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Czars were Russian tyrants. Gulags were Russian slave labor camps. Are gulags coming to America? We already have a growing corps of Czars. 

The oligarchs of the International Monetary/Banking Cartel took a huge step towards the tyranny of their New World Order when they put their man ­ Barack Obama ­ into the White House. 

Obama, who many Americans still consider to be their friend, has had the audacity ­ the cheek, the arrogant insolence ­ to have appointed a growing cadre of Czars, on top of a bloated bureaucracy that is already at least a thousand times too large and too intrusive.

This is “in your face” tyranny. The very word ­ Czar ­ is repugnant to any democracy. The very definition of the word Czar means, “king” or “emperor” or “autocrat” or “tyrant.” 

So far Obama has brought change to America, and that change is spelt C-Z-A-R-S, as he has appointed about 35 of these petty tyrants. 

There is the Technology Czar, the Afghanistan Czar, the AIDS Czar, the Water Czar, the Climate Czar, the Drug Czar, the Faith-Based Czar, the Green Jobs Czar, the Great Lakes Czar, (soon the Gulf Coast Czar), the Health Czar, the Information Czar, the Intelligence Czar, the Pay Czar, the Regulatory Czar, the Science Czar, the Terrorist Czar, the Urban Affairs Czar, the Weapons Czar, the Weapons of Mass Destruction Czar, and a growing list of other Czars. 

If Obama is the head of this ever-expanding band of kings, emperors and tyrants, what does that make him? The Czar of Czars, and the president of lesser mortals?

Thus far, the tyranny of hundreds of thousands of pages of laws, regulations, Executive Orders, Presidential Review Directives, Presidential Decision Directives, National Security Reviews, National Security Directives, National Security Presidential Directives, Homeland Security Directives, and now directives, regulations, laws, and orders from Czars have produced a seemingly soft tyranny…due to the fact that most despotic governmental actions are being kept out of the mainstream press. 

But the harsh, inhumane, and unconscionable actions of our government are exploding daily. Consequently US governmental infringements on our everyday liberties will soon become obvious to everyone, even without the media reporting on them. 

These government despots now have the laws, they need and want, and their infrastructure of terror is falling into place for a gulag America, controlled by Czars. 

If you do nothing else for your freedom and ours, please forward this article to at least three people and ask them to do the same. Public awareness is our best hope for a free America.

J. Speer-Williams