TOPIC: THIS WEEK IN REVIEW AND THE GARY HARVEY CASE (similar to the Terri Schiavo case)

This week I will be reviewing some top stories including an update on the Obama eligibility case, the proposed Mosque in NYC, US Tax Money being used to build Mosques overseas, new deadly Chinese Aircraft Carrier Killer Missles, anchor babies and the 14th Amendment, and
A case involving a veteran named Gary Harvey.  Until January 2006, Gary Harvey was leading a normal life, just like most of us. Then, one day, he suffered a heart attack and fell down a flight of stairs. On that day, his life and the lives of his loved ones changed forever. The injuries he suffered left him permanently, severely disabled. Gary was placed in the Chemung County Nursing Facility – and a familiar battle began. Sara, Gary’s wife, started complaining about the quality of care – or lack thereof. After pushing their own allegations, the facility was successful [in 2007] in having Sara removed as her husband’s guardian, severely limiting contact and removing any right to make decisions on her husband’s behalf. From that point forward, Sara has been struggling against all odds to save her husband from what she fears could be the same fate that confronted the Schindler family’s beloved Terri Schindler Schiavo — death by starvation. When I recently spoke to Sara she said “I just want to bring my husband Gary home.”
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