New EU regulation sets out rules for dairy imports

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Live link:  The DAIRY REPORTER

By Guy Montague-Jones, 16-Jul-2010

The Commission has published a new regulation covering health and certification conditions for the introduction of dairy products into the EU.

Regulation No 605/2010, published in the Official Journal of the European Union, replaces the Commission Decision 2004/438/EC, which was adopted in April 2004. More

Fluoride Alert! The Mercola-Connett interview

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Live link: FluorideAlert.org

FAN Bulletin 2024: We reach a BIG milestone…

July 16, 2010

The Mercola-Connett interview

California: Water Board Chooses New Delta Watermaster



by Dan Bacher

The last thing that the California Delta needs is a new bureaucrat to further Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plans to build a peripheral canal and new dams, but that’s exactly what we now have.

The five members of the State Water Resources Control Board recently chose attorney Craig M. Wilson to serve in the newly created Delta Watermaster position – and representives of environmental groups and California Indian Tribes weren’t impressed.

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Reform Act of 2009, part of the legislative path to the peripheral canal that was rammed through the Legislature by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger last November, requires the State Water Board to appoint a “Delta Watermaster.” The Delta Watermaster has the authority to monitor, report and take enforcement actions on the Delta. More

Social Security money stolen by government


note: The theft of SS funds has been ongoing since President Johnson took the fund out of trust and put it into the general fund to help finance the Viet Nam War.  The Bush2 Administration used SS funds to hide the loss of revenue from his tax cuts the upper 3%;  redesignating these stolen funds as “revenues” to hide the theft. 


Guest columnist
Published: Saturday, July 10, 2010 at 4:01 a.m. NewsChief.com 

 The 1983 payroll tax hike has generated more than $2.5 trillion that is supposed to be in the trust fund”


In December, the Obama deficit-reduction commission will make recommendations for budget cuts that will then be voted on, with an up or down vote, by the lame-duck Congress.
Already, there is much speculation that Social Security will be one of the big targets. The rationale for cutting Social Security seems to be that, during such difficult economic times, everything should be a candidate for the chopping block, and that the public should support such cuts out of a sense of patriotism. More

Terrorists: The ‘Other’ Illegal Immigrants

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US Government Info

The ‘Other Than Mexican’ Aliens

Border Patrol at work along Texas border

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Jun 7 2010
Not all illegal aliens crossing our borders are looking to take advantage of the American way of life; some are looking to destroy it. More

A Rally in Support of the U.S. Constitution and New York State Sovereignty

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A Rally in Support of the U.S. Constitution and New York State Sovereignty

Albany, NY – August 7th 


All Freedom and Liberty-loving Americans are invited to a rally in support of the U.S. Constitution and New York State Sovereignty. Many grassroots candidates from the area, many Sheriff’s from New York State and other states, Tea Party groups, Oath Keeper groups, 912 groups, Campaign for Liberty groups, We the People and many other Liberty groups will be there in support of the 9th and 10th Amendment. We are inviting all other liberty groups from New York and nearby states that would like to join New York in solidarity, with all of us coming together under the 10th Amendment with one single message for our elected and appointed officials in both Washington and Albany:

Mustangs Fenced Out of Water- NV Roundup Death Toll Rises to 12


Media Contacts:   
Anne Novak
Tel: 415-531-8454                
Makendra Silverman 
Tel: 719-351-8187

For Immediate Release: 

Mustangs Fenced Out of Water- NV Roundup Death Toll Rises to 12
Independent Investigation requested to uncover cause of mustang deaths and inability to access water
Elko, NV (July 15, 2010)—Mustangs of the Tuscarora/Owyhee Complex in NE Nevada are now the focus of a BLM “emergency” as the agency claims that they don’t have enough water. The issue is not one of lack of water but prevention of access to water as the Tuscarora mustangs must navigate a maze of livestock fences and closed gates. Miles of fencing prevent their free-roaming behavior and ability to access water sites they’ve used for decades if not centuries. 12 Tuscarora wild horses have died after BLM contractors used a helicopter to roundup 228 of them in less than 150 minutes on July 10.  Prior to the roundup BLM told advocates that they were confident this was a reasonable window to remove horses in and maintain their good condition despite the presence of very young foals and the heat. However when the first day proved to be fatal and the roundup placed on hold, BLM began referring to the horses’ situation as an emergency. BLM now states that “an escalating drought” necessitates an emergency “gather.” However this is a typical weather pattern for the area in the hottest month of the year and the Cloud Foundation points to the fencing off of water sources and division between herd management areas in the complex as the root cause of their “emergency.” More

Will you be assimilated? the national Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

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Downsizer Dispatch downsizer-dispatch@downsizedc.org

Statists constantly tell us that we need a huge government to protect us from business monopolies. But they fail to notice that The State is the biggest, baddest monopoly of them all, as well as a major reason why some companies grow so monstrously large.

Just consider the recent economic crisis. The politicians have raged against the banks, but government bailouts, regulations, and shot-gun mergers, have caused the banking industry to become more concentrated rather than less. This is standard operating procedure. Politicians and bureaucrats constantly speak with a forked tongue . . .

* They claim they’re protecting “the little guy” from “the fat cats,” when in reality . . .
* The State actually works for the fat cats (though in an unreliable Mafia kind of way).

A huge part of the business of politics involves conferring subsidies and special protections on favored companies and industries, making many of them near (or actual) monopolies that also happen to be “too big to fail.” Now here comes the latest example of monopoly creation by The State . . .

The Feds want to monopolize the user names and passwords that you employ on the Internet! More


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My Guest this week is Anisha Dunne, the Minnesota State Coordinator for the Articles of Freedom. The Articles of Freedom are the works of a gathering of citizens who came together at a Continental Congress that was held in November of 2009 in Illinois with the help of the ‘We the People Foundation.’ The WTPF spent the last 14 years petitioning our government for redress of grievances of 14 different violations of the Constitution under the First Amendment Rights and were met continuously with contempt and injury by our federal government. The U.S. Supreme Court would not even allow the evidence to be brought forward for the record and WTPF were told they had ‘no standing’ in these cases. More

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