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Is there any requirement on pharmaceutical labels to state that they are safe and effective?

Do pharmaceuticals in fact, state that they are safe and effective?  No! They do not!   


Consumer Reports has just come out with the first volley against dietary supplements in order to help the FDA justify the illegal and unlawful assumption of power the agency recently claimed it “believed” it had.  As the FDA attempts to exert unlawful authority over alternative’s to toxic pharmaceuticals, it appears Consumer Reports will do what it can to propagandize this campaign for CODEX and the coming attempts to regulate alternative natural supplements and herbs in order to profit corporate pharmaceutical companies.  

With this report surfacing behind the recent claims of FDA, saying they believed they had the authority to override DSHEA , ending our protected rights to dietary supplements, if that’s what we chose, and implementing CODEX standards which have been thoroughly rejected by the public, FDA will be surfacing more in the news with exaggerated claims of danger from contamination and unverifiable claims of harm from dietary supplements. 

It is unfortunate that FDA is not as tenacious or concerned with the lethal drugs it sets loose on the population on behalf of corporate partners who pay to play.

A recent article which cited data from a report prepared by Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, Professional Version, June 2010, shows at least twelve ingredients that consumers should avoid saying these alternative natural substances “may” be linked to health risks.  As we have learned, the word “may” is an ambiguous and leading word within legal and medical writings.  “May” in medical writings means …we don’t really have any evidence for what we are saying, but we want you to think we do.”

Consumer Reports picked up the Database and published it as though it contained actual and relevant material. CR contends, “that they may not realize there is no obligation for manufacturers to show they are safe and effective,”; In comparison to what? Pharmaceuticals, that can cause everything from dizziness to death, and yet are sold continuously with FDA blessings? 

Is there any requirement on pharmaceutical labels to state that they are safe and effective?

Do pharmaceuticals in fact, state that they are safe and effective?  No! They do not!   

They contain inserts with massive lists of adverse side affects which make clear that the medication, if you can call it that, represents a clear and present danger to your health and to you personally.  Each of these harmful and lethal medications has the seal of approval of the FDA stamped all over them. 

Many of the drugs currently advertised on TV alone should have the skull & crossbones prominently displayed as a warning to the public that the pharmaceutical concoction inside is more than likely going to make them far sicker than they already are, if in fact, it doesn’t kill them first; yet many doctors, will prescribe them as a matter of routine and regardless of the impacts on the individuals health.   

These drugs list many, many adverse and harmful effects, yet the FDA has approved thousands of drugs for use on the public knowing full well that the drugs have not been tested, or had been tested in a controlled environment meant to produce the desired results. Ultimately, FDA takes the position that even though many people could have adverse side affects, up to and including death in many instances, that’s ok; supposedly, if a few are helped without succumbing to the side affects that makes the harm and death nothing more than collateral damage in pursuit of profits. 

In many instances, FDA has approved drugs known to be so harmful to the public at large that, in my opinion, those who made the approval possible should be charged with attempted murder.  What comes to mind here in recent history is;

  • Vioxx,
  • Acutane,
  • statin drugs, and
  • numerous and deadly psychotropic drugs that cause severe depression, muscle damage, nerve damage, involuntary muscle movement and severe cramping, and can ultimately lead to suicidal tendencies in many instances.
  • Women’s hormone replacements known to cause an increase in breast cancer among other problems.  

The leading FDA approved chemical threat to the population is of course Aspartame, contained in more than 5500 products and the cause of more than 35,000 registered complaints to FDA, since 1992, including death; yet FDA has never even entertained the notion of removing this deadly product from its approved list.  Aspartame remains a tremendous source of continued contract revenue for the FDA. 

It is ironic that after allowing and approving thousands of harmful and deadly medications causing serious health disruptions, and even death, FDA now intends to take over the alternative supplement field and to turn the production and supply of those supplements over to big pharmaceutical contractor’s who will of course keep the FDA infused with massive amounts of cash.  This will be done by FDA’s stated intention of redefining supplements from nutrition to medicinal.   

And here is the true reason why CR published this unqualified and misleading report on behalf of the FDA…FDA wants to end DSHEA and implement CODEX.  FDA also wants to assume power and authority it does not have, was not meant to have and is not enabled to have. 

CR says that of the 54,000 and more dietary supplement products listed in the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, only about a third have any scientific evidence to support some level of safety and effectiveness, although CR does not say (as Natural Medicines Database does not say) how many, if any, have actually been extensively tested.  And they sure haven’t provided any evidence of actual testing.  On the other hand, by their own accounts, these supplements are ineffective; but that does not make them harmful.  

It is again, unfortunate, that FDA, Consumer Reports and the Natural Medicines Database chose not to spend as much time and effort warning the country about the lethal concoctions called “pharmaceutical medications”.  Now there would be a report worth reading. 

In an effort to sway public opinion, CR mounts a carefully worded campaign against dietary supplements, claiming that many are contaminated and that there are twelve supplements, which they refer to as the “dirty dozen”, (readily available in stores and online), for which no testing data actually exists, no complaints have ever been registered, no deaths have ever been associated with, BUT! Which the pharmaceutical companies, cannot patent because they are natural substances and therefore they can’t corner the market and monopolize them and drive the price through the roof. 

The only thing wrong with Dietary Supplements is the 5 billion a year customers spend on them that FDA and big pharma covet. And then there’s that problem with shoving CODEX onto us……



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