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Follow me here for a moment and learn the dirty little secret of H.R. 1586.

Normally one would think that the righteously titled H.R. 1586 recently passed and signed into law August 19, 2010 by Mr. Obama would at least have something to do with the bloated title that it received, but alas it does not. The original stated purpose in March of 2009 (17 months ago) was:

An act to modernize the air traffic control system, improve the safety, reliability, and availability of transportation by air in the United States, provide for modernization of the air traffic control system, reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration, and for other purposes.

The American Public can be sure that Representative Rangel (where have we heard that name recently?) wouldn’t introduce a Bill that has nothing to do with the title, now how could he “ethically” do that? After all, here is the man who was so upset about the upcoming War in Iraq that he introduced a “You Elitist SOBs Send Your Own Family Into Active Duty Act” (i.e. proposed a new draft beginning in 2003 continued ’04, ’06, ’07, ’10). Among his statements:

I first introduced legislation mandating military or national service for our youth during the lead up to the Iraq War, convinced that if the sons and daughters of Congress were doing the fighting, we might think twice about authorizing it. But I also felt it was time that all Americans, including the wealthy, be given the opportunity to prove their patriotism. All young people ought to make a contribution to the country.

Right, like this Legislation is going to affect Politician’s Friends or Family. Just look at the great job of keeping Former President Clinton out of the danger zone. He wasn’t an elitist SOB, just knew a few “string-pullers” he could call upon. Since Rangel proposes no “S-2” Undergraduate deferment as in the Vietnam War at 19 years and 364 days just start a’ packing Ladies and Gents.

I can see the drift of topic barreling down the keyboard, so we should move this back along to H.R. 1586 – once I point out a little story that mentions not the Bill number, but sheds a little light on the “Transparency” issues in the current governmental power structure:

For sailors aboard the USS Higgins docked in San Diego, a popular question for visiting Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Thursday was how the austerity drive he announced this week would affect them.

Conceding to sailors that Defense Department bureaucracy had the “fine motor skills of a dinosaur,” Gates promised he was doing his best to ensure the cuts did not inadvertently affect those lower in the ranks.

“I want to make sure that those involved in maintenance have the tools and those who are doing the welding have the steels they need,” he said.”

That sure must be news to his boss Obama, because just two days earlier not only was the Food Stamp Program partially defunded to Bailout the Teachers of America but the total of rescinded prior Military Spending obligations under H.R. 1586 Title III is 2.9656 Billion dollars. Let’s just do the whole “new math” thing and call it 3 Billion dollars.

Not such a big surprise, after all the Transparency Czar just exited the picture – now who will tell us how transparent everything is?

Hope and Change Shipmate and fellow Veterans.

Hope and Change.