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And don’t you just hate it when you find out that simple little insert flung the door wide open for some damn corporate federal agency to impose another stupid, asinine and pointless, totally unnecessary rule or regulation to implement some standard that is not only costly but ridiculous on its face


I recently wrote concerning the CLEAR Act: they are stealing it all  and noted in that article one of those strange little insertions appearing to have no real bearing on the issue at hand. 

That issue was:  How to steal more of the land within state geographical boundaries and claim it as owned by the federal government while pretending that the bill is actually about protecting us from yet another oil gusher disaster which can only be accomplished if the federal government controls all coastal waters, the oceans, the Great Lakes and any other body of water or land it can steal from the states. (sigh) 

Included in that article was this excerpt from the ClEAR Act:

Section 4. Fossil Carbon Limitation

This bill also includes a safety valve for carbon share demand. If the maximum price is reached in any one auction, the number of available carbon shares may be increased to exceed the aggregate quantity in order to ensure that all legal bids at that price are accommodated for that auction.  However, these excess carbon shares must be redeemed within 90 days, and all derived revenues from this safety valve auction are deposited in the Clean Energy Reinvestment Trust Fund (CERT Fund) to be used exclusively to curtail the emission of non-carbon greenhouse gases and other climate-affecting substances, such as black carbon or to fund domestic and international projects to reduce, avoid, or sequester emissions through agriculture, forestry, and land use practices (emphasis mine) 

Here is where the “cow fart tax” will most likely be implemented. (Not cow farts!  I am so scared!) More