that effectively centralize large swaths of agricultural production, causing disease, which is rampant, and the overuse of antibiotics, vaccines and hormones; chemicals which remain residually in the meats to be consumed.

The Cybersecurity Act of 2009-10…S.773.    Although billed as some “We love you and want to protect you from the boogie man on the net” bill, this abomination is clearly aimed at the free flow and exchange of information on the net.  Claiming “cyber-terrorists” attacks, and supposedly worried about a “disruption of service”, this act has absolutely nothing to do with keeping us safe.  So who is stalking the net?  Turns out…it’s the federal government!  And now they have a kill switch for the net!

The greatest threat to internet users is the continual and unwarranted surveillance of personal emails, financial transactions, instant messages, satellite phone communications, logging of browsing histories, surreptitious hacking into personal computers, compiling dossiers on those now considered “suspect”, fusion center data mining, NSA spying, and the banks of net watchers employed by the Pentagon and other government agencies and organizations who launch themselves on to various blogs and websites and try to pretend they are just some Joe Blow who happened by spouting the government line on the subject at hand.   

As it turns out, it isn’t God who is keeping a list of our sins:  It’s a Homeland Security satellite logging any and all information it can find and transmitting it to HSD, NSA, FBI, CIA, and your local fusion center along with twenty other spy agencies all of whom stalk the net in order to find out who is naughty and who is nice. 

But you are supposed to think it is some “terrorist” from the other side of the world intent on brainwashing you via the net and who will one day “interrupt your service!” 

These are just three of the assaults we currently face.  In addition, are the regular entries to the federal register by various private government corporations, who write “laws” at will.  These “laws” or changes to rules and regulations of these corporations, bypass congress and even the president.  These agencies are little mini dictatorships that have been unlawfully empowered to harass and terrorize the public while claiming they only want to keep us safe! 

The overwhelming sense of the public that an attack is taking place is quickly followed by an expression of grief.  Every day, from every possible venue, another piece of legislation is rolled out that limits our rights, obliterates our Constitution, and which is sold to us as something for our own good and as the only way government can keep us safe; as if not passing it would cause another 9/11 style attack.  The quiet threat of leaving us exposed unless we forfeit our freedom and our rights is ever present.

The attack on the US is real; it just isn’t coming from some unknown, from some place way “over there”.  This attack is coming from people we know…..we voted for them.